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Zumba for weight loss

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Zumba for weight loss

Zumba for weight loss has captured the world of fitness relatively recently. Like any novelty, it is now promoted everywhere: in fitness clubs, on DVD, and on television. Promise results in the form of a tightened body, weight loss, and classes are fun and in attractive shape.


You have heard that only one Zumba occupation can burn about 800 kcal (the so-called Zumba effect). Is it true? Already cannot wait to try? Let’s find out more about this new direction!


What is Zumba Fitness?

Zumba was created accidentally in the mid-90s by Alberto “Beto” Perez, a fitness instructor. In a nutshell, initially, it was a dance program based on Latin rhythms. The creator brought it with him to the United States, where, after significant investment and active promotion, it has become a world-wide popular destination.


The trademark “Zumba Fitness” has evolved, and now it offers various training variations and alternative programs. These are such activities as Zumba sentao, Zumba gold toning, aqua Zumba.


Although Zumba, as a trademark, is managed by the Zumba Company, the training methods depend on the country and region, the academy where the instructor was trained, and other parameters.



Can I use Zumba for weight loss?


The incredible results that are achieved by those involved are just advertising or reality?

To answer this question, you need to understand that this is a training based on dance movements, and on it, as in all other activities of this type, calories burned and overall well-being improved, as well as from any fitness. You move and jump about 45 – 60 minutes (so long the standard session lasts), so even if you dance the entire program in a nightclub, you are also guaranteed to burn calories.

Being a combination of aerobics and Latin dances, Zumba for weight loss combines cardio and resistance exercises with its weight. Your outcome will depend on how much effort you put in, and what occupation you are going to attend.


Different training options include sets of specific exercises and ligaments, depending on the purpose they pursue. For example, Zumba Toning uses small weight sports sticks to create additional resistance, and movements are aimed at working out the buttocks, arms, and thighs.


If the exercises are combined with a healthy balanced diet and moderate caloric intake, this will help to lose weight quickly. The main mistake of most people involved is that they believe that they burned 800 kcal per training session and can spend it on sweets or snacks. As a result, they eat twice as many calories as they consume.


Zumba for weight lossWhat other benefits can Zumba have?

Zumba fitness – this is mainly aerobic exercise, that is, the effect you will get is the same as from attending cardio training: developing the functionality of the cardiovascular system. Also, posture, coordination is improved, as most parts of the body are coordinated in dance: legs, hands, hips.


The result that you achieve depends on the type of training, and on what specific areas it is aimed at. Exercise, as a rule, is very intense, with a lot of jumps and quick changes of movements. This involves some plyometric loading and improves the work of the nervous system, explosive force and speed.


If you are untrained, then any load will be challenging for the muscles, which will also be useful. How the program will change, and whether this growing burden will persist depends on how soon you will feel progress, and whether it will ever happen. Usually, groups start from the level for beginners and gradually move to more complex complexes, but in many rooms mixed classes are also offered.Zumba for weight loss


Another critical factor Zumba for weight loss that influences how useful training will be for you is the instructor who conducts it. How well structured the occupation, and how effectively the load increases, depends on the specific instructor.


Finally, both the condition of the muscles and weight loss will depend on how often you exercise. One hour per week is not enough for noticeable results. However, any physical exercise is better than their absence at all. Therefore, if this is all you can do, do not give up employment.


How difficult is it to study Zumba for weight loss for beginners?
Zumba is based on movements from Latin American dances. For those who enjoy dancing, this is an exciting and enjoyable way of training. It is conducted under very energetic music, which invigorates and cheers up.

Playing the role and the instructor, how much fun and easy it conducts training. If the instructor does not announce a change of movement, expecting that everyone will observe and repeat after him, then this can confuse the beginner, he will not know what to do.


A few tips for the beginners of Zumba for weight loss.
1. Before joining a particular group, ask a couple of people who have been going there for a long time.


2. Look for a certified trainer. Zumba dance is a relatively new concept, and this area is still not sufficiently regulated. Ask the instructor what preparation he/she has, is there any qualification and experience in other types of fitness, how long has he/she been teaching?

3. No matter how cheerful these exercises are, they remain fitness. Do not miss the warm-up and the final stretch to avoid injury.


4. Since this is physical exercise, consult a doctor or sports medicine specialist, especially if you have health problems or if you are overweight. With obesity, body systems can malfunction, and aerobic high-intensity training can trigger a heart attack. This brings us to the next point.


5. Practice Zumba for weight loss at your level. Most groups are mixed, and you may find that training is more difficult than for a beginner level. Do not try to match the person next to you – he/she can practice for many years.Zumba for weight loss


6. If you are not sure what you are doing, you can get serious injuries. Swinging the hips and turning simultaneously may seem simple, but in case of improper performance, you can stretch the ligament back.


7. For faster weight loss and more significant benefit, it will be better if you combine Zumba for weight loss with strength training. Also, do not howl about your nutrition. Exercise alone will not be a miracle.


How to choose an instructor?
A good instructor should:

1. The first thing to ask is whether there are newcomers in the hall. It’s terrible if he does not even ask.


2. Assess your health and physical fitness in oral or written form. The instructor should be aware of all the circumstances that may affect your ability to follow the training program, and advise you how to adjust the exercises.


3. Tell you how the training will take place. “There will be two parts, we will do this, and then-then … the pace of training can be high.” Also, tell what part can be hard for you, and give alternative options to an easier level. For example, if you simultaneously jump and spin hard for you, try to turn around. If you get lost, march in place until you can “pick up” the traffic.


4. Speak when the movements change, and which will be the next. For example, “2 steps back, then 3 to the side” and so on.

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