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Women over 40 body transformation – Videos

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Women over 40 body transformation - VideosWomen over 40 have a crisis of middle age. If men “shocks” occur mainly in mind, then the beautiful ladies it all starts with a figure. After 40 years, almost everyone has to wrestle with what to wear, to tighten it, to pull it down.


And this happens even with those who, during their whole youth, were faithful to a healthy lifestyle, have been to the air a lot, go to the pool and eat right. Do not despair and tear your hair out with shouts that all efforts were in vain. To help again come fitness. Only your plan will need to be built in a new way.


Women over 40, almost all gain extra pounds. Even if the scales do not show a significant increase, the silhouette changes, and the clothes begin to sit, to put it mildly, “not so.” What is the reason for this? In the redistribution of weight and shape changes? Studies have shown that middle-aged women lose between one-third and one-half of all muscle mass.


Metabolism with age it naturally slows down, the total content of adipose tissue in the body increases, and low mobility only boosts these processes. So, for 10 years, you can easily recover by 2 sizes. And all because of the muscles “dry out” and, therefore, become less voluminous than fat. The smaller the muscles, the lower the calorie consumption, and all the “incoming” calories turn into the same fat faster. Because of this, sometimes the weight can remain stable, and the volumes – to grow. Such is the female nature.



Women over 40 body transformation
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