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Drink to lose weight

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What to drink to lose weightDrink to lose weight and detox your body is a great way to get rid of those stubborn pounds and feel great about yourself. Little calorie recipes in the bookmarks of every girl who watches her weight.


But the majority forgets the vital role of liquids in the program “beauty and harmony.” While the effectiveness of any diet can be increased several times by consuming a significant amount of water.


But is water only able to purify the body, “spur” the metabolism, improve the flow of all metabolic processes? When and what to drink to lose weight? The choice of beverages for weight loss is excellent and is not limited to one H2O.


What to drink to lose weight at home?

The services of a personal nutritionist, who will “monitor the body” and make up an individual menu, is an expensive pleasure. Most often we lose weight ourselves, intuitively choosing a particular diet.


To lose weight at home faster, you need not only to monitor the calorie intake. Physical activity is the second “co-founder” of your beautiful figure.
And the third irreplaceable element of the home complex is liquids.



First of all, it is important to exclude from the menu:
tea and coffee with sugar, milk or cream;
packaged juices;
sweet fizzy drinks;
alcohol (exception – dry wine).
There are a lot of liquids that are the right answer to the question “what to drink to lose weight.”

Before we proceed to the review, remember the fundamental rules of use:

The amount of liquid being drunk is not less than 1.5 liters (or at the rate of 60 ml per pound of weight), most of this volume is water;

A glass of clean water on an empty stomach – a pledge of proper digestion and “cleaning” of the stomach from the accumulated toxins during the night;


What to drink to lose weightGreen tea or coffee always drink without sugar, other additives, only in this form we include them in the dietary complex;

Drink liquid for 30 minutes “before” and after an hour (minimum) “after” the meal;

If you are addicted to swelling, stop drinking 2 hours before bedtime, or, better, contact your doctor to find out the reasons.


Water – not the only drink to lose weight, although it is ranked leader in the ranking. Remember the following recipes, which will help to become slimmer and quench your thirst.


Recipes: drink to lose weight

Lime Mint
For 1 liter of water – 1 lime, a little ginger, a bunch of fresh mints.
Prepare a drink from the evening: cut the lime with thin rings, crumble mint, and ginger (1 tablespoon).
Overnight lemonade infusion, drink it for the next day and do not forget to cook a fresh portion in the evening.

Ginger Infusion
For 1 liter – 2 inches ginger root, one lemon, 1-2 tsp., honey.
Scrunch finely ginger, put it in a thermos or any heat-resistant dishes.
Squeeze into the ginger pulp lemon juice, pour hot or warm (but not boiling!) water, add honey.
Let the drink infuse for at least 30 minutes. You can eat in a warm and chilled form.


What to drink to lose weightHoney-lemon
For 1 liter of water at room temperature – the juice of five lemons,
30-40 g of honey (or 1 tbsp.).
The combination of lemon and honey forms an ideal cleansing drink, on which you can arrange 24-48 hour fasting. However, as an auxiliary component of the diet, it is very effective: it dulls the appetite, clears the intestines of mucus, toxins, stimulates peristalsis.


Green tea with lemon
Lemon juice will strengthen the action of green tea and contribute to the extraction of energy from the fat depot.
Remember that honey is added only to warm, not hot tea, or it is eaten in a snack (not more than one tsp).
Classical green tea without sugar promotes effective splitting of carbohydrates due to a unique enzyme – amylase. Just 2-3 cups of green tea a day will improve the result of the diet.


Coffee in assortment
Any coffee activates the metabolism, helps to break down fats. However, a soluble drink is unlikely to be useful – in this case, and they talk about harm. Ground freshly brewed coffee in combination with any spices – hit slimming.



Cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, ground ginger, black pepper – these and other oriental supplements are also powerful aphrodisiacs. Lose weight and feel the rush of sexual energy, which is always a creative beginning.


Any juices (even “useful” freshly squeezed) belong to the category “food.” Their consumption should be limited. In 100 g of juice – not less than 45 kcal, and in liter – as much as 450 kcal! A tremendous amount of sugar harms your health. Another thing – low-calorie vegetable juices (tomato, cucumber, pumpkin), but here it is necessary to keep a record of calories.

The second representative of the category “liquids that eat” is kefir, which is more useful. It is proved that milk fat helps to digest all other fats and speeds up their burning. Also, fresh kefir improves peristalsis, normalizes the microflora and helps to remove swelling. In 100 g of kefir 3,6% – about 50-60 kcal.


What to drink to lose weight before going to bed.

You can drink fluids before bedtime only if there is no tendency to swelling. Any tonic drinks will serve as a bad service – will excite the nervous system and lead to insomnia. In addition to tea and coffee, it is necessary to exclude ginger infusion.


The most popular answer to the question “what to drink before going to bed to lose weight” is kefir.


What to drink to lose weightA glass of low-fat sour-milk drink will not only satisfy the hunger and improve the microflora. It is known that calcium is best absorbed when a person sleeps. A light, soothing effect of kefir will help to relax before traveling to the world of dreams – its temperature should be at room temperature.


Evening tea based on cinnamon and honey helps purify the digestive tract from toxins, bacteria, and even parasites. And in the field of weight loss, the purity of the gastrointestinal tract is an essential component of success.


Pour 0.5 tsp. cinnamon glass of boiling water,
let it brew for 20-30 minutes,
add 1 tsp. honey,
drink before going to bed in a warm state.


You can drink before bedtime for weight loss linseed oil. This product is rich in Omega fatty acids, which are actively involved in metabolic processes. Start with 1 dessert spoon and bring the amount to 1 tbsp. l. In case of problems with a bowel movement, drink a glass of warm boiled water after the oil. With regular use of this method, the bowel movement is normalized, and the weight begins to decrease.

Grapefruit juice before going to bed (100-200 ml of freshly squeezed juice) will significantly accelerate the process of losing weight. Due to the drink of grapefruit juice, metabolic processes are intensified, edema is eliminated. A pleasant bonus is its soothing and antidepressant effect.


What to drink to lose weightWhat to drink on an empty stomach to lose weight and wake up the metabolism.

Water with the addition of lemon juice and honey:
cleans the stomach of the slime that has accumulated during the night, activates the process of digestion. Stimulates peristalsis, strengthens the immune system, has a rejuvenating effect.


You can drink lemon-honey lemonade during the day, but start with it a day – the golden rule of people watching weight, health, and appearance.


What to drink on an empty stomach to lose weight and wake up the metabolism.

Water with the addition of lemon juice and honey:
Cleans the stomach of the slime that has accumulated during the night. Activates the process of digestion, stimulates peristalsis. Strengthens the immune system and has a rejuvenating effect.

You can drink lemon-honey lemonade during the day, but start with it a day – the golden rule of people watching weight, health, and appearance.



What should I drink to lose weight in a week?

Lose weight for a week at 5-7 pounds can if you arrange long unloading on kefir. The 7-day marathon is quite severe, but the result justifies the effort. However, such a diet cannot be called healthy – dieticians recommend resorting to emergency weight loss as rarely as possible.


Kefir diet 7 days
During the diet, the primary product is low-fat kefir (500 ml daily), the sixth day – unloading on water. Sugar, salt, coffee during unloading are forbidden (herbal tea, pure water – without restrictions). Food – a fractional, up to 6 times a day.


To kefir, we add a new product every day: 400 g of baked potatoes (Monday), 400 g of low-fat cottage cheese (Tuesday), 400 g of non-calorie fruit (Wednesday, Friday, Sunday), 400 g of chicken fillet (Thursday).


After the end of kefir unloading, at least a week, give up the sweet, floury, fatty. A more significant weight loss effect will be drinking “phyto-tea of harmony.” Even in the absence of a strict diet for a week, you can lose 3-4 kg by cleaning the intestines. However, it is not necessary to get involved in laxative teas – there is an addictive effect that in the long term will damage the normal functioning of the digestive tract.


Drinking to lose weight, you need.

The assortment of drinks is great, choose according to your taste. And yet the most useful and accessible liquid is water, which has no side effects and contraindications to use but has a life-giving, renewing and healing power.

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