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Weight loss while breastfeeding

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Weight loss while breastfeedingWeight loss while breastfeeding one of the most frequent questions that a woman has after giving birth. Unfortunately, one often encounters the opinion that breastfeeding and weight loss are incompatible, to go on a diet, go to the gym, mothers have to give up feeding. We will try to figure out whether this is so, and what the nursing mother can do to lose weight.


First of all, it should understand that even though the level of hormones of a nursing woman differs from non-breastfeeding, according to studies, this does not prevent weight loss. Moreover, breastfeeding helps mothers regain the body weight that they had before pregnancy.


Like any other person, the nursing mother gains weight if the energy received exceeds the spent energy, and loses if she consumes more energy than she gets. Thus, to solve the problem of losing weight, two components are essential: nutrition and exercise.


If you suspect that the set and weight loss in your case does not directly depend on the diet and the level of activity, it may be due to the hormonal characteristics of your body and other medical aspects, in the first place you need to consult a doctor.


Weight loss while breastfeeding and diet.

It is a fact that a woman’s diet should be healthy and diverse, the restriction of fruits, vegetables, and other food groups is often not justified. A woman after childbirth often experiences great physical and mental stress, discomfort, lack of sleep and weakness after birth, the need to always “be alert” and often inability to rest.


In this situation, many women try to “get stress,” and not the most useful and healthy food and in large quantities: dryers, breadcrumbs, cookies, etc. Full rest, food control, expansion of food groups in the ration of a nursing mother can avoid overeating, and with it weight gain.

The safest way to lose weight is a smooth weight loss while breastfeeding (3-6 pounds per month), but it’s no secret that everyone wants to get results quickly and effortlessly. Methods of sharp weight loss while breastfeeding is unsafe for both the nursing mother and for the unkempt: the body of any woman after birth needs in the first place in recovery.


Weight loss while breastfeeding

How to make a diet menu for weight loss while breastfeeding?

You can choose your diet, based on the fact that a lactating woman needs about 2300 calories per day.


If you want to choose a ready-made diet, then follow the following principles:

The daily calorific value should preferably be no lower than 2300 calories, in extreme cases – not less than 1500-1800. Many supplements slimming complexes (turbo slim, leovit) are built on a sharp restriction of calories (less than 900), you can use them by adding meals yourself, choosing healthy foods.


A sharp decrease in calories can reduce the amount of milk, so it is essential to cut them smoothly. Meals should be varied. The exclusion of carbohydrates (protein diet, Dukan diet, Atkins) or a diet on the same product (e.g., buckwheat) can adversely affect the health of the mother.



Give preference to proper nutrition, stable complexes, which include meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy products. Perhaps vegetarian food, including products of animal origin (dairy products, eggs, etc.).


The diet should be safe. Soda, vinegar, starvation and other extreme methods should be postponed. If you have chosen food additives, teas, cocktails, diet pills, note that they should be taken under the supervision and as directed by the doctor, and should be compatible with breastfeeding.


Weight loss while breastfeedingHow does the mother’s nutrition affect the quality of milk?

Many women worry that by starting to limit themselves in nutrition, they will make the milk less fat and useful for the baby. Studies have shown that maternal nutrition does not affect the amount of fat in milk, but affects their types, so it is worth limiting the use of saturated fats, trans fats.


Physical exercise
As we wrote above, a woman after birth needs to be restored, especially after a cesarean section, so gynecologists usually limit physical activity in the first weeks or even months, depending on the woman’s health status.


Often, women face diastasis, hernia and other problems after childbirth. It is crucial in this situation to first turn to the doctor to choose the treatment, the permissible load, and not try to solve them yourself, for example, with exercises on the press, it can be dangerous.


Start with moderate loads; it is essential to choose the kind of activity that you can maintain regularly. Five-minute charging at home, walking with a stroller every day is more useful than a two-hour workout once a month, after which you can be so tired that you will not want any other loads in the coming months. In general, exercise is useful for a nursing mother, it can be like home training, and swimming, pilates, yoga and other types of fitness.


You can use massages, wraps, creams (check the composition for compatibility), belts and corsets for weight loss (note that they do not affect the chest) and most cosmetic procedures.


What else can you do for weight loss while breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding studies have shown that frequent and prolonged feeding, as well as breastfeeding for more than six months, help mothers lose weight faster.

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