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Weight loss pills – Videos

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Choosing good weight loss pills is not easy. It would seem that we came to the pharmacy, asked to sell you the most effective diet pills for obesity; success is guaranteed. Unfortunately, this is not the case. At best, your weight will not change.


But, if you decide to lose weight with weight loss pills, read on seriously, it will be useful to you. A sensible, balanced approach will increase the credibility of drug treatment. According to statistics, only 5% who want to lose weight, can achieve a positive result without the involvement of weight loss pills. The reason lies in the mysterious metabolism. (1, 2, 3)




Dietary supplements prescribed for weight loss
Most often, those wishing to lose weight are recommended to take complex drugs. What substances are usually included in their composition?


Iron. With its deficiency, the blood can not carry the right amount of oxygen, and therefore the rate of metabolic processes will decrease. Getting enough iron is not always easy, especially in those cases if you limit yourself or altogether refuse to eat red meat and by-products. (1, 2, 3)


Magnesium. Participates in the formation of muscle fibers. And as you know, the higher the amount of muscle mass, the faster the excess fat is burned. Also, magnesium is involved in the conduct of nerve impulses. With its deficit, we feel anxious, tense, dissatisfied, and often try to seize all these emotions.


Weight loss pills

Chromium. It can be recommended to all sweet teeth. This trace element stimulates carbohydrate metabolism so that it is possible to maintain a constant average blood glucose level. Sweet you will want less and less, and in principle, the desire to chew something recedes into the background.


Vitamin D. Its deficiency is often accompanied by so-called seasonal spline, which many of us tend to seize. This is because vitamin D is involved in the synthesis of the pleasure hormone – dopamine. The low level of the latter affects the ability to control emotions. (1, 2, 3)


Omega-3 fatty acids. A sufficient amount of this substance can reduce the craving for the consumption of fatty foods in general. It is known that omega-3 has a stimulating effect on fat burning processes.



Amino acids. Of the reception is useful for people prone to impulsive overeating. Amino acids affect areas of the brain that stimulate a person to eat more and more. The dietary supplement contains L-tryptophan, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), etc. (1, 2, 3)


Pro- and prebiotics. The relationship between the qualitative and quantitative composition of microflora with excess weight has long been proven. Of course, to destroy the excess pathogenic microflora prescribe a course of drugs. And only then prescribed supplements with pro and prebiotics. Normalization of microflora will help not only to lose weight faster but also to avoid relapses after.

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