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Weight loss foods

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weight loss foodsWeight loss foods products do not add to your extra pounds, on the contrary, they contribute to the burning of fats.


Weight loss foods products that help you lose weight, usually, we find that are familiar to us, which we merely forget about sometimes. American scientists have compiled a list of products, the use of which will help make the abdomen flat. Including them in the diet at the same time as daily exercises for the press, and after three weeks you will see the result.



Apples and pears are rich in pectin and a great source of weight loss foods. They flawlessly load the stomach, which causes a sensation of satiation, which is essential in nearly absolutely no calories. These fruits include lots of essential nutrients. Great for a snack.



Thanks to the grapefruit, the level of insulin reductions as well as because of this there is a desire much less. If you eat half a grapefruit after each dish or beverage 150 ml of grapefruit juice, then after two weeks your weight will lower by 4 pounds. The bitter taste of juice easily could be weakened with orange juice.



Figs make digestion simpler since it contains plenty of useful ballast materials. Having consumed two or 3 figs – this suffices to satisfy the cravings, and at the very same time there are few calories in it, and there is no fat at all. You can likewise include figs in muesli.



Mixing vegetables of different colors, you will get useful food, rich in vitamins and fiber. Starting a lunch with a salad, which is seasoned with lemon juice and a drop of vegetable oil, you will fill your stomach without excess calories, leaving far less space for food more caloric. It also helps to lose weightweight loss foods



The composition of ginger is a material that eliminates contaminants from the body, stabilizes digestion and manages metabolism. The dish for ginger tea for fat burning is simple. You have to put one teaspoon of grated ginger in boiling water, let it brew, then drainpipe. The root of ginger boosts the secretion of the belly as well as its blood supply, facilitating the quick digestion of food and the acceleration of metabolic process helps to lose weight quicker.


Hot Pepper

Hot peppers are well known as weight loss foods, as well as all of its varieties, pepperoni pepper, black pepper, mustard, horseradish and all seasonings of Thai and Indian cuisine, are good at burning fat. Each time, adding to the food, spicy seasonings, we become a bit slimmer. Spicy food contributes to weight loss, as it speeds up the production of energy in the body and burns excess fat, reduces insulin levels. For example, in chili pepper contains a substance called capsaicin. This substance melts the excess calories after the end of the meal for 20 minutes. If you do not like too much spicy food, then remove the pepper grains. Capsaicin is a substance that gives acuity to red hot pepper, speeding up metabolism for three hours after eating, thereby literally melting fat cells.



Peanuts are perfect weight loss foods. Because it improves and speeds up metabolism, and in fatty acids, the level of cholesterol decreases. Peanuts are quite a high-calorie nut. A hundred grams of peanuts contains 560 calories. Therefore, you should eat about ten nuts per day (50 grams a day and no more, as it is slowly digested due to fats). Peanuts contain: 25% protein, 45% vegetable fat and 15% carbohydrates, and it is rich in vitamins B, PP and vitamin D. Nuts are very healthy for the body and to promote weight loss, they should be in small quantities.


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Almond is a nut-rich in vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, dietary fiber, fatty acids, and iron. Despite the increased fat content, this nut promotes weight loss, since some of its fat is excreted from the body, bypassing the stage of splitting and soaking. A total of 25 nuts per day (this is approximately thirty grams) reduces the number of lipids and normalizes the body’s cholesterol levels, thus contributing to weight loss.



Cold soups promote weight loss, as they help to consume calories. Cold food should first be warmed up in the stomach; therefore, the body needs to spend calories for warming up, and then for digesting food. Cold soups perfectly fill the stomach, thereby for a long time saturate the body. Cold soup is quickly replaced with a glass of vegetable juice with greens, for example, tomato.



In skim curd or yogurt, there is a lot of easily digestible protein, which for a long time saturates the body. Digesting protein, the body consumes more calories than digesting fats and carbohydrates. Beat curd with carbonated mineral water, you will get cream that can be smeared on toast. As a result, you will get an excellent low-calorie breakfast. Today in stores a vast selection of weight loss foods that have a low-fat content. Entering into the body use calcium produces a hormone, which makes us lose weight cells. Stop your choice of unsweetened yogurt without fruit additives. Instead of sugar in yogurt, you can put a pinch of cinnamon.


weight loss foodsFISH

It is hardly possible for a figure to find a product by utility superior to fish. Fatty varieties of fish are the suppliers of the essential fatty acids Omega-3 and iodine, which take care of the thyroid gland and heart. Also, fish products are products that promote weight loss and fat burning. A significant influence on the process of losing weight has a way of cooking fish. It is better to prepare fish for a couple. If you do not have a steamer available, then the colander will help you, which placed in a pan, with a small amount of water. Then put the pieces of fish and cover. To the fish, greens and seasonings are suitable. The body will be endlessly grateful for such weight loss foods, as it is easily digested and does not put off excess fat.


Proteins are the basis for the formation of muscle mass. The higher the muscle mass in a person, the more fat it burns, even in a state of rest. For example, even on vacation, a person who has more muscle to spend more calories. To better assimilate proteins, the body also needs to spend a large number of calories, rather than for the assimilation of fats and carbohydrates. Thus, foods with high protein content promote the burning of fats. This is the basis of many diets.


American studies show that fatty deposits in the abdomen controlled with unsaturated fatty acids found in fatty fish, olive oil, and chicken. In addition to nutrition, the muscles of the abdomen perfectly strengthen with the hoop. Twisting the hoop for 20 minutes a day, after a while, the waist will decrease significantly. According to Chinese dieticians, the main products for weight loss are rice and mineral water. With their help, the body cleanses of toxins and gets rid of excess weight. Swedish dieticians recommend losing weight on products containing alkali, namely, milk buckwheat, fruits. These products improve the metabolism.

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