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Weight loss exercise for women

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Weight loss exercise for women

Weight loss exercise for women is much more important than for men. Women work hard in the gym, can spend months on diets, torture themselves with all known and unknown methods. And all this for the sake of harmony and slenderness.


However, if we approach the process of weight loss exercise for women deliberately, this will cease to be a torment and will not create unnecessary stress. For women, this is especially important, since most of the disruptions occur due to strict restrictions.


The fundamental principles of diet for weight loss are as follows: Reducing the caloric content of the diet. It is safe to reduce the number of calories by 20% of the usual rate. Reduce the number of fast carbohydrates and saturated fats, increase the amount of protein in the diet.


Replacement of harmful refined products using natural products. In general, a healthy diet does not tolerate extremes. It is impossible, for example, to entirely exclude carbohydrates and switch to specific protein products. Or stop eating fat. Fat is also necessary for the body. Food should be varied, moderate and balanced. Then the extra pounds will begin to go away naturally.


When in the method of losing weight the fat layer begins to disappear, muscles will become visible. If they are dystrophic and flabby, the figure will not look the best. To maintain the muscles are crucial physical training in the hall and protein make-up. Of course, when you lose weight, some of the muscles will still go away (it is impossible to force the body to spend 100% only fat).


However, correct weight loss exercise for women aims to maintain the muscle reserve that you have maximally. Also, getting rid of excess fat is important not to overdo it. After all, our internal organs surround the fat capsule, which they need for normal functioning. Also, for women, the presence of a certain amount of fat (about 13%) is essential for the normal functioning of the reproductive system.

Which training is better?

Weight loss exercise for women, whether power or fortifying, lead to the expenditure of calories. Therefore, all this will be training for weight loss. Due to it, some amount of subcutaneous fat can be burned.


It is known that weight training with burdening (namely the base), consumes a lot of calories. Indeed, heavy exercises require huge energy costs. Only often do the base will not work, since the power limits of the organism are insufficient.


Weight loss exercise for womenSuch training is important. But if you intend to lose weight, and therefore, there is a calorie deficit in the diet, they exhaust you very quickly. That is, strength exercises during weight reduction are given in doses.


But the long loads in the average pace (running, aerobics, working with light weights in a lot of repetitions) do not exhaust the body as much as power, so giving them priority can more effectively lose weight. This way you can practice more often and longer, as a result of which the final fat burning effect will be stronger than when using the base and other heavy techniques.


There is such a thing as a fat burning zone of the pulse. This is 60-70% of the highest heart rate. It can be measured by subtracting your age from 220. After calculating the interest, on average you will receive 120-130 beats per minute. It is believed that at this heart rate, the body takes the maximum amount of energy from the fat.


How to make a weight loss exercise for women program

The system that needs to be followed when creating a fat burning complex for women differs slightly from men’s. They are somewhat different, though they are based on the same physiological laws.

The principle of “do no harm.” To follow it, therefore, it is reasonable to use a set of exercises and dietary restrictions to achieve the effect of fat burning. Training for weight loss should help to achieve a harmonious figure, and not harm the health. Aim at the problem areas.

For women, this is the inside of the thigh, buttocks, stomach, and sides, the back of the hands. The weight loss exercise for women program is developed in such a way that the primary emphasis of the load in the exercises is given precisely to these areas. Age features. It should not be given to girls 20 years of age the same physical exertion for weight loss, which for women in 40 years. This, at least, is inefficient.


Each organism is individual, but still the older the person, the more cautious it is to approach the load on the heart and the joint-ligament apparatus. The complex of exercises must be adapted to the physiological characteristics of the organism.Weight loss exercise for women


Work with bad habits. Smoking or frequent use of alcohol will negatively affect the process of losing weight, and no set of exercises can compensate for harmful effects. Also, you want to take into account the hormonal status, the absence or presence of abnormalities in the endocrine system and the degree of their severity. In this situation, a preliminary medical consultation is necessary.


When pregnancy should be given a sparing load so that training for weight loss does not damage the fetus and does not provoke premature birth or miscarriage. At this time, it is better to abandon the hall altogether and limit oneself to individual gymnastics for pregnant women, aqua aerobics, yoga and pulmonary gymnastics.


You also need to pay attention to the predisposition to fullness, or to leanness. In each case, the natural metabolism will be its own. A typical standard diet and weight loss exercise for women program (complex) for fat burning cannot be ideally suited for all types of metabolism.

The cardiovascular workout is an essential part of training for slimming girls and women. Depending on the age and individual characteristics, someone has 20 minutes on the ellipsoid, and someone 40 minutes will seem inconspicuous. If you have any problems with the heart, with the circulatory system, you can standardize the load and do cardio before training for 30-40 minutes and after – 15-20 minutes.


If there are problems with the heart – the coach should give you a test load to understand the capabilities of your body. After that, individually, select the weight necessary for the burning of fatty deposits.


For example, start working with walking on a treadmill. Walk 5 minutes on average. Increase the speed gradually until you feel a heaviness in your chest. Do not overclock the track. This is the first limit. Slowly it will have to be overcome. The complex of exercises, designed for weight loss, must necessarily include cardio. The weight loss exercise for women must begin and end with a similar load.


Weight loss exercise for womenUniversal weight loss exercise for women program

It is preferable to exercise three times a week. For example, if training for fat burning will be held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This program is aimed at the formation and relief of the muscles of the whole body with an emphasis on problematic female zones.


Monday: Cardio – 30-40 minutes. Squat with a bar – 3 on 15 (light weights). Squat squats – 3 on 15. Dumbbells with drops – 3 on 20 on each leg. Hyperextension – 2 to 20-30. Bending of hands with dumbbells or hammers – 3 to 20. Press – 3 to 30. Lifting the trunk in a Roman chair and lifting the legs lying. Cardio – 15 minutes.


Wednesday: Cardio – 30 minutes. Hyperextension – 2 to 20. Romanian traction or deadlift – 3 to 15. Leg reduction in the simulator – 2 to 20. Dumbbell bench press – 2 to 20. Dilution of hands with dumbbells on a flat bench – 2 to 20. Dilution of hands with dumbbells on the bench at an angle of 30 degrees – 2 to 20. The extension of the hands on the block – 3 to 20. Skew twists – 3 to 20 on each side. Raising the trunk on the floor – 4 to 20. Cardio – 10 minutes.



Friday: Cardio – 20 minutes. Foot press (feet on the top of the platform, widely spaced) – 2 to 15. Leg extension in the simulator – 2 to 20. Leg bending in the simulator – 2 to 20. Mixing and raising legs in the simulator – 2 to 20. Raising the socks on calves – 4 for 30. Press dumbbell is sitting – 3 to 20. Dumbbell cultivation through the sides – 3 to 15. Cardio – 20 minutes.


This program is a complex for burning calories for girls in the hall. It is designed so that between exercises on the legs took two days, that is, the muscles of the legs are loaded on Monday and Friday.


It is not recommended to postpone these days on Monday and Wednesday. If the program is given hard – you should remove one approach from each exercise, and after a while add it with a minimum number of repetitions gradually bringing the repeats to the desired number.


Between the exercises, it is desirable to withstand a break of 45-60 seconds, between the approaches – 30-45. At this rate, training will take you 40-45 minutes (without cardio), muscles to pull up, and you will become the owner of a beautiful dried body. Of course, if you stick to the principles of proper nutrition, and not all kinds of diets. This is the best mode of burning fat. Such a complex will help you improve your well-being and give you the shape of your dreams.

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