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Weight Gain – Diet Rules

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In Just One Day This Simple Strategy Frees You From Weight Gain,

From Complicated Diet Rules – And Eliminates Rebound Weight Gain


Did you know less than 2% of “dieters” manage to keep off the weight?… No wonder we all lose hope that we’ll ever get the body we strive for.


What I learned though — and what I’ll share with you today — is that the endless cycle of rebound weight gain was never my fault. Just like it’s not your fault. You see… Diets don’t work… for one very simple reason… When you are told to skip entire food groups. When you are forced to limit the number of calories you eat. Your only option is to use discipline to stick to the plan.


Yet behavioral science clearly proves you only have a small supply of discipline. And when you run out… well, you know what happens right?…


Weight Gain - Diet Rules


And the reason you need the discipline to follow a diet is that diets are NOT NATURAL. When you follow a diet day in and day out you are fighting against everything your body thinks is best for its own survival. Which is why you end up sick, suffering from the accelerated aging, and fighting once again with rebound weight gain… Yet some diets do get ONE thing right. It’s just not what you think…


Diet Rules




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