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Volumetrics Diet – Videos

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Volumetrics Diet

Volumetrics Diet differs from the others in that it is based not on “deprivation,” but on “replacement” of some products by other, more qualitative and useful. 


On volumetrics diet, for example, fruits and non-starchy vegetables can be eaten at any time. Slightly less often, it is also possible to consume protein, wholemeal products, legumes and fat-free foods. Do not forget that volumetrics diet is a long-term diet, and the effect of it will be visible only after a reasonably long time.


People, as a rule, eat the same amount of food every day, regardless of its calorie content. Since some foods are less energy-intensive than others-that is, they have fewer calories per gram-if you put more of this food on your plate; you will consume fewer calories.


Products with low energy density contain few calories, but in large volumes help you feel satiety while reducing weight. Fruits and vegetables are ideal, as they saturate, without violating the calorie balance.



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