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Unhealthy weight loss methods you should avoid

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unhealthy weight lossIt is very difficult to meet a woman who would be completely happy with her figure. Even the well-proportioned representatives of the fair sex sometimes complain about the allegedly excessive fullness of the legs, not enough flat stomach, not enough elastic buttocks and it leads to rapid unhealthy weight loss. What can we say about those who have a weight exceeding the norm …


Both real and imagined flaws push many women onto the warpath with excess weight, which does not always lead to victory. To ensure that weight loss measures are not harmful to health, it is essential to have an idea of how you can not lose weight, from what ways to get rid of extra pounds you need to stay away.


Unhealthy weight loss – Rapid weight loss

You can not lose weight sharply! Doctors agree that rapid weight loss is not only wrong but also dangerous. The human body is designed in such a way that it begins to resist weight loss. This resistance manifests itself in the fact that the body stores fat, which only aggravates the situation: the propensity to fullness increases.


With a sudden unhealthy weight loss in the body as a result of chemical reactions, the fatty products of the half-life of fat are hazardous to health. The more you lose weight, the more their number is formed. In addition, the body can not adapt to weight loss, which can lead to disturbances in the activity of a number of organs: the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, skin, glands.

According to doctors, a woman should eat food containing 1500-2500kcal a day, the optimal speed is considered to be weight loss, which is not more than 5% of the initial weight per month.


Unhealthy weight loss – Fasting, strict diets

It’s not so simple to stick to a strict diet, especially to starve. Very often, such attempts to unhealthy weight loss end in failure, because the body needs reinforcement. Most often a person loses in the fight against the physiology.


unhealthy weight lossFull refusal of food does not give a lasting result. The human body is not familiar with the word “diet.” It perceives a sudden restriction in food as a distress signal, which encourages him to save energy; the process of basic metabolism is slowed down.


Deciding to get out of the diet, you will notice that the metabolic process remains still slow. As a result, the body receives more nutrients, but it still uses them economically. That’s why the lost pounds are returned first, and new ones are deposited behind them on different parts of the body. And weight loss, in this case, occurs more due to loss of muscles and water, rather than fat.


Do not forget that adhering to a strict diet, you are not receiving the essential nutrients that are necessary for building the cells of the body and the normal functioning of the organs. Insufficient amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals in the diet can cause serious health damage. In some cases, the consequences can be irreversible.




Unhealthy weight loss – Vomiting

Artificial vomiting is most often resorted to by young girls. This method of unhealthy weight loss is based on the idea that after eating and the subsequently caused vomiting there is a feeling of satiety, while calories do not enter the body.


However, similar actions, repeated again and again, disrupt the motility of the gastrointestinal tract, secretory activity. The signal at the center responsible for the vomiting becomes constant, which leads to the fact that vomiting becomes a conditioned reflex. With each meal, your body will react in the same way.

This weight loss can result in a metabolic disorder, peptic ulcer or gastritis. There are cases when fans of this kind of weight loss died as a result of exhaustion.


Cleansing of the intestines with an enema

Another practiced method of unhealthy weight loss is cleaning the bowels with an enema. This unhealthy weight loss is based on the erroneous opinion that weight gain is associated with slagging of the intestine.


Cleaning procedures should be performed in a medical facility. Daily enemas at home can lead to a violation of the intestinal microflora.


unhealthy weight lossUnhealthy weight loss – Exhausting workouts

This method of weight loss is not suitable for people who are overweight and have never been involved in sports. A sharp increase in loads leads to a decrease in the mass of bones, the appearance of problems with the heart, the suppression of the immune system.


If you decide to use this method, increase the load gradually. You can start with daily long walks, visit the swimming pool. If the desired conditions are not yet achieved, and the weight has already ceased to decrease, you can increase the load.


It should be taught under the guidance of a coach. Choose those classes that you can regularly perform, because, for example, if you are keen on exercise machines, and then stop attending the gym, muscle tissue will replace fat, and all your efforts will be reduced to “no.”



The inscription on a pack of cigarettes may change, but its essence is unchanged: smoking harms health. However, in the minds of many people, the myth lives that, after giving up smoking, they will gain extra pounds.


The truth is that cigarettes do not reduce weight, they do not affect the appetite. It is necessary to recognize that nicotine increases the metabolic rate, but against the background of a large number of negative consequences, the benefit from this seems scanty.

Unhealthy weight loss methods you should avoid
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