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Tricks to lose belly fat – Videos

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Tricks to lose belly fatMen and women are most concerned about fat in the abdomen and sides. Here are simple tricks to lose belly fat and how to get rid of fat on your stomach without exercise and keep the result forever!


Most people struggle with fat on the stomach. Fat on your belly makes you look less sexy, it shakes like jelly, when you laugh. However, as you know, a flat stomach is hard to get …


One of the biggest reasons that prevent us from getting a flat stomach is a sedentary lifestyle and a lack of physical activity from day to day. When you sit, the abs is usually turned off as unnecessary; it contributes to the appearance of the abdomen, which no one wants (they quickly checked their posture!)



Tricks to lose belly fat

Even if you do all the necessary exercises in the gym, these endless twists, straps, raising your legs – they will not help you if you spend the rest of the day hunched over at the computer, behind the wheel or in front of the TV.


Right now, while reading this post, try to sit up straight and draw in your belly, see how it is squashed!


So, for an even more effective push to reduce fat on the stomach, scientists discovered the properties of green tea, which will help you remove fat on your stomach and look sexy in jeans with a low waistline. So, if you are a coffee lover, then you have to switch to a few cups of green tea.


Thousands and thousands of years ago, Asians daily drank green tea, which was the result of their resistance to disease, a reduced risk of joint disease, an improvement in the cardiovascular system and flat tummies!


Green tea is rich in a unique compound that helps in fat burning, called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). This catechin, as has been shown in the course of research, prevents the growth and differentiation of adipocytes (fat cells), which are the first cause of the occurrence and increase in the amount of fat on the stomach.

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