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Swedish diet

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The Swedish dietDo you know that there are very few people in Sweden who are overweight? And all thanks to Swedish diet. Get, and you have a balanced menu, delicious dietary recipes and lose up to 12 pounds in just a week!


Very often, the desire to lose weight quickly leads to a deterioration in the health and well-being of women who lose weight. All kinds of express and mono diets are exhausting the body, and the dropped kilos return very quickly. The Swedish diet will come to the aid – a specially balanced diet, developed by Swedish nutritionists, which not only helps to get rid of extra pounds but also has a beneficial effect on the body, revitalizing it and normalizing the work of all systems.


The Swedish diet is easily tolerated and involves daily consumption of milk, buckwheat porridge, potatoes, fruits, and vegetables. These products contain a large number of vitamins and trace elements, plant fiber, complex carbohydrates and amino acids, which improves metabolism in the body, removes slag and splits fats.


Lose 12 pounds a week without starvation, severe restrictions and permanently consolidate the result – this is what the Swedish diet promises.



According to studies in Sweden, the level of obese people leaves only 14%, while in America, it has long exceeded 40%. Swedes – a sporting nation, the vast majority of people, monitor their health, nutrition, lead an active lifestyle. It is the Swedish dieticians who are the authors of the most effective ways of losing weight.


The Swedish diet is a food system designed for seven days. The basis of the diet is simple products: fish, fruits, and vegetables, porridge. It is acceptable to eat a small amount of lean meat.

The approximate menu of the Swedish diet for the week:

On the first day of the diet, breakfast consists of a buckwheat porridge and a glass of milk. At lunch, you can eat a vegetable salad of tomatoes, onions and green bell pepper, 100 grams of hard cheese and drink a cup of warm milk. For dinner, a salad of two small boiled beets and sour cream is allowed, three boiled potatoes and a little slice of rye bread.


On the second day, breakfast is the same – a glass of milk and a serving of buckwheat porridge. For lunch, you can cook 250 grams of boiled ocean fish, a serving of vegetable salad, seasoned with any vegetable oil and boil two potatoes. Dinner – hard boiled eggs, a portion of cabbage salad with onions and a glass of milk.The Swedish diet


On the third day, the Swedish diet allows you to have breakfast with a small slice of bread with two or three slices of cheese, washing down a glass of milk. Menu for lunch: 100 grams of vegetable salad, 250 grams of fried chicken and a glass of apple juice. Over dinner, it is recommended to eat 150 grams of mashed potatoes, a small slice of bread, four slices of cheese and a glass of milk.


The fourth day of the diet corresponds to such a menu: breakfast – two toasts and a glass of apple juice. For lunch – a small piece of boiled veal, 100 grams of buckwheat porridge, an apple and an orange. For dinner, you need to prepare a salad of tomatoes and onions in vegetable oil, boil 100 grams of rice, drink a glass of milk. You can have breakfast on the fifth day only with low-fat yogurt and orange, but for lunch – a meatball with boiled potatoes and a cup of tea.


Diner of the fifth day is easy: one orange or 150 grams of strawberries, 200 grams of fruit and a glass of apple fresh.The Swedish diet


On the sixth day, the menu of the Swedish diet looks like this: for breakfast – a portion of buckwheat porridge and a glass of milk. In the afternoon – a small piece of boiled meat, three boiled potatoes, an orange and an apple. Dinner: a salad of cabbage, green bell pepper, cucumber and onion with vegetable oil and four tablespoons of boiled rice.


On the last, seventh day of the course, for breakfast, you can eat about 150 grams of rice porridge and a glass of milk, for lunch – a portion of fried, stewed or boiled fish, two boiled potatoes, an orange, an apple and a glass of orange fresh. For dinner, you can prepare a small pork chop and vegetable salad to taste, and also eat an apple, a slice of black bread and drink a glass of apple juice.


The Swedish diet is relatively inexpensive since most families in our country widely use almost all the necessary ingredients. The main thing in this type of food – small doses and the right combination of vegetables, cereals and meat and milk products. If you periodically adhere to the Swedish diet, you can not only reduce weight but also increase metabolism, normalize the digestive tract and significantly improve your health.

Prohibited products:

Flour, buns, yeast bread.
Sweets, chocolate.
Carbonated drinks.

Permitted in limited quantities:

Cereal bread.
Lean meat (chicken, turkey, rabbit, beef).


Pros and Cons of The Swedish diet

The Swedish diet allows you to lose weight quickly and without failures to last all week.
A balanced diet does not require an additional intake of vitamins and minerals.
There are no side effects in the form of headaches, weakness, irritability, fatigue.
It goes well with sports.



To minuses, nutritionists include too rapid weight loss. During the Swedish diet, you need to take care of your skin and exercise. Otherwise, it can become flabby, saggy, and possibly the appearance of stretch marks. There is no provision for frequent meals. Recommended classic approach is “breakfast-lunch-dinner,” and usually the food is divided into 4-6 receptions.


Because of a significant amount of protein, there is a risk of kidney problems. Contraindications. Allergy sufferers should consult a doctor. There may be individual allergic reactions to specific products. Diet is forbidden for people with lactose intolerance. It is not recommended for any gastrointestinal and pancreatic diseases, high acidity. Such food does not suit pregnant, nursing, adolescents.


During the day, “snacks” in the form of berries, grapefruit, a handful of nuts are allowed. Drinking a lot is necessary.

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