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The Japanese diet

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The Japanese dietThe Japanese diet is famous all over the world due to the fantastic results it provides. For 13 days for which it is designed, you can lose weight by 5-8 pounds, and this is not the limit.


Due to the evidence that dietitians developed the diet, you do not harm your health, but on the contrary, the Japanese diet is aimed at stabilizing the functioning of the body, correcting the metabolism, cleansing it, and normalizing the bowels.


As it is applied, your body gradually adapts to the changed nutritional conditions. Also, unlike less effective programs for weight loss, the result of the Japanese diet will last 2-3 years, as evidenced by both its developers and women who have lost weight with its help.



What makes it so different from other types of diets? Everything is not so difficult: you will need to give up sugar and salt, flour and various kinds of confectionery and alcohol. But the liquid is welcome in unlimited quantities. We are talking about water, which can be both mineral and boiled.



This diet is suitable for those who can keep themselves in the framework, as it is necessary to follow the menu strictly, do not change the days and products. In addition, if you allow yourself something that cannot be consumed, you will have to repeat it all over again, no matter what day you went off. So, the Japanese diet lasts 13 days in the most common form, and few people know that in reality, this period is from 13 days to 13 weeks.

The popularity of 13 days is determined by the desire to get the result as soon as possible, by the effect they imply not only well-coordinated work and cleansing of the body but also a noticeable minus in weight. Of course, when you really want to lose weight, you want to get the result immediately. But, as with any diet, you need to remember that to go on a diet, as well as to leave it, you need to smoothly. And it is simply forbidden to go on a diet after the so-called “belly holidays.”


The Japanese dietThe Japanese diet is based on a balanced diet and, despite small portions, your body will receive all the necessary substances. Its main rule is a maximum of protein foods and a minimum of fats and carbohydrates, of course, if we are not talking about healthy fats.


Before starting any program for weight loss, you should consult with your doctor and pick up a complex of vitamins. This smooths out the stress that your body gets from changing your lifestyle and diet. If you do not do this, negative consequences can occur, expressed in problems with hair, nails, and teeth. The Japanese diet activates the intensive work of the kidneys, so those who have problems with the kidneys, first of all, should be consulted whether it can be used at all so as not to worsen their health.


The menu of the Japanese diet is as follows:
1 day:

The key to a successful start will be a cup of black coffee; lunch consists of two boiled eggs, 150 grams of boiled cabbage lettuce, which can be filled with olive or other vegetable oil, will complete its glass of tomato juice; for dinner, cook low-fat fish – boil or fry without oil, if you have a frying pan with non-stick coating.



2 day:

Breakfast will start with a cup of black coffee; if necessary, you can substitute tea, one cracker of the usual sizes; for lunch – fish, as usual, fried or boiled as desired, vegetable salad 150 grams, can be replaced with cabbage, there is no clear indication in the diet, therefore cabbage can be chosen according to taste and by calories; For dinner, boil 100 grams of beef and treat yourself to a 200-gram glass of kefir.


The Japanese diet3 day:

For breakfast – coffee, as always, without sugar and additives and one cracker; for lunch – roasted zucchini from those that are larger, if large was not at hand, you can take a few small ones, in total you should get 200-250 grams; For dinner, cook a couple of eggs, do not forget that we cook them exclusively hard-boiled, cook 200-250 g of beef, and for a side dish of salad: chopped fresh cabbage and a little bit of olive oil, because it contains the least amount of unhealthy fats.


4 day:

In the morning only coffee and nothing else;

Eat raw eggs, you can’t replace them with boiled ones, if you like quail eggs more, you can take them, but also one thing, even though they are smaller than chicken, their usefulness and satiety are much more. But three large carrots should be cooked and seasoned with olive oil and 15 grams of hard fresh cheese;


Dinner gives you freedom of action, the main thing is that it consists of fruits, there is no indication in the description of which ones, therefore, act as you wish. But since fruits will be found and it is worthwhile to alternate them further, this will diversify your menu, and you will compensate for the lack of an organism in various vitamins and useful microelements.

Day 5:
have a mid-sized uncooked carrot with lemon juice as a dressing; for lunch – fish 200 grams maximum, drink a glass of tomato juice; dinner again consists of fruits of your choice.


6 day:

In the morning only coffee – that’s all; half a pound of boiled chicken is served at lunch, and again a salad of your choice: cabbage or carrot, vegetables do not need heat treatment;
for dinner, chop raw carrots for a salad with olive oil, it will be a side dish for two boiled eggs.


The Japanese diet7 day:

Starts with tea, as usual, without sugar; for dinner, let’s allow ourselves a little bit of exotic: boiled beef meat – 200g with fruit, which exactly – at personal discretion. Pay special attention wherever there are fruit, servings 200-250 grams, well, the most maxim is 500; you can repeat the dinner you liked the most, the only exception is the third day.


8 day:

Repeat the menu 6 days entirely


9 day:
Have a medium breakfast, if you really want it, you can also have a big raw carrot, seasoned with lemon juice; for lunch we’ll spoil ourselves with fish, now you can get 500-700 grams, tomato juice completes the meal, one cup is enough; liked the fruit for dinner – you can repeat, but not more than 250g.


10 day:
Completely repeat the menu of the 4th day.


11 day:
Have the same menu as for the 3rd day.


12th day:

Have breakfast with coffee; for lunch, cook or fry 200-250 grams of fish according to the previous recipe, as a garnish – vegetable salad, preferably cabbage, seasoned with olive oil, but if it is already very hard, then it can be vegetable, but not more than a tablespoon. At dinner, 100 g of pre-boiled beef with a glass of kefir.


Day 13:

Completely repeat the first-day menu.


After the end of the diet, you should not immediately eat up and begin to use forbidden foods, to better consolidate the results, it is better to gradually return to the usual way of eating so as not to create unnecessary stress for the body.

The Japanese diet
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