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The Diet 5 tablespoons

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The diet 5 tablespoons are considered one of the most correct and effective methods of losing weight. The fact is that it was developed by data obtained by the European Association of Nutritionists. In the course of its members’ studies, it was found that the optimal size of servings for a thin person is exactly five tablespoons. Such a volume of food allows one to saturate on one side and provide the body with enough energy, and on the other hand, ensures that even with not eating the most nutritious food, you will not get an excessive number of calories along with it.

The Diet 5 tablespoons

The Diet 5 tablespoons – the results and reasons for effectiveness

According to reviews of those who have already used this method of weight loss, a diet 5 spoons allows you to reduce weight by 5-15 kilograms, depending on how large the initial body weight was. In this case, unlike most other diets for weight loss, this technique is great even for those whose overweight exceeds the figure of 20-30 kilograms. People with a high degree of obesity easily part with their luggage fat, however, it takes a lot of time – usually two to six months.

The creators of this diet recommend to stick to it for at least a month, but this time is indicative – the duration of compliance depends solely on the speed of achieving the goal. Since this food scheme does not imply a waiver of any particular type of food, the body continues to receive everything that it needs. Thanks to this balance, a diet of 5 tablespoons can be kept long enough.

The effectiveness of the diet is caused not only by the decrease in the number of calories coming with food but also by the fact that small portions contribute to a gradual reduction in the size of the stomach. The fact that people who are obese and accustomed to eating large portions, the walls of the stomach are too stretched and its size exceeds the norm by three or four times.

Apparently, to achieve saturation, they need incredibly much food, and in this case, standard diets do not work. After all, even if you eat two or three plates quite dietary buckwheat or chicken breast, you can not lose weight. Unlike other weight loss strategies, the diet 5 tablespoons, the results of which are scientifically confirmed, leads to a gradual decrease in stomach volume. Thanks to this, after the end of the diet there is no risk of gaining weight again since the size of the stomach will not allow eating large portions of food.

The Diet 5 tablespoons: menus and rules
To successfully reduce weight on this diet, you must follow a few simple rules:



The size of portions at each meal is five tablespoons (if a dish with garnish, it should be considered as follows: 2 tablespoons garnish, 1,5 – salad, 1,5 – meat or fish);
the minimum break between meals is three hours;

as a source of liquids, you can drink any drinks you like, except for alcohol and sweet soda;
The consumption of sugar should be minimized, and salt is best replaced with your favorite spices.
As for the diet itself, the diet of 5 tablespoons of the menu allows you to make it yourself from absolutely any products. You do not have to give up your favorite fried potatoes or cakes; the main thing is that the number of yummies you eat should not exceed five spoonfuls.

Dietitian tips

The Diet 5 tablespoon is one of the most balanced and easily tolerated. The fact that you will not have to give up your favorite food for months will allow you to transfer it without psychological discomfort, and a gradual decrease in stomach volume will soon extinguish and possible sharp outbreaks of hunger. If at first, you find it difficult to limit yourself to five spoonfuls and the stomach continues to insistently require a normal portion of food, dieticians recommend “deceiving” it with the help of one of the methods described below.

The Diet 5 tablespoons

For 40-50 minutes before meals, eat a spoonful of bran or fiber and drink a glass of water. This will allow you to eat much less food, but do not abuse this method – it slows down the process of reducing the size of the stomach.


In the intervals between meals, drink green tea in small sips (in no case drink a large cup in a gulp – this will again stretch the stomach). Tea can dull the feeling of hunger, and if you add a little more milk to it, you will get an excellent remedy for removing excess fluid from the body. If you do not break the rules, a diet of 5 tablespoons, reviews about which doctors only have positive, will undoubtedly help you cope with the excess weight.


So, the diet 5 tablespoons is a great way to reduce weight, the effectiveness of which has been proved by both practice and theory. Feel free to use it to lose weight, and the result will not take long.

Did the diet help you 5 spoonfuls? How quickly did the first results become visible? Share your experience with our readers.

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