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The Brazilian diet for weight loss

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The Brazilian diet for weight loss. In Brazilian TV shows, and especially in the broadcast of the famous carnivals held annually in Brazil, you can see what incredible Brazilian figures are. Their slim waist contrasts sharply with the lush breasts and rounded thighs. To obtain such proportional forms, you must follow a specially balanced and rigorous diet. It was on its basis that an effective Brazilian diet was created by nutritionists, which works by reducing caloric intake, which is mainly based on protein foods, vegetables, and fruits.


Brazilian diet for weight loss


The essence of the Brazilian diet for weight loss
Brazilian diet for weight loss exists in three popular options with different duration – for seven days, two weeks and one month. Following the recommendations of one of them, you can throw from 3 to 15 extra pounds, depending on the selected menu, the duration of the course and the individual characteristics of the organism. (1, 2, 3)

The essence of the Brazilian diet for weight loss is to minimize the consumption of all carbohydrates, including not only harmful simple, but also use complex. This approach to nutrition is considered the most effective way to burn fat. However, you can not put the Brazilian diet on a par with carbohydrate or purely protein weight loss methods. It is not so rigid and restrictive. Therefore it creates less stress for the body.


Despite the presence of several varieties of the Brazilian diet for weight loss, differing in the duration and composition of the menu, they are all based on the same principles of weight loss and have common positive points:


Being predominantly protein diet programs, they allow you to lose weight as quickly as possible, without losing muscle mass. Introduce a large number of raw vegetables and fruits, which provide the body with fiber, vitamins, minerals, other useful elements, as well as reduce the negative effects of a protein-rich diet; (1, 2, 3)


Suppose food only with healthy products with the complete exception of dense food, which has a positive effect on health, well-being, and appearance. Contribute to the development of proper eating habits and reduce the volume of the stomach, which ensures the long-term preservation of the obtained indicators of weight include quite affordable ordinary products, therefore do not require any special costs. Allow a choice – for those who cannot refuse tasty food, the most sparing monthly program of weight loss is ideally suited.



Also almost the same for all options are the rules that must be observed in the period of weight loss on the Brazilian diet:


Sweets, cereals, fatty foods, and flour products, including bread, are entirely excluded from the diet. Significantly reduced the amount of salt and spices, and to improve the taste of dishes it is recommended to use vinegar, lemon juice and, if necessary, a small amount of olive oil;


The basis of the menu should be vegetables, fruits, herbs, eggs, lean meats and fish, low-fat dairy products (but not fat-free – they are considered harmful). The volume of pure water increases to 2 liters per day, which, with protein nutrition, will help the kidneys to remove decomposition products faster; (1, 2, 3)

Also, natural coffee and any teas without sugar, sweeteners or other additives are allowed from drinks. The Brazilian diet in options for 7 and 14 days should be three times, in the month – five times. It is forbidden to eat after 6 PM (as a last resort – after 8 PM during late bedtime). It is very desirable to play sports in order not only to lose weight faster but also to maintain muscle and skin tone.


Among the disadvantages of using the Brazilian diet for weight loss most often note the following points:

It is not a complete ration of the composition of the diet, therefore it does not provide the intake of all the substances necessary for the proper functioning of the body with food, and requires the intake of a vitamin-mineral complex. In some cases, the body, experiencing stress, begins not to get rid of those extra pounds, but, on the contrary, to save them, although most often the program is effective. (1, 2, 3)


If necessary, the second course of weight loss on the Brazilian diet is possible in 1-2 months, depending on the selected duration. Although many of those who used the weekly and two-weekly Brazilian diet extended them for several months without a break. But this approach is not recommended by doctors and is possible only in the absence of any diseases, good tolerance of the diet and constant monitoring of health status.



Sample menu of the Brazilian diet for weight loss.

Brazilian diet weight loss system can lose up to 6-9 pounds per week, subject to strict adherence to the recommended menu. The main rule is that proteins should be present in all main meals and, preferably, along with vegetables or fruits. At the same time, the number of calories consumed is significantly reduced, which makes the process of losing weight rather difficult, but effective.



For 7 days

The shortest duration of the Brazilian diet for weight loss is designed for a week. The menu in it is somewhat approximate but very understandable and accessible:


Breakfast is a lactic acid product, one fruit;
Lunch – boiled chicken or fish, raw vegetables;
Dinner – vegetable salad, hard cheese.


Based on this scheme, you can independently create a menu for each day. Portions are not significantly limited, but their size should be such as to exclude both hunger and overeating. Meals can be interchanged, but in the evening it is better not to use fruit. On this diet, for one week you can lose up to seven pounds of excess weight. However, most of those who used this type of Brazilian diet for weight loss, argues that this diet can be up to 1.5 months, during which the plummet is usually 30 pounds or more. (1, 2, 3)


Brazilian diet for weight loss


For 14 days

The most stringent diet differs a two-week version of the Brazilian diet program. The menu recommended in it requires strict adherence and should be prepared as follows:


Days 1, 2 and 8, 9:

For each of the three main meals during the specified days, you need to use the same set of products, including one boiled egg, one apple and a cup of organic coffee.


Days 3,10

Breakfast – 2 eggs, coffee;
Lunch – 200 g of boiled chicken breast with spinach and salad leaves;
Dinner – salad from green vegetables with greens and boiled egg.


Days 4, 11

Breakfast – 1 egg, coffee;
Lunch – 120 g of fish, 2 medium tomatoes;
Dinner – 2 eggs, coffee.


Days 5, 12:

Breakfast – 1 egg, coffee;
Lunch – 120 g of fish, 1 medium tomato;
Dinner – 120 g of fish, sliced ​​from tomato and cucumber without dressing.


Days 6, 13:

Breakfast – 1 egg, coffee;
Lunch – 1 cucumber, 100 g of boiled veal;
Dinner – 100 grams of boiled chicken or veal, coffee.


Days 7, 14:

Breakfast – 1 egg, coffee;
Lunch – 100 g of baked chicken breast, cucumber, and tomato salad;
Dinner – 100 g chicken stew in its juice, 1 apple, coffee.


Coffee must be drunk without sugar, sugar substitutes, milk or any other additives. If desired, chicken eggs can be replaced with quail.


During the day between meals, you should drink at least 2 liters of water. Eating should be strictly three times a day with an interval of 5 hours. It is forbidden to interchange breakfast, lunch and dinner. In case of a breakdown, the menu should be started on the first day. If all of these conditions are met, weight loss should be an average of 2 pounds per day. (1, 2, 3)

For a month


The menu in Brazilian diet for weight loss, designed for a month, differs in a variety of dishes and tastes. Every day it focuses on 1-2 foods, but at the same time animal proteins, vegetables and fruits are always present in the diet.


Day 1 (fish, citrus):

Breakfast – 1 whole-grain toast, fresh orange, 1 banana;
Snack – any citrus fresh;
Lunch – salad from fresh vegetables without dressing, 100 g sea fish in boiled or baked form;
Snack – 100 g of sea fish in boiled or boiled, cabbage salad;
dinner – fresh grapefruit, 1 oatmeal cookies or toast.


Day 2 (meat, apples):

Breakfast – 1 egg, freshly squeezed apple juice;
Snack – 1 whole-grain toast, apple smoothie;
Lunch – 100 g of boiled veal, 2 boiled potatoes, salad leaves;
Snack – a portion of protein-vegetable salad (1 egg, 100 g sliced ​​boiled meat, 50 g green peas), dressed with ½ tsp. olive oil;
Dinner – 1 loaf, freshly squeezed apple juice.


Day 3 (Milk):

Breakfast – 1 whole grain loaf or 4 crackers, 250 ml of milk;
Snack – 100 g of cottage cheese with greens;
Lunch – 100 g of boiled brown rice, cabbage salad;
Snack – 100 g of meat, kefir;
Dinner – toast, apple juice.


Day 4 (pineapples):

Breakfast – fresh pineapple, 100 g pineapple;
Snack – 1 whole-grain loaf, 1 grapefruit or fresh from it;
Lunch – 100 g of meat, a slice of hard cheese, 100 g of pineapple;
Snack – 2 baked potatoes, grated carrots;
Dinner – pineapple fresh.


Day 5 (mango):

Breakfast – 1 loaf, mango juice;
Snack – apple-orange salad (one for each fruit);
Lunch – 100 g of baked fish, shredded boiled or raw carrots;
Afternoon snack – 150 ml of vegetable soup, 1 bran loaf;
Dinner – mango juice, 1 loaf.


Day 6:

Breakfast – apple fresh, 1 toast;
Snack – shredded boiled beets with ½ tsp. olive oil;
Lunch – a portion of vegetarian soup, 1 rye loaf;
Snack – 200 g of vegetable stew;
Dinner – 1 loaf, apple fresh.


Day 7 (grapes):

Breakfast – 1 banana, a medium bunch of grapes;
Snack – 1 loaf, fresh grape;
Lunch – 100 grams of dietary meat with cabbage salad, 1 fruit;
Dinner – fresh grape, a handful of grapes.


For a tangible weight loss on the Brazilian diet for weight loss, repeat the above menu 4 times without interruption. Thus, the total duration of the course will be 4 weeks, during which the plumb boil is usually 20-30 pounds.


Brazilian diet for weight loss


Out of the Brazilian diet for weight loss

The achieved results are the easiest to keep after a month’s course since in this case the loss of pounds is most comfortable for the body and in maximum compliance with the physiological process of losing weight.


For the same reason, the output from the Brazilian diet is the most simple and easy, especially if you continue to follow the principles of proper nutrition and add missing components to the menu without using any products harmful to the figure.


In any case, you need to correctly complete the process of losing weight and get out of it, especially after short-term hard weight loss options on the Brazilian diet. If this condition is not observed, the body will experience severe stress, and the lost pounds will quickly return.


Important! In spite of the information available on the Internet, it is impossible to make any of the Brazilian diet options a regular diet. After completing the course, you should smoothly move to a more complete and balanced diet.


To this end, it is recommended to increase the calorie content of dishes slightly, using mostly healthy foods until the daily calorie intake is reached. In the future, it is necessary to adhere to this norm, without going beyond its limits, and also not to forget about physical activity. It is not required to visit the gym, just enough to provide moderate physical activity.

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