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The Beans Cookbook – 2397 Recipes

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The Beans Cookbook - 2397 Recipes

Dietitians have long been talking about the incredible health benefits of beans. This kind of legume reduces pressure, increases hemoglobin, improves the functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, and also contributes to weight loss. Beans are dietary and medicinal products due to the mass of nutrients that make up its composition. It is the prevention and treatment of many different diseases and ailments.


Beans are strongly recommended for those who suffer from hypertension, atherosclerosis, troubles with heart rhythm and other conditions of the heart and blood vessels. It is also indispensable for people with a weakened and problematic nervous system. For those who have suffered serious illnesses, the beans will help recuperate and rehabilitate as soon as possible. The benefits that the bean brings to the digestion are not limited to its dietary properties, it regulates and restores the disturbed metabolism.



Beans are considered excellent prevention and help in the treatment of tuberculosis. Beans contain the substance arginine, it synthesizes urea and participates in nitrogen exchange processes, thereby reducing blood sugar levels. It is this property of beans that makes it an essential treatment for diabetics. From the beans prepared a special decoction, which is drunk before eating.

Each substance which is a part of a bean carries out the special function. For example, iron forms red blood cells enriches cells with oxygen and strengthens the body’s immunity. Copper contributes to the production of hemoglobin and adrenaline. Sulfur is good for the intestines, for skin diseases, bronchial diseases, and rheumatism. Zinc regulates carbohydrate metabolism.


2397 Healthy & Delicious Beans Recipes


Take a peek at a few of the recipes you can find inside!

Chipotle Bean Burritos

Restaurant Style Red Beans and Rice

Minced Beef with Black-Eyed Beans

Mexican Pinto Beans

Slow Cooker Ham and Bean Stew

Chicken and Tomato Stew with Arugula and Cannellini

Escarole and Beans

Sausage, Beef and Bean Casserole

White Bean Fennel Soup

Black Bean Spinach Pizza


Beans, the beneficial properties of which extend to the urogenital system, help to remove kidney stones, cleansing the body and dissolving stones; stimulates the production of gastric juice; has a diuretic effect, is useful for edema.



Protein is about one-fifth of the beans. And from vitamins, it has A, B, C, K, PP, and vitamin E is present, which is a natural antioxidant. The presence of the latter has a very positive effect on the condition of the skin, hair, and nails. Beans are very well suited for the preparation of various dishes for feeding people who have diabetes. It contains a substance such as arginine, it synthesizes urea and is involved in nitrogen exchange processes, thereby reducing blood sugar levels.



The Beans Cookbook - 2397 Recipes
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