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Vicky Justiz

Hey babes! Here you will find home & gym workouts, health tips, fashion hauls / lookbooks, inspirational stuff, and just general videos on me and my life! I am excited to share my journey and knowledge with you all. You are not just a subscriber to me, but part of a community of beautiful women […]

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Drinks to lose weight

Drink a lot of water. It is advised that you drink eight glasses each day, yet that may take you a long time to develop to. Your body needs a lot of water. Water does not simply purge all the contaminants out of your body, yet it makes you feel better as well as much […]

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Belly fat burning foods

As you know, to look your best, first of all, you need to say goodbye to extra pounds and say hi to belly fat burning foods. A massive number of various diets offer us ways to combat obesity, requiring remarkable willpower and threatening to empty a credit card and a wallet.   Is there a […]

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