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The Japanese diet

The Japanese diet is famous all over the world due to the fantastic results it provides. For 13 days for which it is designed, you can lose weight by 5-8 pounds, and this is not the limit.   Due to the evidence that dietitians developed the diet, you do not harm your health, but on […]

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Balanced diet weight loss

A balanced diet is an essential component of a slim figure, well-being, and health of a person as a whole.¬†Much to our regret, in our modern world the control over the food is far from everyone. I can say, even more, only a few control their balanced diet.   Why do people not control their […]

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Asian diet

 The Asian diet has 6 basic rules.  Requirements of the Asian diet.   1. Use different cereals According to the authors of the asian diet, brown rice is the most balanced of all cereals. Nevertheless, you should not eat only it. You need to include in the menu and oatmeal, buckwheat, quinoa, black (wild) rice. […]

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