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Proper nutrition for losing weight – 4 “golden rules” which will help you lose weight.

Proper nutrition for losing weight: Reduce the calorie intake! It is known that we gain excess weight, when we expend on calories and physical activity during the day fewer calories than received with food.   Then the “unclaimed” calories are stored in the form of fat. Deficiency of calories causes the body to spend the stored […]

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Lose weight with benefit

Lose weight with benefit it’s not an easy task. One of the main prohibitions faced by girls on their way to perfect forms is a complete rejection of sweets. After all, according to dieticians, it is fast carbohydrates – the main source of extra pounds. But, as it turned out, there is an opportunity to […]

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Diet plans

The majority of women believe that there are no diet plans that can rapidly as well as successfully reduce weight. Nonetheless, it is not. Certainly, with the assistance of such diet plans it will be exceptionally tough to keep the achieved results, but if you urgently should slim down, for example, prior to some crucial […]

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Weight loss foods

Weight loss foods products do not add to your extra pounds, on the contrary, they contribute to the burning of fats.   Weight loss foods products that help you lose weight, usually, we find that are familiar to us, which we merely forget about sometimes. American scientists have compiled a list of products, the use of […]

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Weight Loss Tips For You – 2

Add strength training to cardio If you intend to lose more, you need to combine aerobics with strength training. Resistance helps to build up lean muscle mass, burning calories and keeping metabolism at a high level – this is especially important when the weight stops at an insufficiently small figure.   ***   Conduct high-intensity […]

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Weight Loss Tips For You – 1

 Adopt the fact that successful weight loss is 80% dependent on nutrition Of course, you can spend 24 hours in the gym, torturing yourself with complicated training, but if you eat french fries and fried bacon, there will be no result. Yes, physical activity plays a vital role in the process of losing weight, but, […]

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