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Stone Age Diet. Benefits and Tips

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The so-called “ Stone Age Diet ” is currently quite popular. It gained particular popularity in Europe and America. Even many Hollywood stars are hooked on it. One of the founders of this area is a professor at Colorado State University, Laurent Cordain. Today it is very popular to lead a healthy and natural lifestyle. People tend to be closer to nature. And, of course, preference is given to all natural. (1)

Stone Age Diet

The basic essence of the stone age diet is easy to understand from its name. So, it means eating only those products that were included in the diet of ancient people who lived in the Stone Age. As is known, the ancient people mined food by gathering and hunting. Farming and animal husbandry were still in their infancy. (2)

Many scientists believe that such food is very useful for the health of modern man. Keeping a stone age diet doesn’t require constant calorie counting. The total amount of food is also not limited, which for women who are accustomed to eating well and often is very important. (3)

Observe this type of diet can be extended. And this is due to the fact that all the proposed products of the Stone Age diet are diverse, they contain all the substances that our body needs daily. (4)

The diet of primitive man: the Stone Age diet

It does not sound surprising, but the diet of primitive man was quite diverse. A lot of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants were consumed. Paleolithic people ate lots of fruits and vegetables every day. These products contain phytonutrients and antioxidants. These substances protect against various diseases, even cancer, and problems with the cardiovascular system. (5)

Beans have also been an excellent source of fiber for proper digestion. Ancient people hunted for wild animals and birds and ate their meat. The amount of protein in their diet was about 35%. Moreover, this meat was drier and contained healthy omega-3 fats.

Eating nuts supplied the body with healthy fats and various nutrients. Also, our distant ancestors ate a variety of herbs, roots, and tubers. As a sweetener, only healthy wild honey was used. (6)

It should be noted that all these products were used in their raw form. Understandably, they also entirely lacked any chemical additives. It is essential that then there was a different ratio of plant and animal food. 65% of all energy of the ancient people received from animal food, and 35% – from the plant. (7)

In stone age diet, the proportion of protein was 37%, fat – 22%, and carbohydrates – 41%. Today, we get 15% protein, 34% fat and 49% carbohydrates. We can say that a modern person consumes one and a half times more fat. It should be noted that most of them are harmful saturated fats. (8)

Cellulose people of the Stone Age era received more than 100 grams per day. Modern man does not even reach the norm of 25-30 grams. Also, in ancient times, people did not salt the food, did not eat mayonnaise and did not use sugar. All this has a very beneficial effect on their health.

What you need and do not need to eat: the stone age diet

Stone Age DietProducts are recommended to choose unprocessed, semi-finished products should be avoided. All products must be purchased raw and cooked on their own. The basis of proper nutrition, according to the diet of the Stone Age, is eating large amounts of fiber. It can be obtained from unpeeled fruits and vegetables, as well as from herbs, legumes, grains, and root crops. Meat, fish, eggs are allowed only in small quantities.

You need to eat as many natural products as possible, without any dyes, preservatives, flavors, and flavorings. First of all, it is necessary to abandon sugar and other sweeteners. Avoiding vegetable fats and simple carbohydrates are essential. (9)

Should abandon saturated fat. It is suggested to use whole grains instead of refined and refined grains. Dairy products cannot be abandoned entirely, although they were not in the diet of ancient people. You only need to avoid saturated milk fat. There is a need to maximize fat-free foods.

Sample menu for the day on the stone age diet

Breakfast – porridge on the water, to which you can add raisins, grated apple or concentrated apple juice, as well as a little cinnamon. Suitable also low-fat natural yogurt, fresh berries, and nuts. You can eat a couple of boiled eggs, an apple and a green salad, seasoned with olive oil. (10)

Lunch – a thick vegetable soup, a salad of green vegetables, low-fat cottage cheese. You can eat, for example, mushrooms, stewed with greens. Black bread, some nuts are allowed.

Dinner – baked turkey or chicken with steamed vegetables, vegetable curry with unpolished rice. Suited salad, you can eat fruit or berries. (12)

Stone Age Diet

Stone Age Diet Health Benefits

Stone age diet helps in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, obesity and some other diseases. The Stone Age diet improves the functioning of the entire gastrointestinal tract. Relieves constipation. The Stone Age diet also reduces the risk of cancer. It has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Allows you to deal with allergic diseases effectively. Increases immunity, makes a person more energetic and active.

Fighting overweight: Stone Age Diet

The stone age diet also allows you to get rid of obesity. It helps to lose weight. At the same time, a person does not experience constant hunger and does not become disheartened because of the need to count calories eaten all the time. Fiber inhibits the absorption of carbohydrates, regulates insulin levels. All this leads to getting rid of excess body fat. Fiber also contributes to a feeling of satiety. (13)

The effective fight against obesity is also helped by the rejection of the use of unhealthy fats and sugars. Such weight loss does not harm the body. On the contrary, the Stone Age diet is aimed at general improvement. The approximate weight loss is 2-5 pounds per week. Weight decreases slowly but steadily.

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