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How to shed weight

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Shed weight is the easy theory, you need to spend more calories than to consume is known to everyone. However, the most interesting is the details!


How to shed weight

1. Fill your yogurt with cinnamon to shed weight. Half a teaspoon a day will speed up your metabolism.


2. Use Oriental Medicine! People who resort to acupuncture once a week, lose an additional 4, 5 kilograms for three months because, with the help of acupuncture, you can suppress the appetite.


3. Fill your yogurt with cinnamon to shed weight. Half a teaspoon a day will speed up your metabolism.


4. Laugh! Laughter for 10-15 minutes every day increases the weekly energy consumption by 280 kk.


5. Eat more red pepper, firstly, it contains capsaicin, which “accelerates” the metabolism by 25%. Secondly, it has a mass of vitamin C (6 times more than in tomatoes), which, in turn, helps to convert fat into energy.


6. Breathe deeply! Stress at work is the leading cause of overeating. Monitor your breathing for 2 minutes, focusing on the movement of the diaphragm; this helps to ease the feeling of hunger.


7. Train in the morning! So you shed weight faster than at any other time. Your body will have to draw energy from fat stores.


8. Turn off the TV during a meal: because you are distracted by a TV program, you eat more than you need. Thus, you can get rid of 3, 5 kg per year.


9. Periodically add soy sauce to your food! Studies show that soy proteins “interact” with receptors in the brain, which tell us that we are full.


10. Run! Treadmill – the best “gadget” in the gym, designed to burn calories in the shortest time.


11. Slice what you can cut into slices! Thanks to this, you will consume 20% fewer calories as you will eat 27% slower.


12. Turn on the radio, which broadcasts relaxing music. You will eat less, as you will chew slowly.


13. Have sex more often! In addition to burning 150 kc every 20 minutes, your body will also produce a hormone that increases metabolism and affects muscle growth.


14. Eat grenades! The oil contained in their grains reduces the ability of the body to store fat. Also, they are sweet and sugar-free.


15. Do not forget about spinach; it has twice as much fiber as in other greens. Fiber accelerates the fat burning process.


16. Change your regular cheese from cow’s milk to goat, which will allow you to “save” 40% of calories.


17. Sit down at the table to eat. You will eat about a third less than if you snack on the run.


18. Add lentils to your diet if you have not done so yet. Thanks to this for ten weeks you can shed weight more than 7 kilograms. Legumes contain amino acid leucine, which allows you to burn fat faster.


19. Have breakfast! The one who skips breakfast eats 100 kk per day more.


20. Eat apples 15 minutes before eating. So you will consume 187 kk less (compared to your usual calorie).


21. Dress the salad with little olive oil. The “good” fatty acids contained in it, will help you not to overeat.


22. Make sandwiches with tomatoes; this will allow you to keep the feeling of satiety. Tomatoes suppress the production of the hormone ghrelin, which is responsible for the occurrence of bouts of hunger.


23. If your food does not grow, do not go and do not swim, do not eat it! Products treated have extremely unhealthy trans fats and artificial sweeteners.


24. Avoid energy drinks, when using them energy is released too quickly, because of this you can gain weight.


25. During the day, the interval between meals should not exceed 3 hours. This ensures a stable metabolic rate.


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