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Saffron Extract – Review

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Scientists are interested in the properties of the saffron extract to suppress appetite and help in getting rid of excess weight.


A recent experiment confirmed the properties of saffron, which scientists began to guess for a long time: on the human brain, saffron extract produces the same effect as regular ingestion of food.



By directly influencing the hormone of contentment, responsible for the appetite – serotonin – saffron extract practically quenches the feeling of hunger and does not allow overeating. Participants in the experiment noted a decrease in appetite. They were saturated much faster, which was confirmed by a reduction in their weight. Interestingly, they managed to achieve the desired result without changing their diet and not following strict diets. Many participants in the study became less stressed and felt more relaxed.


Aside from a poor diet or lack of exercise, one of the things that cause people to keep weight on emotionally eating food. In periods of stress, anxiety or depression, many prefer to turn to food to get rid of these negative feelings.


Saffron Extract

This causes unwanted cravings and increases the tendency to eat and overeat. As a result, excessive weight and fat increase in problem areas. This unfortunate witchcraft in many individuals is overweight. Saffron extract can help get rid of this problem by suppressing appetite and getting rid of these unwanted cravings.



This helps release chemicals in the brain, called serotonin, which contributes to a good mood. Saffron extract enhances the mood and gets rid of these bad feelings, resulting in less emotional food and more fat loss. The extract was also proven to reduce depression.


In connection with the fact that saffron refers to toxic plants that are potent on the body, its use must be treated with great care. It is forbidden to use tincture of saffron for children under two years old and pregnant women. The necessary conditions for the application of saffron recipes, both medicinal and culinary, are the personal recommendations of specialists in these industries.


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