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Reasons Your Diet Isn’t Working

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reasons your diet isn't workingAny woman who is at least familiar with the basics of proper nutrition knows about the dangers of refined sugar and may not know reasons your diet isn’t working. Its excess intake is associated with a risk of weight gain, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes mellitus.


Often, to lose weight, we seemingly completely give up sugar, but the desired harmony does not come. Look at these tips, maybe there’s something else you’re doing wrong.


Reasons Your Diet Isn’t Working – Do not starve
The paradoxical fact – fasting is not the best assistant in the fight against excess weight. Restrictions on eating, or refusing to eat, lead to a state of so-called hunger stress. If you often miss breakfast or dinner, the metabolism of the body is rebuilt to create reserves in case of hunger.



Changes in metabolism are visible to the naked eye – stocks are deposited in the form of fat deposits, which are difficult to get rid of. Therefore, the main principle of proper nutrition is regular, at regular intervals, receptions of small portions of food. The correct regimen, which nutritionists talk about, is three basic meals and 2-3 additional snacks between them.

Reasons Your Diet Isn’t Working – Fiber, fiber and again cellulose.

Everyone knows that fresh vegetables and fruits are the main sources of vitamins. But besides them, vegetables contain the most critical component, which protects the body from an overabundance of sugar. Being a complex carbohydrate of plant fibers, cellulose slows the absorption of simple sugars, and promotes smooth, without sudden fluctuations, the maintenance of blood glucose levels, for a long time retaining a feeling of satiety.


reasons your diet isn't workingIn addition to influencing the metabolism of carbohydrates, the fiber, passing almost unchanged, the entire digestive tract, binds and removes excess cholesterol. In addition to fresh vegetables and fruits, a lot of fiber contains cereals, buckwheat, unpolished rice, beans, and other legumes.


Reasons Your Diet Isn’t Working – Before each meal, drink water.

Often, we incorrectly interpret the signals of our body, taking dehydration for feeling hungry or craving for sweets. Sometimes it is enough to drink a glass of clean water without gas to feel saturation and not look in the direction of sweets.


Reasons Your Diet Isn’t Working – Breakfast for the champion

Protein breakfast, according to research, reduces the craving for sweets throughout the day. Classical yogurt without additives, eggs, cottage cheese or low-fat cheese, contribute to lowering the level of the hormone of hunger – ghrelin and increasing the level of pancreatic hormones that signal satiety. Even if you are not hungry in the morning, make the rule at the first meal to give preference to foods that are high in protein.



Reasons Your Diet Isn’t Working – Do not completely abandon the sweet, but look for safe sweets.

Previously, to reduce “sugar harm,” some nutritionists recommended using synthetic sweeteners (aspartame, mannitol, sorbitol, and others). Unfortunately, in recent years, “synthetics” showed significant shortcomings:

• Weak taste, metallic taste;
• Development of unwanted reactions of the body in case of excessive use;
• Destruction of sweetener molecules when heated or otherwise cooked.


Therefore, the modern concept of proper nutrition implies the use of sugar substitutes of natural origin, such as, for example, erythritol, a modern sugar substitute obtained from natural components by fermentation.


Advantages of the sweetener of the last generation are obvious. It is really sweet (its sweetness is 60-70% of the sweetness of sucrose), low-calorie (0 – 0.2 kcal / 1g) and does not lead to an increase in blood glucose. Therefore it is approved for use in individuals with type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Reasons Your Diet Isnt Working
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