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QA How to Lose Weight – People Ask Part 3

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QA How to Lose WeightWhat fats contribute to weight gain?
Animals (saturated) fats most favor weight gain. But we can not do without them. Therefore, fats need to consume vegetable and animal in combination. If the total dietary fat intake is 30%, then let them be 20% of vegetable fats and 10% of animals.


Physical Exercises when obesity. What can I do?
The first 12 weeks it is useful to concentrate on fat-burning exercises in the therapeutic zone – 60-75% of the maximum heart rate. The power of the load determines which substrate will be the source of energy for muscle activity – creatine phosphate, carbohydrates or fats.

High-power loads consume creatine phosphate, medium-carbohydrates, and low-fat fats. A fat man needs to burn fat, which means practicing low-intensity and long-term loads.

Classes in the pulse zone 60-75% of the maximum heart rate are optimal to activate fat tissue and not overload the heart. The maximum heart rate is calculated by the formula: 220 minus the age. That is, for a 40-year-old healthy person cardiovascular maximum load – 180 beats per minute, and for his coeval with excess weight – 108-135.

If you want to lose weight effectively, and comfortably try Herbalife.


Is walking an effective way to lose weight?
Among the long-livers, many people admit a secret in constant movement. Most often they practice low-intensity, but long-term loads, which includes walking. A hundred years ago, the average person traveled from 16 to 25 miles per day.

Today, a resident of a megapolis overcomes only 3.5-4.5 miles. When a person goes long distances, he trains the mechanism of fat utilization. What does it mean? The body needs a source of energy, and it can naturally activate the fat tissue for this. But if a person consumes carbohydrate food every 2 hours, he does not allow fats to connect to energy production.

To fat began to burn and give energy, obese people are useful to practice periodic fasting (for example, one day a week), fast or refuse dinner.



How many workouts a week needed to lose weight?
Cardiologists are advised to train three times a week for 30-60 minutes. It is useful to other aerobic loads – yoga, bicycle, swimming, Nordic walking – with power, which builds muscle mass and burns fat. To force include training performed without burdening (push-ups, pull-ups, squats) and with weights and external resistance (for example, with dumbbells or barbells).

With excess weight, the optimal balance for a week is three – aerobic workouts and one power in the gym. Aerobic can be left for the evening time (but no later than 2 hours before bedtime), but it is better to spend the power one in the morning or the afternoon, as it excites the nervous system.

How to motivate yourself to lose weight?
Excellent motivating classes in pairs and the presence of a competitive element. This helps to overcome laziness and adds interest to monotonous training. To become more organized and purposeful, you can set a time frame: for example, to reset a certain number of pounds to a specific date.


If weight decreases, does fat decrease?
Not always. Some scales determine the percentage of fat, muscle tissue and water in the body. They can help to observe, due to what goes down or weight gain. Full people are obliged to strive to reduce the fatty, rather than muscle mass (it, on the contrary, creates a skeleton of the figure and can help build a slender body).


Muscle tissue decreases due to loss of glycogen and water – during loads of moderate power in the anaerobic zone. For complete people this is ineffective. After classes in the anaerobic zone, the weight drops by about 12 hours – until the resynthesis of carbohydrates, and then returns. Obese people need to activate fat tissue and exercise with low power in the aerobic zone.


Can I use soy sauce when losing weight?
On average, the calorific value of 100 g of soy sauce is equal to 108 kcal. This is not very much. Also, soy sauce does not contain fat; it has very few carbohydrates. Therefore, in small quantities, it can be used during weight loss.

But soy sauce contains a lot of salt, which is the reason for the retention of fluid in the body and can lead to edema. Also, like any seasoning, soy sauce can enhance appetite, which is highly undesirable when losing weight.

Is it possible to exclude fat from the diet?
The fact is that the internal fat that a person has when obese does not perform those functions that are performed by fats that come with food. But the process of digestion is impossible without fat. Also, there are fat-soluble vitamins, which are absorbed only under the condition of sufficient intake of fats.

If a person who is obese, will stop using fat, then many processes in his body just cannot be carried out. Therefore, even those who have pronounced obesity, it is necessary to consume fats in the amount of at least 30 gram per day.


How to reduce the feeling of hunger?
The program of correct weight reduction should be constructed so that the feeling of hunger does not arise.
To do this, now use specific low-calorie food, which will reduce caloric and replenish the body’s needs for essential nutrients. The leader in the production of such products is Herbalife.

So, what can you eat, so that you can not hurt your figure and deceive your appetite? A slice of dried bread with bran or a pair of baked potatoes without salt.

A dish of zucchini, pumpkin, carrot, beet, cabbage (salad, stew) will help. Such foods are rich in fiber, which causes a feeling of satiety. Also, these dishes reduce the intensity of absorption of cholesterol.

How to reduce the number of “liquid” calories?
Some people, wanting to lose weight, make a menu based on the calorie content of the dishes. Nevertheless, calculating the calories contained in solid foods, completely forget about the “liquid” calories.

QA How to Lose WeightScientists, nutritionists have long concluded that sweet drinks – one of the main factors of weight gain. Excessive consumption of high-calorie beverages is one of the leading causes of the current “epidemic” of obesity! However, the alarming fact is that the use of sugary drinks does not reduce the feeling of hunger.


Give preference to freshly prepared juices at home. In this case, you will be sure that there are no dyes, sugar, and preservatives in the drink. Nutritionists recommend daily eating a fresh juicy fruit, for example, an orange or an apple – it’s much healthier. Fresh fruits moderate the feeling of hunger, fill the body with vitamins, nutrients and at the same time quench your thirst.


By the way, fresh must be diluted with water. Such a drink will significantly reduce the calorie content of the drink. After all, no matter how much, a glass of juice is not just a drink, but a good portion of energy. One of the best ways to quench your thirst is to drink ordinary water. If this drink is not to your liking, dilute a little lemon juice in it.

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