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QA How to Lose Weight – People Ask Part 4

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How to avoid breakdowns during weight loss?
Stop being nervous and angry. Most of the times when you quit a diet without coping with the desire to eat the “forbidden fruit”usually happen after a quarrel with someone, or after another stress, or just from accumulated anger and aggression. Learn to relax and not to hold resentment and anger.


Every day for a month, go to the mirror and tell yourself that you are loved, you are charming, you are worthy of having a beautiful body and most importantly – you must believe it. After you begin to enjoy yourself and think that you deserve to have a sexy body, you will start losing weight. The power of positive thinking is extreme.


Determined with the goals of weight loss and write in the diary planned, leaving you a kilo. So you can find the motivation.



Daily meditate, listen to calming music, imagine an image where you are with an excellent figure, in a beautiful vitality, happy and satisfied. You should see yourself like this, and after you feel that you are worthy to live better and can look stunning, you will no longer want after eating and seeing to overeat and throw a diet.


Learn to forgive. Anger brings negative thoughts and sorrows into your life, and these are extra pounds. You surely want to get a bad mood. In addition to a good mood and love for yourself, you have to move a lot. Perfect jumping rope (for a start, do 50 times a day, preferably each time increase jumps and bring them up to 300 times), do exercises, jog.

How not to overeat at night?

If it is not possible to change the regime of the day, then at least adhere to the correct diet. It does not matter how much you lie down and get up; the main thing is to monitor the balance of nutrition and eat at the same time.


Of course, do not overload the digestive system at night. Therefore, your dinner should be no later than 3 hours before bedtime. If you are hungry for this time, you can eat an apple, drink a glass of kefir or even just water – nothing terrible with the weight of this will not happen.


Is it possible for weight loss have diabetic sweets?
As a rule, fructose is added to diabetic sweets instead of sugar. However, when losing weight, do not replace diabetic sweeties ordinary, because the caloric content of fructose is almost the same as glucose. Also, the intake of a significant amount of fructose in the body leads to the formation of fat.


It is for this reason when reducing weight; it is not recommended to eat fruit in large quantities – they also contain fructose.


How much exercise do you need to lose weight?
To lose weight to the desired result, you need to practice five times a week for 45 – 60 minutes. If you can not exercise every day, then go to the gym at least three times a week, and at other times try to move more: go on foot, run, perform physical exercises at home. And do not forget to follow the regime and the correct diet of your diet.



Will bread from whole-grain flour help you lose weight?
Whole grain bread is much better for the body than white. However, they have a small difference in calorie content: 100 grams of white bread contains 273 kcal, rye – 214 kcal, whole-baked – 220 – 250 kcal.

Therefore, if you replace bread in the diet, losing weight will be slow, and its results will be insignificant. To achieve good results in losing weight, you need to revise your diet altogether.


Can I gain weight by eating honey?
Yes, if you eat honey in large quantities, as it contains a lot of carbohydrates and as much as 327 kcal per 100 grams. But one – two teaspoons a day will not harm the figure (provided that there are no allergic contraindications to consumption honey). For health, honey is much more useful than sugar, because it contains a considerable amount of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is reasonable to give up sugar in favor of honey.

As for burning fat with honey, it is possible only with an external application, say, cosmetic honey wraps.

Are phytoteas useful for weight loss?
Indeed, herbal tea can affect weight loss. It can happen due to a diuretic or laxative effect; this means that losing weight is not due to burning fat, but because of the loss of fluid. Also, the composition of phyto-tea may include substances that affect the feeling of hunger.


These substances may have strong side effects, so their use is prohibited when weight is reduced. In general, you should know that phyto-tea is a kind of medicinal product.


Do not treat them lightly, because they include plants that have their contraindications. If you decide to use phytotea to reduce weight, talk to your doctor first.


What cottage cheese is more useful?
When buying cottage cheese in the first place, you should pay attention not to granularity, but to the label. However surprising this may sound, granularity is not an indicator of the high quality of cottage cheese. The thing is that this much graininess of some types of cottage cheese can be determined by the presence of the product of various foreign substances: starch, many fillers, etc.


The most useful cottage cheese is natural, with a low percentage of fat (up to 10%, but not fat-free!) And a short shelf life, and also without fruit fillers and other additives.


Can I go to bed hungry?
The diet should be made in such a way that the last meal should be no later than 1.5 – 2 hours before bedtime. And after 6 PM it is necessary to limit the food so that to use during this time to sleep no more than 30% of the daily energy value of the diet. That is, at this time you can eat light food.


For example, a glass of yogurt or low-fat yogurt, or vegetable salad, dressed with vegetable oil, or an apple. However, it’s not worth even starving even after 6 PM. This can be fraught with the fact that you will wake up in the middle of the night from feeling hungry and pounce on the contents of the refrigerator. The gap between the last evening meal and the first-morning meal should be at least 8 and not more than 12 hours.

Does green tea burn calories?
There is an opinion that some products (usually referred to as carrots, green tea, celery) have a so-called negative caloric value. That is, they contain fewer calories than required for their processing. In fact, this is not so. If such products existed, the problem of excess weight and weight loss would not be so acute for people.


Therefore, green tea does not burn calories at all. As for the content of these much calories, there are about 10 in one cup. Nevertheless, green tea is useful in losing weight, since it helps to eliminate toxins, saturates the body with valuable substances. It is recommended to drink up to three cups of green tea a day.


Is there any harm from the “light” soda?
Try reading the label “light” soda. What will you see in the composition? Chemical substitutes, dyes, acids, artificial flavors and so on. This can be much more dangerous for health than carbohydrates and calories. So do not believe the harmlessness of such drinks. Any soda is harmful. And when losing weight, it is best to drink plain clean water – it also quenches thirst and does not contain calories.

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