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Proper nutrition for losing weight – 4 “golden rules” which will help you lose weight.

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Proper nutrition for losing weightProper nutrition for losing weight: Reduce the calorie intake! It is known that we gain excess weight, when we expend on calories and physical activity during the day fewer calories than received with food.


Then the “unclaimed” calories are stored in the form of fat. Deficiency of calories causes the body to spend the stored fat, using it as an energy resource. There is no other way to lose weight. So, proper nutrition for weight loss is a clear choice in favor of a low-calorie diet.


Proper nutrition for losing weight: Keep the amount of diet!

One of the typical mistakes of losing weight is a decrease in the caloric content of the daily ration by reducing the number of servings. The usual amount of food is extremely important for the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract in general and the intestine, in particular.



Remember that the normal evacuation of the intestine is normal. There is another reason: a large amount of food helps to prevent the emergence of a feeling of hunger.


For a healthy and harmless weight loss should choose a low-calorie menu from a fairly voluminous product. Reduce the caloric content of the diet, while maintaining the volume of the portion, will help reduce the percentage of sugary, starchy foods and fats (oils). As often as possible, use products of vegetable origin containing many ballast substances, for example, low-calorie fruits and vegetables, bran.

Proper nutrition for losing weight: Food should be balanced!
It’s crucial for a slimming person to diversify his diet. After all, we get from the products not only energy but also a complex of irreplaceable substances – vitamins, macro- and microelements, amino acids. Remember your diet for optimal weight loss must contain a sufficient amount of high-grade protein, as well as vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids.


Proper nutrition for losing weightFood products vary significantly in their nutritional value. Therefore, it is wrong to reduce a single portion, because you risk acquiring a deficit of the most important elements, on the balance of which the state of the organism directly depends.


If you notice an increase in fatigue, a decrease in working capacity, a deterioration in immunity, a drop in vision, a deterioration in the condition of the hair and nails – most likely, the diet chosen by you is not balanced in composition. Choose a healthy balanced diet that is tailored to the basic nutritional needs of the body.


Proper nutrition for losing weight: Diet food is tasty and boring!

Of course, sticking to a diet is much easier if you cook delicious dishes. Diet food can and should bring pleasure! Some recipes for proper nutrition for easy weight loss, with which you can make a low-calorie menu for every taste, you can find on the pages of our website.



Pay attention to the aesthetic side of the process of eating – this will help to adjust to dietary restrictions. Get in the habit of nicely serving the table and decorating the dishes. Get the dishes that give you visual pleasure, beautiful plates, and cutlery.


Accustom yourself to use colored napkins, replace the usual tablecloth with linen with bright, inspirational prints, adjusting for weight loss. Eat slowly, start eating consciously – this will allow you to be saturated with less and control the possibility of overeating.


Proper nutrition for losing weight: What else is useful to know about dieting for weight loss?
There is a system of recommendations to facilitate compliance with a low-calorie diet. Here are some of them.

Proper nutrition for losing weight

Eat a little bit – 5-6 times a day. The fractional diet allows you to maintain a sense of satiety when losing weight. In addition, small portions are easily absorbed, and as between meals for five meals takes about 2.5 hours – just that much time we need to fully digest food and use its energy value without accumulating fat stores. In no case do not starve. A hunger strike sets your body to resume fat stores!


You can only starve under the supervision of a qualified specialist and only for medical reasons. Therapeutic starvation must be supplemented with special cleaning procedures – otherwise, the risk of severe damage to health is high.

Useful for losing weight and separate food, this diet is based on an understanding of the principle of the digestive system. Different products (protein, high-carbohydrate) are digested in the gastrointestinal tract with the help of various and even antagonistic enzyme systems.



Therefore, to improve digestibility, one should not mix specific types of food with each other, but consume them at different times, allowing the intestines to work as efficiently and quickly as possible.


To achieve the best result, a low-calorie diet is recommended to combine with moderate physical exertion. For example, you can include in your mode morning exercises, fitness classes or aerobics. It is important not to overdo it with physical activity since unexpected waste of a large amount of energy can have the opposite effect: a slowing of metabolism and the accumulation of fat stores.

Lose weight with pleasure!

Proper nutrition for losing weight
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