The Secret To Weight Loss Vol. 2 STOTT PILATES Exercise DVD

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The Secret To Weight Loss, Vol. 2 Level 2 Take your workout to the next level with this combination Cardio-Pilates exercise program. Featuring the revolutionary Walking Pilates Calorie Burning Workout Take your workout to the next level with this combination cardio-Pilates exercise program. Master Instructor Trainer Moira Merrithew helps keep you focused on your goals and motivated to achieve them by reinforcing the all-important mind-body connection. Shape your body inside and out with low impact exercises that will leave you feeling good about yourself long after you’ve finished. SUITABLE FOR: Beginner audiences (Level 2 of 5) EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Exercise Mat, supportive walking shoes SOUNDTRACK LANGUAGES: English Key Benefits Improve cardiovascular fitness Feel rejuvenated with increased energy levels Keep on track with weight loss goals Reconnect with a positive body image . DVD Contents 2 workouts in 1 with over 30 minutes of low impact cardio and over 20 minutes of sculpting 48 exercises Workout Time – 57 min DVD 112 min Closed captioning . Chapters WARM UP: 6 breathing and basic principle exercises to get your body ready for a calorie-burning workout WALKING: 32-minute calorie-burning Walking Pilates segment. PILATES EXERCISES: 20-minute STOTT PILATES toning and firming exercises includes 19 different exercises Bonus Features Review the five STOTT PILATES Workout Principles Bonus workout try the next level Work out with music only Preview other video titles Meet the instructors Check out STOTT PILATES equipment Learn about instructor training . Product photo may not exactly match the product offered for sale. Please refer to the product description.