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Mediterranean Diet: A Simple Cookbook & Guide For Busy People To Rapid Weight Loss & Healthy Eating Mastery (Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, Mediterranean Diet Recipes, Mediterranean Diet For Beginners)

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A QUICK PLUS SIMPLE MEDITERRANEAN COOKBOOK & GUIDE FOR EVERYONE! UPDATED CONTENT 06/01/2017: Addition content added + the Nutritional Information for each recipe! Every single week it seems there is a new, unbelievably amazing diet that can revolutionize your life and help you shed the extra pounds you have been carrying. Sounds great, but what’s the catch? Well, you only have to starve yourself, make yourself depressed, risk your health and eat generally be unhappy for a long time. Diets can be long, boring and provide very little in the way of actual results if you don’t follow them to the letter, so there must be another way to lose weight? How about a change in lifestyle? How about you change the way you appreciate food, exercise and…your life. We often say we don’t have the time, that we are too busy to sit down and cook healthy meals and take care of ourselves… but what is the price we are going to pay in the long run? You don’t have to change everything straight away and this can be a gradual process, but changing your lifestyle is a far more effective weigh to look after your body, lose weight and ensure that you have extra energy to spend on the things that really matter; things such as socializing with friends and family. One diet that is proven amongst all others to help you lose weight, live longer and be happier is the Mediterranean diet. Eating a Mediterranean diet means that you are eating the traditional foods of the countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea. Fresh fish, vegetables, wholegrain foods and olive oil are popular ingredients in Mediterranean cooking; all fresh, natural food that comes from the ground and the sea! When we talk about the Mediterranean diet, we are not talking about a diet in the traditional sense, as in the Atkins diet or the Paleo diet, rather we are talking about a way of eating, a lifestyle, that has huge health benefits. The Mediterranean diet is a way of life that includes plenty of exercise, socializing, sunshine, wine and of course, excellent food. The diet has been studied for many years by scientists and dieticians and it has been found to be one of the healthiest diets in the world. In This Book You Will Learn:

  • Where The Mediterranean Diet Came From
  • The Science Behind The Mediterranean Diet
  • Quick Tips And Tricks For Everyone
  • Everything A Beginner Needs To Know
  • A Simple Guide To Eating And Shopping Using The Mediterranean Way
  • Plus 50++ Quick, Healthy, Delicious Recipes Including Vegetarian Dishes, Pizzas, Smoothies And Desserts That Will Blow Your Mind!
  • And Much,much more content!

This book will help you discover what the Mediterranean Diet is all about. And remember:You don’t have to deprive yourself from foods you love in order to remain healthy.You can do so by trying a delicious pizza or a mind-blowingsmoothie or a yummy breakfast such as Yogurt Pancakes! With the Mediterranean Diet you will never ever get bored. ORDER YOUR COPY NOW!