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Plank workout for women – Videos

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Plank workout for women Plank workout for women is the best thing that was invented to achieve a good figure. Want to lose weight? Do I need to clean my belly and sides? Or maybe your back does not suit you or your arms? Try to get into the plank and do it every day.


Plank workout for women will allow you to form the muscles of the cortex without unnecessary strain on the back and hips. You will be engaged every day, strengthen not only the lower part of the body but also the upper one. And this will reduce the risk of back pain and improve posture.


Plank workout for women burns more calories than traditional exercises for the abs. Twisting and lifting the trunk is fine, but the plank accelerates metabolism with less effort and for a long time: even at night the body will burn calories (do not be afraid: you will not have to sleep in the plank, though … who knows what sports tops you will reach in a couple of months).


Plank workout for women has a unique effect on the nerves, strengthening the muscles that are active in stressful situations. If you have a sedentary job, then you are nervous not only because of contacts with different wonderful people and misunderstandings.


Naturally, the body becomes numb, and there is tension on the physical level, which immediately reflects on the emotional state and the psyche. In a week you will look at the world differently (just do it every day).

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