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Orlistat – Alli Review

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Orlistat – Alli is a drug that helps to lose weight. Of course, not all and not always. We must understand that orlistat – not a panacea for excess weight, and maintain harmony; you still have to eat less and do not neglect physical stress.


Orlistat – Alli blocks the enzymes necessary for digestion of fats. Undigested fats come out of the body along with feces. The healthy dose of the drug is one capsule three times a day (with each meal). If the food is not fat, there is no need in orlistat.



Efficacy Orlistat – Alli for weight loss

Medical studies have shown that orlistat in no case cannot be considered a panacea for excess weight: on average Orlistat – Alli increases the total volume of lost weight by 10% for six months – if you observe the diet and exercise regimen. In other cases, the effectiveness of orlistat is even lower.


One of the most common reasons for such a low-efficiency orlistat is an attempt to lose weight without giving up fatty, harmful food and taking only orlistat. Meanwhile, this drug – just one of the terms of a strict regime to combat excess kilograms.


In the end, orlistat prevents the assimilation of only a third of the fats that enter the body with food. If you do not follow a healthy diet and eat more fatty foods, this extra fat will negate the entire action of orlistat.


You always remember that often after stopping the intake of Orlistat – Alli, all weight dropped is returned. To support the achieved results, it is possible with the help of a healthy diet and regular physical exertion.


How to use?

Orlistat is recommended by a doctor if the body mass index is more than 30 or more than 28, taking into account diseases requiring weight loss (including diabetes, high blood pressure).

Within three months after the onset of Orlistat – Alli administration, it is necessary to lose at least 5% of the weight, and at least 10% of weight – for half a year. If weight loss is insignificant, you will have to stop taking orlistat.

Orlistat - Alli Review

You can not take Orlistat:

Pregnant or breastfeeding women
Young people under the age of 18
People with malabsorption syndrome (violation of absorption mechanisms in the digestive system).
With cholestasis (congestion of bile).





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Orlistat can disrupt the absorption of certain drugs and vitamins, and affect their effectiveness. This is especially true for such drugs as cyclosporine, acarbose, amiodarone, warfarin. Therefore, taking orlistat, take any medicine or vitamin supplements better at night.


If you take contraceptive pills at the same time as Orlistat – Alli, it is better to take care of additional methods of contraception (especially if orlistat causes diarrhea).

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