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Orange diet for weight loss.

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Orange diet. There are fruits in the world that are called “gifts of the sun.” One of these fruits is orange. He looks like a little sun and also helps people to be healthy and beautiful. They say that in those places where orange groves grow, people are much kinder and happier than the rest, surrounded by other trees. This may well be a beautiful legend, but the beneficial properties of orange no one in doubt. Let’s sort them in order.

Orange diet

Why do oranges help to lose weight 
Properties and composition of orange

In the very first row of the advantages of an orange is the presence of vitamin C in it. And this makes the “gift of the sun” an assistant in the fight against free radicals that threaten the body with cancerous tumors. That is, orange works as an antioxidant, which means that it has anti-aging properties. This citrus also helps to eliminate metabolic products and toxins from the body, thereby preventing aging and the development of many diseases associated with metabolic disorders. (1)

As for vitamin C, there is so much of it in an orange that with one fruit you can secure a daily rate of this essential vitamin. However, if the orange is rather large, then the rate will even be exceeded by 30 or 40% of the daily norm. (2)

Another advantage of the orange diet is a dietary fiber. It contributes to better digestion, cleanse the intestines of excess mass and create a feeling of satiety in the stomach. Dietary fiber has the ability to swell in the stomach, creating additional volume and filling the entire stomach. Due to this, a person does not want to eat for a long time, food is digested slowly, slags and waste are discharged more fully. (3)

In all citrus fruits, there are also so-called limonoids, which give them a sharp bitterness. Scientists have discovered that limonoids block the reproduction of a malignant cell more potent than the most modern drugs. They help support the elasticity of blood vessels, helping the heart to work in a normal rhythm. But the most interesting is the period of limonoid action in the body – it is 24 hours. A rare drug has such a long duration.

Folic acid, which is in oranges, will help even during the orange diet to preserve the beauty of the skin and overall health, as it has a beneficial effect on the vessels, including the brain vessels. This is also facilitated by the harmonious combination of potassium and sodium in orange. Orange diet helps keep the body in good shape and regulate the level of pressure.

Orange diet – Calorie

Not the last positive quality of orange diet – its low-calorie content. Medium sweet citrus has from 70 to 90 kcal per 100 g of product. If we consider that after eating an orange, a person experiences a feeling of fullness for 4 hours, then this is a very beneficial product for those who follow an orange diet to lose weight. If you compare orange with chocolate or chips, after which you want to have a snack very quickly, then the calories in them will be about two or three times more – up to 200 kcal. And these calories are contained in fat and sugar, which is not very useful for the body. (4)

Orange diet

Orange diet for weight loss

Orange diet is designed for 3 weeks. Despite the name, it includes all the basic foods, but the main thing will still be orange. If desired, it can be replaced with grapefruit. There are several options for an orange diet, we consider two of them – simple and more complicated. With orange diet, you can lose up to 6 pounds in weight per week. Moreover, periods allowable departure from it, which makes this diet is not difficult. (5)

Breakfast every day of the orange diet.
Orange – 1 pc.
Cracker – 1 pc (can be replaced with a diet bread)
Tea or coffee (without sugar)

1st day orange diet
Lunch: boiled egg – 1, a glass of kefir or yogurt – 1, orange – 1, a toast – 1
Dinner: an egg – 2, a toast – 1, a tomato – 2.

2nd day of the orange diet
Lunch: orange – 1, a glass of low-fat kefir or yogurt – 1, boiled egg – 1, a toast – 1.
Dinner: boiled beef – 150 g, an orange – 1, a tomato – 1, kefir or yogurt – 1 glass, a toast – 1 (6)

3rd day orange diet
Lunch: orange – 1, yogurt – 2 glasses, boiled egg – 1, loaf – 1
Dinner: steak – 150 g, orange – 1, yogurt – 1 glass, loaf – 1

4th day of the orange diet
Lunch: low-fat cottage cheese – 150 g, cucumber (fresh or pickled) – 1, tomato – 1, toast – 1
Dinner: beef – 150 g, apple – 1, tomato – 2, toast, bread or toast. (7)

The 5th day of the orange diet
Lunch: boiled fish – 200 g, kefir – 2 cups, tomato – 2, leaf salad – a few leaves
Dinner: boiled egg – 1, lettuce leaves – 4-5, tomato – 2.

After sitting on an orange diet for five days, you can take a break for two days by turning on other foods. Only it is better not to get involved in calories and not to increase the amount of food eaten. It is a pity to lose the results of the whole working week! Note on an orange diet: meat and fish should be boiled or grilled, but not fried. (8)

Orange diet

Cons and harm of the orange diet

First, in some particularly sensitive people, the orange diet can cause allergies, since not every organism can sustain such an amount of oranges per day. In the event of a rash, itching or acne, the orange diet should be stopped so as not to cause a more drastic reaction of the body. (9)

Secondly, a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract can occur due to the particularly active effect of vitamin C and limonoids on it. And if there are chronic diseases of the stomach or intestines – the advice of a doctor before a diet will be very helpful.

Third, a large number of eggs can lead to increased cholesterol and the formation of constipation. So people with a penchant for these things need to think before embarking on an orange diet. (10)

And during the orange diet itself, anyone, even a practically healthy person, needs to listen to the body to lose weight and maintain health. Special contraindications for the orange diet does not exist, we need only a reasonable approach to it.

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