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Natural appetite suppressants

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Natural appetite suppressantsNatural appetite suppressants mean to suppress the appetite natural way and they are part of various supplements for weight loss. Not all of them are safe, and almost all of them are extremely expensive. Fortunately, some products are affordable, inexpensive and, most importantly, harmless and natural appetite suppressants.


Undoubtedly, overeating leads to excess weight. But why do we overeat? Various reasons lead to increased hunger. This may be a vitamin-mineral deficiency, and an increased level of stress hormone, and problems with the pancreas, and a whole host of reasons.


What can be dangerous dietary supplements appetite? Since nutritional supplements are not considered drugs, therefore they are not subject to such strict requirements and such control as to drugs. Firstly, they may have medical contraindications.



Secondly, they may contain hidden and unlisted ingredients of the substance, too large doses of caffeine, fillers or synthetic additives, the use of which can have negative consequences for health. To suppress the appetite and, as a result, to reduce or maintain weight, it is enough to apply natural and safe methods.

What is the basis of the action of Natural appetite suppressants?

Natural appetite suppressants have different mechanisms of action, which are mainly aimed at suppressing the center of hunger and activating the center of saturation. Natural appetite suppressants are similar in effect to commercial supplements, but have many advantages: they improve metabolism, help burn fat, keep cravings for sweet or fast food under control, balance the effects of “hunger hormones” – ghrelin and leptin.


Top best natural appetite suppressants:

1. Green tea.
Green tea has many beneficial properties, from improving metabolism to reducing cholesterol levels, and one of them is the ability to relieve hunger, significantly reducing the production of the ghrelin hormone and increasing insulin sensitivity. Catechins and other bioactive elements of green tea also have thermogenic properties, that is, they help burn cell fats for energy. Useful doses of green tea – 2-4 cups per day.


Natural appetite suppressants2. Saffron Extract.
Taking saffron extract, contributing to the production of endorphins and serotonin, has a positive effect on mood. Because of this, it is easier to cope with food addictions, PMS symptoms, “chunky” and emotional overeating. Studies show that the effect of taking saffron extract similar to the action of low-dose sedatives and antidepressants. An increase in performance during physical activity was also noted. The optimal dose for taking saffron extract is 30 ml (that is, approximately 1 tablespoon) per day for 1-8 weeks.


3. Grapefruit and its essential oil.
The favorable properties of grapefruit in relation to weight loss have been studied for several decades. Grapefruit enzymes, including those found in its essential oil, reduce hunger, decrease food cravings, stimulate the lymphatic system, increase insulin sensitivity and increase efficiency.


Even the simple inhalation of the aroma of grapefruit (as well as other citrus fruits) has a positive effect on the conductivity of nerve signals, lipolysis (fat metabolism), the production of hormones and hunger. To obtain a positive impact, only one or two grapefruits per day or a few drops of oil are sufficient.



4. Cellulose.
The ability of the fiber or coarse fibers to promote saturation, improve the condition of the intestines and help digestion, as well as maintain immunity, have been known for many centuries. What is the secret of its actions? Since coarse fibers are not digested, plus they delay some of the water and calories, they slow down the absorption of sugars, and thereby prolong the feeling of satiety and reduce cravings for food.


Unfortunately, residents of developed countries do not reach the recommended fiber consumption of about half the norm. To increase the amount of fiber consumed, eat more vegetables, fruits, greens, whole-grain cereals, seeds (especially flax and chia), bran, and legumes.

5. Spices.
At the philistine level, it is believed that spices whet the appetite and therefore, they supposedly need to eat less if you want to lose weight. In fact, everything is precisely the opposite: natural spices increase the breakdown of fats, suppress the production of hunger hormones, normalize blood sugar and reduce appetite, especially for sweets. Their antioxidant abilities and the ability to reduce intracellular inflammation, which causes autoimmune diseases and accelerates cell aging, are also widely known.


Especially useful in this regard are red and black pepper, ginger, turmeric, fenugreek, crumbs, cinnamon, a mixture of curry. Since the calorie content of spices is negligible, you can safely increase their consumption by adding them to the first and second dishes, salads, pickles, teas, coffee, and compotes. In general, the recommended dose for the health of spices – 1 g per serving or per meal, is about half a teaspoon.


Natural appetite suppressants6. Water.
There is no need for expensive natural appetite suppressants because there is always plain water at hand. Water is an excellent natural appetite suppressant, especially since the feeling of thirst is often mistakenly perceived by the body as a feeling of hunger. You are drawn to the sandwich, while your stomach is still full, and all you need is just a glass of water. Water does not contain calories, but it helps fill the stomach. Therefore, when you drink before eating, it allows you to eat less, and thus get fewer calories.


7. Coffee.
The main active ingredient in coffee, caffeine, suppresses appetite and speeds up the metabolism by 10%. It also contributes to the more efficient burning of fat mass. Due to these properties, caffeine is included in most pills and supplements for weight loss. But if also the amount of caffeine can go off-scale for a safe, then two or three cups of coffee a day will only bring benefits.


8. Tofu and other soy products.
Bean curd, known as tofu, is a good substitute for meat. 100 g of tofu contains about 8 g of protein and only 75 calories. Besides, tofu is rich in iron and magnesium. But not only, therefore, but tofu and other soy products are also suitable food for dieters. They also contain the substance genistein, which is a natural appetite suppressant.


9. Eggs.
Despite the low-calorie content (150 calories per 100 g), eggs are one of the most nutritious and healthy foods. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, iron, as well as proteins, which are digested for a long time and prolong the feeling of fullness for a long time. 2 eggs for breakfast will provide you satiety until dinner.


10. Apple cider vinegar.
Apple cider vinegar with an insignificant calorie content is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, facilitating digestion. As for the suppression of appetite, apple cider vinegar releases glucose into the bloodstream, sending a signal to the brain about saturation. To suppress appetite, one spoon of apple cider vinegar, dissolved in a glass of water, is sufficient.

Natural appetite suppressants
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