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Meratrim weight loss – Review

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Meratrim for weight loss - ReviewWhat is Meratrim and how does it work?

Meratrim for weight loss. Every once in a lifetime tried to lose weight, and many failed. This situation is prevalent. Sometimes people manage to lose a few pounds, but usually, the weight quickly returns. The truth is that losing weight is a complicated process, and the proportion of successful attempts is small. For this reason, many people are ready literally at all to find a solution to the problem.


This position has led to the emergence of a thriving industry for the production of dietary supplements. Capsules, tablets, cocktails … All that at least a little helps to facilitate the process. The most recent novelty, which attracted everyone’s attention, was the natural additive Meratrim – a combination of two herbs, allegedly, to prevent fat deposition.



Dr. Oz Shaw called it “revolutionary additive for weight loss.” He even conducted his informal study, in which 30 women took Meratrim for two weeks, followed a 2,000 calorie diet and walked on foot each day. On average, weight loss was about 3 pounds, and the waist circumference decreased by 8 cm. Impressive results, but, since this was not a real study, they do not prove anything. There are more reliable data obtained from the effects of tests on humans. But first, you need to understand what this additive is.


The history of Meratrim begins with a group of scientists who wanted to invent a useful dietary supplement. They collected some medicinal herbs and tested their ability to change the metabolism of lipocytes. Then the researchers added these herbs to fat cells grown in test tubes to see what would happen to them. As a result, they selected two plants that demonstrated the highest efficacy and combined them into a single blend.


So, in the world, there was a new additive, which was called Meratrim. It included Spheranthus Indian (flower) and Garcinia mangosteen (fetus). The extract of these two herbs was combined in a ratio of 3:1. Both plants were previously used in folk medicine. According to the allegations they can: complicate the multiplication of fat cells; reduce the amount of fat that lipocytes select from the bloodstream; help the lipocytes burn the stored fat.

It should be taken into account that these data were obtained as a result of assay analysis. Therefore, one should not take them without a certain amount of doubt, since the reaction of a living, breathing, the human organism is often very different from that of isolated cells.


Additive effectiveness.
One of the most outstanding studies on this topic is the Meratrim test, which included 100 participants and lasted eight weeks. It used a randomized, double-blind method, a placebo-controlled analysis, which is the gold standard of scientific experiments in humans.


One hundred overweight people (23 men and 77 women) were divided into two groups: Meratrim group: subjects in this group took 400 mg of Meratrim 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner (total 800 mg). The placebo group: participants in the placebo group were asked to take 400 mg of placebo (“false” drugs) on the same principle as in the first group. All subjects followed a strict diet for 2 thousand calories and walked for 30 minutes a day. After eight weeks, the Meratrim group dumped much more weight than the placebo group.

Meratrim for weight loss - Review


In total, they dropped about 10 pounds, while the placebo group was only 3 pounds. Participants in the Meratrim group also reduced the waist circumference compared to the placebo group, which is very important, since abdominal fat is the most harmful in the human body and is closely related to many diseases.


Also, the results were not long in coming: the subjects who took the phyto-slice reduced their weight by 3.5 pounds and removed 2 inches in their girth in just two weeks. The Meratrim group showed higher indices of body mass index and hip circumference. Weight loss is often seen regarding the benefits to physical health, some of the benefits related to the quality of life, which scientists also measured:


Meratrim exerted a stronger influence on physical functioning and self-esteem. Other health benefits were also noted: Total cholesterol: decreased by 28.3 mg / dL in the Meratrim group, compared with 11.5 mg / dL in the placebo group.


Triglycerides: a decrease of 68.1 mg / dL in the Meratrim group, compared with 40.8 mg / dL in the placebo group. The fasting blood glucose level was reduced by 13.4 mg/dl in the Meratrim group and only 7 mg/dl in the placebo group. These indicators indicate a significant reduction in the risk of diabetes, heart disease and other severe illnesses in the long term.

So, Meratrim allowed to lose 3.5 times more weight and two times more waist circumference compared to “false medicine,” and also influenced some critical risk factors for diseases. And although the results are impressive, there is one crucial thing that you should pay attention to.


The study was sponsored by InterHealth, which produces and sells Meratrim. Of course, this does not mean at all that the study was incorrect, but this fact should not be overlooked since very often the source of testing financing has an impact on the result.


Side Effects.
Dosage and Uses The study found no side effects or reactions and recognized Meratrim as a safe phyto-mite that is well tolerated. During the tests, 400 mg of the supplement was used 30 minutes before meals twice a day and totaled 800 mg per day.Meratrim for weight loss - Review


There is a probability that failure to comply with this dosage may increase the risk of an adverse reaction, so do not exceed the recommended daily allowance. Before you buy an additive, you need to make sure that it contains 100% pure Meratrim, and carefully check the correctness of writing the name. The possibility of producing cheaper copies with a similar name is not ruled out.


Most people who are seeking to lose weight have already tried several “diets.” Some of them may have been effective for a while; others may not. But one thing can be stated with certainty: short-term solutions never help in the long term.


Although the results of the study look promising, do not forget that the test duration was eight weeks, and this is not very much. Many factors can lead to a short-term weight loss, but the result cannot be kept for long. If the study lasted longer (6-12 months), it is likely that women would gradually start gaining weight back.


The use of supplements will not lead to long-term results unless you adhere to sustainable changes in lifestyle and eating habits. That is, provided that Meratrim is as effective as it was stated in the study, it will not be superfluous in preparing for an important event, before which you need to lose weight quickly, but in the conditions of everyday life, it is worth looking for other solutions.

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