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QA How to Lose Weight – People Ask Part 6

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Is it possible to lose weight without playing sports?
Yes, you can lose weight without sports. The only question is what kind of purpose a person pursues: just to be slim and wear some specific size of clothes or to have an excellent quality body.


With physical exertion (whether it is a gym, dancing, walking, yoga, or home workouts), we end up with muscle tone, which naturally makes the figure more visually attractive. Therefore, I advise you to lose weight with physical exertion, you just need to choose precisely those that suit you.


Is it possible to eat after 6 PM?
Yes, there are after six possible and necessary. Imagine a person who wakes up at one o’clock and goes to bed, for example, at 5 am. If he uses this rule, then, in the end, the period of hunger will be 19 hours a day. Just think about this number! 19 hours from twenty-four.



Of course, the body will take it as a threat to starvation, and in a couple of days we will get a character who tries to eat everything that is not nailed, then begins to blame himself for it and again sits on the next diet.

Are fat-free foods helpful?
I am not a fan of low-fat products. Consuming, for example, cottage cheese 0.2%, we miss a lot of vitamins (for example, fat-soluble vitamin D). And to preserve the taste and texture of such products, manufacturers often add starch, fructose syrup, sugar, and so on. As a result, sugars become more, and hunger will appear sooner than if you ate a fatter product. In a small amount of milk, fats contain good cholesterol, which oxidizes the very harmful cholesterol that affects the heart and blood vessels. And in products with low fat, there is only oxidized (unhealthy) cholesterol.


How to restrain your evening appetite?
To begin with, I would find out why this appetite appeared, since with a balanced diet, even at the time of losing weight, there should be no feeling of hunger. Often, hunger occurs in the evening if a person has not eaten his norm for complex carbohydrates during the day, if, in general, he ate with a huge deficit or forgot to drink water.


Are dairy products and, in particular, cow’s milk harmful?
Recently, a lot of research has been done on this topic, which showed that dairy products and whole milk are still harmful. And in each case, it is necessary to decide whether the milk will bring benefit more than harm. At the moment I am of the opinion that in the diet you need to leave dairy products, and reduce milk consumption, using it only for cooking and for adding to coffee in small quantities.


How to unlearn from craving for sweets?
Sweet in the diet should be present, the only question is how much. And if you eat a bar of chocolate at a time, then you should pay attention to a few points:

1) whether you eat enough complex carbohydrates or the body due to their lack asks to give it the simplest fuel – the same chocolates;

2) do you drink your water rate (do not confuse with the silly rule about two liters of water per day);

3) Do you get enough sleep?
And when you figure it out with these three points, then you will notice how one candy to coffee began to be enough for you.



Why when losing weight suddenly stops falling?
Focusing on weight while losing weight is the path to nowhere because the weight is an entirely dishonest friend. Normally, it can vary within 3 pounds per day (yes, per day). Also, the weight will necessarily increase in the second phase of the cycle in women, if you had eaten (or drank) carbohydrates the day before, salt, if you didn’t get enough sleep if you experienced severe stress. As you can see, the weight and truth is not an objective indicator. You only need to focus on measurements – to make them better once a week on an empty stomach.


How many liters of water do you need to drink per day? How to calculate your rate?
For winter and summer there are separate norms, Speaking generally, not taking into account the climate, health features, nature of food, etc., then a person needs 30 ml of water per 2.2 pounds of weight per day.

Why do some people who do not limit themselves in anything, do not getting the weight?
If you look at the nutrition of such people more closely, you can see that they eat anything, but in a small amount in the context of the week. For example, today this person can eat the whole pizza with you, drinking it all with soda, and tomorrow he will limit himself to half the chocolate bar. That is, nutrition, of course, disgusting, but its caloric content in the context of the week is such that it is barely enough to maintain weight. And you can safely add here 2% of people who have got an excellent metabolism.


Do nutritionists recognize the intuitive diet for weight loss?
This concept means that the entire control over nutrition lies on the person himself, and given that most people who have excess weight and eating behavior are violated, it will be strange if he “intuitively” chooses what he is, although he is not able to distinguish even the feeling of true hunger from psychological. In addition, the goal of a healthy diet is not only to get enough calories, but also macro and micronutrients from vegetables and fruits. And if a person intuitively does not want anything but potatoes? Or eggs? This will not cover all the needs of our body. Therefore, intuitive nutrition remains just a “theory.”


Is it possible to reduce weight with the help of fasting?
Periodic fasting is practiced and has positive effects. However, it has many contraindications, and it can be used only under the supervision of the attending physician. Also, this method of losing weight is given psychologically hard and can carry “breakdowns” and weight gain, so the preference remains for healthy regular meals.


Do you need soup in your daily diet?
No, our bodies can do very well without soup. In the meat soup, there is practically nothing useful – it is meat cuts, containing all the harmful substances that are in the meat. Vegetable soup has a place to be, but they should not contain a lot of salt.


Can sugar be replaced with stevia? Is this sweetener harmful to the body?
Stevia is not officially included in the list of safe sugar substitutes according to the FDA, but this does not mean that it is harmful. There is not enough evidence to prove the opposite. Numerous studies have shown that stevia can be used without harm to health, but during pregnancy and breastfeeding its use should be excluded.


Should I avoid foods with gluten?
No. Today there is no evidence that gluten somehow harms our body. It should be excluded entirely from the diet only for people who have celiac disease – that is, gluten intolerance.


How to train yourself to have a good breakfast if there is no appetite at all in the morning?
No need to force yourself to have breakfast if you do not want. Meals should never be forced.


What can you eat at night without harm to the figure?
It is essential to keep the balance during the day and then the choice of “what to eat” will not stand. It is preferable to choose protein foods (fish, meat, eggs, seafood, legumes), vegetables, and carbohydrates are also allowed. But it is important to remember that the main part of carbohydrates should fall on the first half of the day.


Is losing weight harmful to eat red meat and, in particular, pork?
Not harmful. But red meat is not worth eating to people who have diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes mellitus, and violations of limit metabolism. Another thing is that pork contains a large amount of fat, it is important to consider them in the preparation of dietary food.


Why after eating there is a feeling of bloating? How to avoid it?
If you are worried about bloating, you need a consultation from a gastroenterologist. At a minimum, you will have to go on a diet with a restriction of dairy products, fresh vegetables, and fruits.


Is it true that drinking water while eating is harmful?
Proponents of this idea cite the following argument: water dilutes gastric juice and digestion becomes difficult. This is not a very accurate statement. The digestive system can adjust the number of digestive juices to the amount of incoming water so that the food always has the right consistency. Fluids pass through the gastrointestinal tract faster than solid food and do not affect the speed of digestion. Limit water while eating is only those who suffer from heartburn. And also do not forget, high-calorie drinks (lemonade, compote, juice) – this is also a kind of food.

How many pounds can you lose in a week without harm to health?
For different people, the number of pounds lost per week may vary. It is necessary to take into account the initial weight, as well as the “experience” in the diet. At the initial stages, the weight leaves faster – the excess water leaves the body first. On average, a week to safely reduce the weight we can by 1% from the original.


Is it possible to lose weight after giving birth while breastfeeding?
During breastfeeding, calorie consumption is greatly exceeded. If a woman’s normal consumption was 1,700 calories per day, then she will be around 2,200 during breastfeeding. Eat right during pregnancy and after it – a beautiful figure does not take long to wait.


Do I need to give up salt completely?
It is undeniable that salt is necessary for human life. We all know that the body is 70% water, and sodium chloride maintains water balance.


Salt is essential for the formation of hydrochloric acid (the main component of the gastric juice), it stimulates the nervous system and fat metabolism. Without sodium, which is part of the salt, the process of oxygen transfer in the blood and the transmission of nerve impulses and muscle movements are impossible. Therefore, salt cannot be excluded entirely. The basis of any question, especially concerning nutrition, is a measure.


What kind of water to drink is most useful – bottled or boiled?
This question cannot be answered unequivocally. Our country is very big: there are cities where you can drink tap water without even filtering, but there are places where you can only wash in the water. And in such cases, bottled water will come to the rescue. But here we are also waiting for tricks from manufacturers. Some brands of bottled water sell the same tap water, just bottling it. Therefore it is necessary to read the labels – all information about water is always written on them.


Should I take vitamins while losing weight?
We need vitamins not only for the period of weight loss. But rushing to buy the most expensive multivitamin is also not worth it. Ideally, we must do blood work for analysis and understand which particular vitamins and minerals the body lacks. And then choose the appropriate multivitamins or take the necessary vitamins separately.


What fruit should not eat when losing weight?
There are no products from which we gain weight or those from which we lose weight. It is the same with fruits: we can afford absolutely any fruit if we include them in calories and eat in moderation. By discarding high-calorie fruits such as bananas, grapes or persimmon, we deprive ourselves of many beneficial microelements. Leave the fruit in the diet, and if you want to give up something, let it be better to have chips and french fries.

QA How to Lose Weight – People Ask Part 6


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