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Lose weight with benefit

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Lose weight with benefitLose weight with benefit it’s not an easy task. One of the main prohibitions faced by girls on their way to perfect forms is a complete rejection of sweets. After all, according to dieticians, it is fast carbohydrates – the main source of extra pounds. But, as it turned out, there is an opportunity to achieve the effectiveness of a diet without severe restrictions.


Lose weight with benefit principle #1: Eat fractional
It turns out that fasting is not the best way to reduce weight. The fact is that long-term restrictions on the intake of food introduce the body into a state of hunger stress. Which also commands any receipt of food to store in the form of fat deposits, for the future in the event of the following unforeseen hunger strikes. In order not to face such a situation, it is necessary to let the body know that in the near future the famine does not threaten it.



How to do it? It is enough to eat regularly, in small portions, but at regular intervals (2.5-3 hours). Ideally, if you get time for 3 main meals and 2-3 extra snacks. Such a rhythm will help to avoid a critical drop in the level of glucose in the blood – the main trigger factor leading to hungry stress.


Lose weight with benefit principle #2: Daily use of fiber
The importance of fiber for proper digestion and weight correction is difficult to overestimate. This complex carbohydrate – a vegetable fiber – passing almost unchanged the entire digestive tract, performs a massive amount of work. Fiber slows down the absorption of simple carbohydrates in the intestines so that the blood glucose concentration is maintained at a stable level, without sudden fluctuations that provoke overeating.


Lose weight with benefitIn addition to influencing carbohydrate metabolism, cellulose can bind and remove excess cholesterol from the body. It becomes clear why some nutritionists consider cellulose a product that prolongs youth. A lot of fiber is found in cereals, buckwheat, unpolished rice, legumes, as well as in any fresh fruits and vegetables.



Lose weight with benefit principle #3: Watch the salt

Any diet can be completely ineffective if you continue to re-salve food. Excess intake of sodium chloride (yes, the same table salt), causes fluid retention: water accumulates both in the intercellular space and inside the cells themselves, severely disrupting their metabolism. As a result, the weight, and the volume of adipose tissue in the body remain on the same level, and the next diet causes a sigh of disappointment – “it’s necessary, and this one does not work.”



Even if you adhere to proper nutrition and do not eat salted food, such as fast food, or, for example, chips, still try not to exceed the daily rate 5 g of table salt according to the experts. A good habit is the use of lemon juice instead of salt – its acid stimulates the taste receptors of the tongue, so the dishes seem more appetizing and tasty.


Lose weight with benefitLose weight with benefit principle #4: Learn the glycemic index of foods

Nutritionists started talking about this indicator quite recently. Glycemic index reflects how quickly carbohydrates from food are absorbed into the intestines and enter the blood. The higher the index, the faster after eating, the concentration of glucose in the plasma increases.


As a rule, a rapid increase is accompanied by an equally rapid drop in the level of sugar, which causes an uncontrollable feeling of hunger, and an imperative desire to eat everything you can reach.


To prevent this from happening, take care of filling the diet with products with a low glycemic index: cereals, fresh herbs, and vegetables. Slow absorption of carbohydrates with a low glycemic index prevents sharp fluctuations in glucose levels.


Lose weight with benefit principle #5: Do not reject sweets entirely, but use healthy sweeteners.

Do not blame yourself too much when the hand reaches for another candy – the natural need of the human body for sweet suppressing is extremely difficult. Knowing this, scientists are continually looking for sweet substances that have a familiar taste but do not have a negative impact on health. With the invention of synthetic sweeteners (mannitol, sorbitol, xylitol), it seemed that the problem was solved.


However, eventually it turned out that synthetics are not perfect: it has a metallic taste, it breaks down in the process of heating, leads to undesirable side effects. And finally, we can consider that a safe and tasty alternative to sugar is found. Erythritol – the so-called modern natural sugar substitute, obtained from natural components by fermentation. Useful sweets that are not put off extra inches at the waist, you can eat even when you are on a diet because they do not have a gram of added sugar.

Lose Weight with the Benefit
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