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Lose weight in a month: working instructions

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lose weight in a monthLose weight in a month is not about strict diets and grueling workouts. Our body is a very flexible system that reacts quickly to the slightest changes in the habitual way of life. So to lose a few pounds is not difficult.


Five iron rules the next 30 days.

When you using lose weight in a month diet drink a day 1.5-2 liters of water, in addition to tea, coffee, compotes and drinking yogurt. Start each morning with a glass of clean water. Take a bottle of water for work and put it next to you, so as not to forget to drink. Literally, in a few days, it will become a habit. But remember that you can drink at least an hour after eating.



Strike out of your diet sweets, bread, fast food, fatty, fried foods. All this is better replaced with fruits, baked dishes, and vitamin salads. If without the sweet it becomes quite melancholy, you can eat a piece of bitter chocolate. And yes, go to the store only full. On an empty stomach, you risk being tempted by food that is contrary to the principles of proper nutrition.

Breakfast, lunch and light dinner should be at the same time. Between the main meals, insert small snacks: protein bars, dried fruits, homemade yogurt, diet loaves, low-fat cheese, fruits, and vegetables. So the body will not panic and try to stock up fat for future use.


The correct weight loss is a kilogram per week. That is 4 kg per month. Yes, you lose weight slowly, but you will not get it soon. And this is a big plus. Move on. If you do not go in for sports in specialized clubs, try to walk every evening and perform a specific exercise program at home every other day. Do not stay in the workplace.



Every 20-30 minutes get up and walk around the office. When you move, the body comes to life, gets rid of excess reserves and is enriched with oxygen.

Forget that you are losing weight. Give yourself a setup that you have switched to a healthy lifestyle that will help you become more perfect. Enjoy the process and maintain a positive attitude. Take a photo, weigh in and measure the basic parameters of the body before starting the course to evaluate the results of your efforts.

Lose weight in a month working instructions
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