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Lose thigh fat gain muscle

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Lose thigh fat gain muscleTo lose thigh fat and gain muscle is a dream of all women. Beautiful shapely legs escorted glance. The owner of such legs can wear a mini-skirt and trousers of any style. Any woman does not adorn excess fat on the legs. How to remove fat deposits from the lower legs and thighs?


So the female organism is arranged, that extra pounds settle mainly on the bottom part of a body. This is not only not beautiful, but also harmful to health. Weight gain in the region of the hips and legs changes the gait, creates an extra burden on the joints and ligaments, provokes the appearance of swelling in the heat. Women move less, any homework prefers to do sitting, and this leads to an even greater weight gain.


It can not be said that it is quite easy to lose thigh fat from the hips, but most importantly – to want! To lose thigh fat and gain muscle, you only need two things:

Reduce the number of carbohydrates in food;
Move more.


Lose thigh fat and gain muscle: Change the way you eat!

Legs will not become slim for a week, but every day will bring us closer to this!
There is no need to abuse yourself with hunger, adhere to strict diets. Enough to limit yourself to the use of sweets, flour, bakery products, fatty meat, potatoes, so that your legs become slimmer. By the way, the Chinese use potatoes as a cure for thinness.



Watch yourself, very often we eat not because we are hungry, and then what to experience the pleasure of food. As a rule, we get this pleasure from cakes, cakes, sweets, cookies, ice cream, crackers, chips mostly in the evening – in front of the TV.


Therefore, if you want your legs to lose weight, refuse dinner after six, and if you are an owl and go to sleep late, it is better to stick to one of the simple diets. But do not stress the diet, it’s not the main thing, set yourself up positively and start gradually refusing yourself in the flour and sweet before bed, or instead replace a piece of cake with an apple or berries.


Move more to lose thigh fat and gain muscle.

To lose thigh fat and gain muscle, you need to be as much as possible in motion. And all the muscles of the legs should work! There is not enough walking before going to bed, although it is beneficial. Start with the most straightforward exercises for losing weight legs – squats, swings – and soon you will feel which muscles “work” and which do not. When you feel it, add other simple exercises to make all the muscles work. The legs will become slimmer; the fatty deposits will go away.


If there is a slimming simulator at home, a treadmill, for example, you can run at any time, setting your own pace. But if there is no sports simulator, simple weight loss exercises will help.


Simple exercises for weight loss legs.

Lose thigh fat gain muscleWalking.

Try as much as possible to spend time on the move, give up transport, use every opportunity to walk for 20-30 minutes. Walking at a quick pace will help remove fat from your feet, and it is also useful for the whole body.



Running is very useful, it allows you to lose weight quickly, but with running should be careful women with heart disease and too much body weight. Loads on the joints can be excessive.



It does not matter where: in a pond, river, sea or pool, swimming is beneficial for the whole organism. Water removes stress and stress, tightens the skin (especially the sea), strengthens muscles, removes fat not only from the legs but also from the abdomen and back.



The most usual sit-ups and extended arms forward help to lose weight legs. For starters, it is enough ten times; then it should be gradually increased. Doing this exercise 20 times a day for a month, you will be pleasantly surprised!



Transfer of body weight in the squat. A beneficial exercise for slimming your legs. Spread your legs more extensive than your shoulders, sit on one foot, the second straighten out. Then get up and sit down on the other leg. Transfer this weight from one leg to the other 5-8 times. The first time you can keep your hands on any support, so as not to lose your balance.


“Bicycle” lying down.

Lying on your back, imitate riding a bike. It helps not only to remove fat from the legs but also strengthens the abdominal press.


Exercise “Scissors.

A great exercise for losing weight legs. Lying on your side, stretch your legs in a string to feel every muscle, then lift the upper leg according to the scissors 5-6 times. Do the same on the other side. Repeat the exercise 2-3 times.

Kicked legs back and forth. Holding on to the support, raise the straightened leg one by one, forward to the height that you can, then back, slightly bending. Such an exercise will restore harmony to the legs and strengthen the press.


Lose thigh fat gain muscleRaise yourself up on your toes. It’s easier not to imagine exercises! Especially for those who continuously wear heels! But try to rise on tiptoe and return to normal position 20-30 times in a row.


You will undoubtedly feel that the muscles of the lower leg are aching. From this exercise, the ankles become thinner, the probability of flat-footedness decreases.


All these exercises are simple, and some of them are easy to do at any time. While waiting for coffee to brew, for example, it is not difficult to sit down several times. While chatting on the phone, you can always perform unhurried sit-ups or raise yourself “on tiptoe.”


How to relax the muscles after training?
In order to relieve tension after exercise, you can apply self-massage techniques. They should include stroking, rubbing and kneading the areas to which the load was directed.


All this is necessary to avoid pain in the legs after training. Also, practice the following methods: A warm bath works well, in which you need to add a kilogram of sea salt. You can use the usual salt with a few drops of essential oil of lavender, rosemary or tea tree.


This procedure should be taken before bedtime. Tired and spasmodic muscles can be rubbed with special creams that are sold at the pharmacy. They can include components such as red hot pepper, ginger, beeswax, camphor oil. A good effect is the use of a contrast shower. It will improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue, relax the muscles. After the procedure, you need to actively rub the skin with a hard towel and wear a warm robe.

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