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QA How to Lose Weight – Liposuction

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Liposuction - QA How to Lose Weight - People AskHow much fat can be removed in one operation?

Not so long ago it was believed that during liposuction you could not remove more than 5 liters of fat at a time. However, recently, the technique of mega liposuction has appeared and is successfully applied. During this operation, it is possible to remove up to 15 liters of fat. Here it is necessary to note that mega liposuction is a very traumatic operation. Therefore the necessity of carrying it out is decided individually in each specific case.


Is it there a danger of the procedure?

As with any surgical intervention, liposuction has its own risk. However, according to statistics, this is one of the safest and most frequently performed operations. Talks about the extreme danger of this operation go to its very appearance. Then they performed dry liposuction and, therefore, the blood loss was quite significant. To date, dry liposuction is no longer used, and rumors still go, as in the well-known anecdote, when the spoons were found, but the sediment remained.



At what age can you do liposuction?

Liposuction is an operation performed for aesthetic reasons. Therefore, it should only be performed by those patients whose body is fully formed. It is generally believed that the process of formation of the body ends in 18 – 20 years.

How long will the result last?

To accurately answer this question, it is necessary to look into the physiology of adipose tissue. The fact is that before the age of five, the fat cells of our body are able to divide. This means that their number can increase as necessary. This need comes when the child is overfed. First, the fat cell is swelling more and more, accumulating fat. Achieves a critical volume and gives an impulse to the formation of a new fat cell, which also begins to swell. Therefore, we live with the number of fat cells that have eaten up to five years. That is why it is so critical not to overfeed a child even at such a tender age.


Liposuction - QA How to Lose Weight - People AskWhen a man grows older than five years, fat cells lose the ability to multiply and can only stretch. Excess fatty deposits are nothing but bloated fat cells to an incredible extent.


Since liposuction removes the very reason – these same, hated, fat cells, then in this place excess fat deposits are never formed. No cells – no fat. We can say that in the area undergoing liposuction, the result will last a lifetime.


Can fat appear after liposuction where it was not previously available?

Excess fatty deposits, first of all, develop in so-called “fat traps.” These are places on the human body where there is a thick layer of subcutaneous fat. During liposuction surgeons remove the fat cells of this layer from the treated area. However, if the patient likes to eat, and continues the usual diet, the excess of subcutaneous fat begins to form in the area of the remaining fat traps.



What places are typical fat traps?

In women, it is the lower abdomen, the inner and outer surfaces of the hips, the shoulders, the area under the chin, the lower back, the inner surface of the knee.


Liposuction - QA How to Lose Weight - People AskWhat scars remain after this operation?

Tools for small diameter liposuction. The largest is 6 mm. They are introduced into the layer of subcutaneous fat through punctures in the skin, which are located in the area of natural folds of the body, i.e., in the most inconspicuous places. Therefore, after liposuction, there are no scars. There are only traces of punctures, about 2 mm long. It is practically impossible to notice them.


How many times can I do liposuction?

As needed. But, if the deposits of subcutaneous fat continue to appear with frightening frequency, you need to seek help from other specialists, for example, a dietician or an endocrinologist.


Liposuction and abdominoplasty are the same?

No. Abdominoplasty is surgery on the anterior abdominal wall to correct its contours, and liposuction is a method of removing adipose tissue by vacuum discharge. During the abdominoplasty, the surgeon redistributes the skin, removes excess skin and fat, and, if necessary, strengthens the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall. There are ways to improve the contour of the abdomen when combined with liposuction of the anterior abdominal wall and abdominoplasty.

How To lose weight Liposuction
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