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Lipo 6 weight loss – Review

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Lipo 6 weight lossLipo 6 weight loss. The problem of excess weight is relevant for men and women of any age because excessive fat deposits spoil not only the figure but also health. However, getting rid of unnecessary pounds is always tricky, and excess fat is even among athletes.


Not without reason among the most common sports supplements include the so-called fat burners – drugs that increase body temperature and impart a charge of vivacity due to a significant acceleration of lipid degradation.


Such funds are usually intended for bodybuilders, the predominant representatives of which are men. However, now in the market of sports nutrition, Lipo 6, a fat burner for women from Nutrex, is gaining in popularity.


According to the manufacturer, the product is adapted to the characteristics of the female body, is completely safe for health and is the most effective for weight loss. Also, under this name, today is released a whole line of fat burners with several different compositions, among which it is easy to choose suitable for the needs of a particular organism.



Weight loss supplements Lipo 6 is unique capsules with an unusual structure and specially selected components that provide accelerated fat burning and rapid weight loss. Their uniqueness lies in a two-step action system that ensures the maximum efficiency of fat burning and weight loss.


The substances released in the first phase are provided by:

a surge of energy;
lifting muscle tone;
decreased appetite.

Ingredients that are included in the process in the second phase, stimulate:

start of exchange processes;
activation of metabolism;
elimination of excess fluid.


A unique structure of the capsule provides this mechanism of work of fat burners of this line according to the “2 in 1” principle:

under the first (external) shell contain liquid instant substances;
under the second (internal) – components consisting of solid particles, which dissolve within 24 hours.

Due to this structure, the effect of the active ingredients is manifested a few minutes after the first capsule is taken and dissolved, and then continues throughout the day, due to the slow assimilation of substances from the second capsule.


Lipo 6 weight lossAttention!

Lipo 6” is an extremely effective fat burner for women, but it is far from being a “magic pill,” so it can not provide weight loss on its own. Active ingredients help to speed up the fat-splitting process, without eliminating the need for a low-carb diet and increased physical activity.


The more intense the training and the lower calorie diet on the background of taking the drug, the sooner it will be possible to achieve the desired results. The average weight loss, if observed, is usually 10-15 pounds for one month. More intensive weight loss is not recommended, as it can harm the health.


The combination of fat-splitting ingredients, according to the manufacturer, was not chosen randomly. They work not only individually, but they have a pronounced synergistic effect. In this case, each of them is well known and is used in the majority of means for weight loss and fat burning. However, it is in this line that they are assembled according to a unique scheme – in two overlapping capsules (one inside the other) and working in turn, while simultaneously providing a quick and then a prolonged result.



The scheme of the active components is as follows:

After the onset of the effect of the first phase, which is similar to the result of taking a conventional fat burner, a large number of fatty acids penetrated into the blood from adipocytes (lipid cells), without the presence of a load after a particular time, return to the fat deposits.


Ingredients that penetrate the blood in the second phase do not allow this, keeping the metabolism at high speed and not letting the released fatty acids to return to the lipid cells, but are broken down with the release of energy.


Simultaneously, fat burners for women Lipo 6 reduce appetite, increase energy and normalize the emotional and mental state, providing the maximum round-the-clock result.

In this line of products focused on women, the following fat burners are presented:

Lipo 6 Hers“;
Lipo 6 Black Hers“;
Lipo 6 Black Hers Ultra Concentrate“.

In addition to these drugs, the Lipo 6 series includes fat burners designed for men and sportsmen – Black, X, Unlimited. They contain some potent substances that were excluded from the “female” capsules to obtain a more gentle effect on the body.


Lipo 6 weight lossLipo 6 Hers

When creating “Lipo 6 Hers” for women, the basic composition was changed in two components:

guggulsterones were completely withdrawn;
the concentration of caffeine decreased significantly.


Due to this approach, Nutrex managed to minimize the impact on the endocrine system. It was also stated that “Lipo 6 Hers” had acquired the ability to fight cellulite, but any evidence does not support this statement.


The description of the complex indicates that the composition of the capsules is selected exclusively to meet the needs of the female body, it provides not only a general weight loss but also the most intensive splitting of fat in the most problematic areas of the female body.


At the same time, under the influence of the active ingredients of the fat burner, there are still some positive changes:

improves mood and general tone;
increased metabolic rate;
hunger is blocked, appetite is reduced;
the level of endurance rises, the charge of energy is added;
the disintegration of fat cells is activated, fast weight loss begins.
A proper combination and accurate dosing of all components ensure a guaranteed fast, high and long result.


Lipo 6 weight lossLipo 6 Black Hers


The second fat burner for women from the company “Nutrex” – “Lipo 6 Black Hers” differs from its predecessor by the fact that in its formula though there are the same components, presented in a slightly different form:


yohimbine – not in one, but in three different forms;
tironin – respectively, in two forms.


According to the manufacturer, “Black Hers” is intellectually tuned to the cellular programming of burning excess fat mass and preventing its subsequent accumulation. This is provided by stimulating particular receptors and accelerating the burning of calories.


Simultaneously, double thyronins increase lipid metabolism and three types of yohimbine maximally accelerate the release of fats. Due to such changes, the complex has become much more effective, but also more expensive in 1,5 times.

Lipo 6 Black Hers Ultra Concentrate

This complex is one of the most potent fat burners produced by Nutrex. On a set of components, it does not differ from the “Black Hers” described above, but their concentration is several times higher. Due to its ultra-concentrated formula, this product has maximum effectiveness in fighting the subcutaneous fatty layer due to the powerful stimulation of the central nervous system and thyroid activity.


It is Lipo 6 Black Hers Ultra-Concentrate is considered the best of all the presented complexes of this line of female fat burners. The course of these capsules allows you to get a pronounced effect for the shortest period. However, take the complex carefully, because its constituents are quite concentrated and can cause side reactions. The composition of fat burners, designed for slimming women, contains a large variety of various components.


The basis of each drug of this line is seven powerful substances:

folic acid;
methyl synephrine.

Each of them is a fairly common ingredient in many fat burners and slimming products. However, the uniqueness of this line of “Nutrex” company lies precisely in the above described 2-phase release and the action of all components.


Lipo 6 weight lossAttention!

To understand which one of the supplements to choose and how to take it correctly, you need to start with the minimum dosage. This will help to check the individual reaction of the organism to components without any harm to health, and also to determine the further scheme of reception.


Despite the unique 2-phase system and high efficiency, “Lipo 6” has not only advantages but also disadvantages – contra-indications and side effects. In most cases, the fat burner is well tolerated, but the manufacturer does not recommend taking the drug in the following situations:

during pregnancy and lactation;
under the age of 18;
if there is an individual intolerance to the components.


Although taking into account a rather powerful composition, any pathology of the cardiovascular system, the thyroid gland and chronic diseases in the stage of exacerbation should be added to the list of contraindications. Especially this addition concerns the most potent drug – “Lipo 6 Black Hers Ultra-Concentrate“.


If the instructions and rules for taking Lipo 6 fat burner are violated, the side effects may be manifested:

abrupt changes in blood pressure;
increased excitability;
a digestive disorder.
If these symptoms occur, you must lower the dose to a comfortable one or completely abandon the drug. It is also necessary to check the expiration date of the capsules.

Also, if the too low-calorie diet is observed against the background of taking a fat burner for women, side effects may manifest as a shortage of nutrients. Therefore, to preserve the muscles from the destructive impacts of catabolic reactions, and immunity, skin, and hair – from vitamin deficiency, it is necessary to take amino acids and vitamin-mineral complex during fat burning.

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