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Kefir for weight loss

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Kefir for weight loss is more useful as an independent drink. Also, it is a part of dietary cocktails, smoothies, and cereals. Thinking about the most healthy beverages, we often ignore the great kefir. But this is an excellent therapeutic and preventive remedy for many diseases, so it is worth exploring this issue.


It is proved that kefir for weight loss regularly uses the work of the nervous and circulatory systems of the human body, has a beneficial effect on the condition of nails and hair, has a rejuvenating effect and improves the functioning of the intestine.


Kefir was “born” in North Ossetia, where it was called “The Gift of Heaven,” and kept in the strictest secrecy. For the first time, a Russian medical journal began talking about kefir as a remedy, and it happened in the second half of the 19th century.


Kefir for weight loss


Even after a three-day diet on kefir, you can lose a couple of pounds, and those who prefer a drink can start to look for new smaller clothes. To positive aspects of the kefir for weight loss, can be attributed to active discharge, combined with a moderate diet without the pangs of hunger and the opportunity for a short time to see the real results.



The disadvantages of kefir for weight loss is also available:

With prolonged use can induce indigestion. If you sit on a diet for more than seven days, you can come to exhaustion of the body. To make the diet more effective, at the end of the day it is necessary to do cleansing enemas, which can not be called pleasant procedures. Kefir for weight loss is strictly contraindicated to people suffering from rheumatism, gout, and rickets.

Which kefir for weight loss to choose from.

The manufacturing time is the first and, perhaps most important, thing to look for when buying milk drinks. Quality of content. In the open pack, there should be no flakes or lumps – this indicates improper storage. If you get such a pack, do not rush it out, because kefir masks perfectly rejuvenate and moisturize the skin. Percent of fat content. To understand which fat content is better for you, consult a nutritionist.


Kefir for weight loss


For example:

People with diabetes should only eat a product with zero fat content.
Remember, the lower the fat content, the more calcium in kefir, which is so useful for bone tissue.


Also, kefir for weight loss with zero fat content normalizes the pressure.
People who are not obese can buy a product with a fat content of up to 3.2%. Its use increases the immunity, normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract.


How much can you drink kefir for weight loss a day

On a seven-day diet, you need to drink one and a half liter of fermented milk a day.
On a three-day mono-diet recommended volume – 1-1.5 liters.
On kefir diet – up to two liters.


Whichever type of food you choose, it is not recommended to sit on a kefir diet for more than seven days. Refuse kefir for weight loss people who suffer from intestinal diseases associated with high acidity. If you are sitting on a sour-milk diet, you need to completely abandon the use of salt, flour and meat products – this will help to avoid unnecessary fermentation.



What time of the day is kefir for weight loss is more useful?

In the opinion of nutritionists, the best time to take any fermented milk products is evening and a separate reception throughout the day. Dur the day, taking it is most useful only half an hour before a meal or 30 minutes after eating.


Kefir for weight loss


Morning reception is not suitable for everyone. According to the rules, you need to drink a drink half an hour before a meal. Kefir for breakfast can afford only those who work at home or get up early, long before going to work. But often we set the alarm for an hour before the “departure” and try to wake up with strong coffee. There’s no time for kefir.


An evening reception is the best time for kefir, especially at bedtime. Drunk at night kefir improves the microflora of the intestines and strengthens sleep.


With what products are combined kefir for weight loss.

It is best to combine kefir for weight loss with green vegetables – such a successful combination significantly improves the digestive system and metabolism. Fresh, dried, frozen berries and fruits will also make the drink a good “company,” as well as jams, natural honey, various cereals, and muesli.


Kefir perfectly combines with cellulose and bran, helping the body to fight with constipation and eliminating toxins. It is undesirable to use kefir for weight loss with nuts and all kinds of seeds, legumes, and mushrooms.

Since the digestive glands have different activity when working with a particular product, some of them cannot be eaten at the same time. That is why kefir does not combine with fish, caviar and other seafood, meat, eggs and, oddly enough, with milk. It is crucial to take these factors into account when compiling a daily diet.


Porridge on kefir.

Since cereals perfectly match with kefir, it is possible to prepare excellent and useful cereals based on this unique fermented milk product. Buckwheat is practically the purest groats on earth. It is rich in vitamins B, and also contains rutin – a substance that promotes rapid assimilation of vitamins.


Kefir for weight loss


Wheat groats – helps lower cholesterol, great for people with diabetes. Its use slows the aging process, removes fat cells. For two weeks of the wheat-kefir diet, you can remove up to 4 pounds of excess weight.


Semolina is the source of potassium and magnesium, which give elasticity to the human skin. Semolina, infused with kefir, helps to lose weight. To prepare a healthy dish, you need to pour kefir into such a volume of semolina that in 40-60 minutes a spoon “stood” in it.


Oatmeal is a great way to not only saturate your body with vitamins E, iron, magnesium, and zinc but also due in no small amount of fiber to get rid of extra pounds.


Kefir with flax flour.

Another source of vitamins and useful elements is flax, or rather flour, prepared from its seeds. The composition of the flour includes a significant amount of vegetable protein, dietary fiber; it also contains polyunsaturated fatty acids. Omega 6 and 3, which promote fat metabolism and lowering of cholesterol, essential trace elements for humans, and vitamins from group B.


The main properties of flax flour are its ability to purify the body and slow the absorption of toxins. Together with kefir it normalizes the work of the liver and restores the intestinal microflora. The dish is best included in your morning diet.

Diet on flax flour can last three weeks. In the first seven days, one tablespoon of flour should be added to the glass of kefir, in the second week the amount of lactam should be increased to three, in the third, add three spoons to the drink.


Kefir for weight loss


Kefir for weight loss and spices.

For weight loss, you can drink kefir with spices, for example, cinnamon, coriander or hot pepper. Kefir with cinnamon increase metabolism, lowering glucose, losing weight. Ginger also speeds up digestion, reduces weight. Kefir with red pepper not only promotes weight loss, due to the acceleration of metabolism but also suppresses the appetite.


Kefir with seeds.

To lose weight helps taking kefir with seeds of pumpkin, flax, and chia. Pumpkin seeds contain protein and a lot of useful microelements. Their regular use is the prevention of cancer, kidney disease, and prostatitis. Together with kefir, they contribute to the removal of toxins and parasites, rapid weight loss.


Kefir with berries and fruits.

To lose weight effective and sweet, you can prepare kefir cocktails with berries and fruits. These include strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, banana, orange and grapefruit, apples. Kefir with citrus has cleansing properties, promotes the synthesis of collagen, with pineapple will ease the condition of the mucosa, help fast removal of excess fluid from the body.


Kefir with vegetables and herbs.Kefir for weight loss

No less effective and vegetables. For example, beets with kefir help to get rid of constipation normalize the work of the intestines; pumpkin helps get rid of parasites, speeds up the metabolism.

From cucumbers, parsley, and celery, you can make gorgeous fat-burning cocktails, helping quickly and without harm to health get rid of extra pounds. Sauerkraut and kefir not only help to lose weight quickly but also contribute to skin rejuvenation and overall improvement of the condition.


Kefir with dried fruits.

For losing weight, you can use a relatively simple method – to take with kefir dried apricots. This way of getting rid of extra pounds has no contraindications since both kefir, and dried apricots are harmless and useful products.


Taking a cocktail of kefir and dried apricots for the night, you stabilize the stool, reduce the appetite and the amount of food consumed per day. Prunes with kefir help to maintain the normal level of sugar, accelerate metabolism, which also contributes to weight loss.

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