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How to reduce belly fat in 7 days

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How to reduce belly fat in 7 days

Spending long minutes in front of the mirror, pulling the belly and holding his breath, it becomes clear that the stomach is a very problematic area. And as it does not involve, it remains treacherously in place. But how to reduce belly fat in 7 days and make the mirror happy with our reflection, and even do it quickly?


Can I lose my belly in a week? Of course yes! However, one should not wait for miraculous transformations in such short terms, because this is a somewhat laborious process. Also, it all depends on your initial settings.


Someone needs to remove only a couple of centimeters from the abdomen but to someone all twenty. And the more your parameters, the slower the loss of weight, otherwise it threatens you saggy skin and stretch marks.


Those who have ever tried to remove the stomach, for sure, noticed that it is not so easy. Hunger strikes and grueling workouts are not always practical. The body loses weight, and the stomach can remain in place. Here we need a different approach.


So, how to reduce belly fat in 7 days?
First of all, you need to get rid of toxins and cleanse the intestines. The fact is that over time, a considerable amount of slag accumulates in the gut, decomposing, clogging it and releasing harmful substances into the body. The organism, trying to protect itself against any “dirt,” creates a water-fat layer that serves as a buffer and absorbs all poisons into itself.



Thus, excess fat is an accumulation of unnecessary substances that are deposited in women mainly in the abdomen. Therefore, to begin with, it is necessary to clean the intestines of slags. And this is done with the help of enemas. Consequently, you have to leave your squeamish if you want to get rid of your stomach for a week.


Here you need the most common enema at 1.5-2 liters. It cleanses the body thoroughly, removes slag and starts the process of burning excess in the area of the stomach. Do enemas better in a day, adding a teaspoon of salt to a liter of water. Thus, within a week you can lose about 3-4 kg and lose about 5 cm in the stomach volume.


Of course, if you want to achieve excellent and fast results, then you should not restrict yourself to single enemas. For rapid weight loss is also very important to improve metabolism and work of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, it is essential to monitor food and give up alcohol and cigarettes. Smoking and alcohol slow the metabolism. Also, alcoholic beverages are very caloric, and these calories are deposited mainly on the stomach.

How to reduce belly fat in 7 days: nutrition issues
If you want to lose your belly for a week, do not sit on rigid diets, better revise your diet, exclude all fatty, high-calorie, unhealthy foods, sweets, pastries, fatty meat, canned food, smoked products. And also every other day you spend unloading days, that is, alternate a full day with unloading during a week. This trick can deceive our body, which does not begin to make stocks “for a rainy day,” as during hard diets and fat goes faster. As fasting days you can choose any one to taste – buckwheat, rice, apple or kefir day. Also, take fiber, which will help to remove all the excess and reduce the calorie content of dishes.


How to reduce belly fat in 7 daysTo improve metabolism, you need a lot and often drink, at least 2 liters of water a day. In this case, it is best to use meltwater, which helps to cleanse the lymph and burn fat.


How to reduce belly fat in 7 days: fitness
With the help of one sport, it is difficult to remove the stomach for a week. Occupations are necessary to bring muscles and skin to tone and avoid the appearance of stretch marks.


Exercises that hit precisely at the target – this is a twist of the hoop and exercises on the press. The hoop perfectly warms the abdominal muscles, massages and dramatically increases blood circulation in this area, which helps to lose weight. Exercises on the press also very effectively burn fat in the waist. However, for this purpose it is not necessary to carry out full body lifts, it is enough to raise the body by 45 degrees. The main thing to do the exercises at a fast pace, then the result will not keep you waiting.


How to reduce belly fat in 7 days: additional procedures
Supplementing classes, diet and body cleansing will help self-body massage and wraps. You can use unique massagers or intensively pinch and knead the skin in the abdominal area to clean the stomach. In a day, do wraps with special warming or cooling masks that improve blood circulation. Also, you can use for wrapping seaweed, coffee, cocoa, blue clay and essential oils. Apply them to the skin and wrap the belly with film, wait an hour, and then rinse.


A slender figure is needed by every woman not only to feel psychological comfort but also to have good health. Most of us, as a rule, do not have enough time to look after themselves, because children, a house, work take a lot of time every day. Many do not know how to lose the stomach for a week without any difficulties. And yet to make the stomach flat and elastic, without losing a lot of time for this, you can.

Cleansing from slags

So, the first rule: if you want to remove your stomach, then purify the intestine. In the intestine, over time, a large number of slags accumulate, which release harmful substances into the body. To protect yourself, the body is forced to protect its organs: the stomach, liver, and others, with the help of a water-fat layer. This layer takes on all the poisons from the slag and allows the body to work. Therefore, to reduce the stomach for a week, it does not need to be tortured by hunger strikes. You need to help your body to clean up its purification system.


The enema is used to purify the intestine. And the enema will be required usual: in 1,5 l of water, the dessert spoon of salt is dissolved. The enema promotes the cleansing of the intestine, the removal of toxins, after which the body begins to lose its volumes. An enema should be done within a week every other day. Such a method of cleansing in such a short period will help in weight lose several pounds. For the first stage – it’s just an excellent result.


How to reduce belly fat in 7 daysHow to reduce belly fat in 7 days: sports exercises.

The next condition, helping to cope with excess volumes, are sports exercises. Exercise should be done regularly, gradually increasing the load. Before the training, the abdominal muscles must be prepared – heated.


For this, for example, you can make a massage. We can distinguish two basic exercises, which purposefully beat the stomach volume most effectively. Known to all these exercises is the rotation of the hoop and exercises on the press.


Due to the twisting of the hoop, it is possible to warm up the muscles, while significantly increasing blood circulation and metabolism. Also, the rotation of the hoop will help stretch the muscles and prepare them for more massive exercises on the press.


Exercises for the press, for sure, had to do to everyone. If you have no one to hold your legs, you can insert them under the sofa. It is necessary to consider, to clean the stomach, and also to maintain skin tone when performing the exercise on the press; it is not required to climb high, it is enough to rise from the floor by forty-five degrees. It is much more important to pay attention to the pace and the number of repetitions. No matter how hard it is, fifty repetitions per approach are necessary. This is the only way to give the muscles the necessary load. For strong muscles, the number of repetitions should be increased so that the last 10-20 repetitions are performed through force.


How to reduce belly fat in 7 daysHow to reduce belly fat in 7 days: proper nutrition

Asking how to lose weight in a week, it is important to remember that nutrition does not require as much restriction as differentiation of food consumed. Fat and high-calorie foods must be excluded. You need to drink as much as possible since the liquid contributes to the efficiency of the excretory system.


If the excretory system does not work well, you can take infusions from diuretic herbs. A special diet is not required. It is essential only to remember which products can be consumed without restrictions. Such products include coarse bread, vegetables, and fruits, whole grains, dairy products, lean meat, and fish. And sugar, butter, confectionery, fatty meat must be excluded from your diet. Compliance with such a diet, after a week, will give a positive result.


It is necessary to take into account another important point: if you eat right, but do not move much, that is, do not spend calories consumed, then the benefits from the correct nutrition will be few. If the work is sedentary, then even then it is just necessary to move: you can do gymnastics, relax and strain muscles, climb the stairs or, at least, walk around the office.
Normalize the food So, to answer how to reduce belly fat in 7 days, you need to take care of healthy nutrition. It’s not just about the strictest diet and the refusal of sweet and flour, but also about specific rules and a unique mode of eating.

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