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How to lose weight in your legs

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How to lose weight in the legs, what is the most reliable way? Someone suggests to go on a diet, someone exhausting physical activity. In fact, not everything is so simple. Requires an individual approach. If there is excess weight, then, of course, you need to start with losing weight. Just keep in mind that usually the upper body usually loses weight. That is, first the fat will leave the face, the breast may become somewhat smaller in volume, and then only the line will reach the legs. (1, 2, 3)


How to lose weight in the legs


Many women experience psychological discomfort due to the inconsistency of the upper thigh with the calf volume. That is, calves can be slim, and thighs are too lush. And all this at a normal weight. And then the question arises how to lose weight in the legs above the knees, without resorting to the gym. (1, 2, 3)

The easiest way is to climb and descend the stairs. Of course, it will be effective if you live above the 3rd floor – an excellent workout for the legs. But those who live on the first floor to get upset and surprise their neighbors by walking back and forth up the stairs are not necessary – you can buy a rope! Jump in your pleasure as much as you can, and the neighbors will not worry from below, as they simply do not exist. They say that 15 minutes of training is enough to lose up to 300 kcal. This is quite a lot. Here’s how to lose weight in the legs at home is easy! (1, 2, 3)


Together with the rope, it would be nice to buy an exercise bike. The exercise bike can give loads not worse than cycling, but the first, of course, deliver much more pleasure. When riding a stationary bike, or on a bicycle, the load goes immediately to some leg muscles, and therefore, contributes to their overall weight loss. (1, 2, 3)



If even these simple simulators are not for you or you want to increase the load further, then you need to connect the exercises for your problem area. We will give some simple but at the same time effective exercises. (1, 2, 3)


1. Initial posture – supine. Lift one leg about 45 degrees off the floor and make circular movements first to one side, then to the other 20-30 times. Then you can rotate the foot if the forces remain. Not only in the category of how to lose weight in the legs exercises of this kind are included, but also help to keep in good shape the press. (1, 2, 3)



2. Lie on your side. And lift your leg, while trying to strain the buttocks. 20 lifting one leg and the other will be enough. (1, 2, 3)


3. Get on all fours and lift the leg. First one, then the other.


4. While standing, swing your legs alternately, first swing forward and then sideways.


5. Squats. When kneeling, knees should not go beyond the socks. Imagine that you sit on a chair. When squatting the hips to the legs should create an angle of 90 degrees. It is not necessary to pick up dumbbells when squatting, as this can lead to muscle building, which makes the legs look even more massive, which we do not need at all. And the goose step can be dangerous for your knees, in no case do this exercise. (1, 2, 3)


How to lose weight in the legs


If you can’t do the whole set of exercises at once, it’s not a problem Increase the load should be gradual.


Many fitness trainers believe that fat is burned faster if a greenhouse effect is created in the area of ​​weight loss. Try to spread your legs with oil (olive or vegetable) before training, then wrap them with cling film and put on tight leggings on top. After the workout, you should take a contrast shower. Anti-cellulite massage will not be excessive, even if you do not have cellulite. But massage without exercise against body fat is powerless.


In addition, those who are thinking about how to lose weight in the legs quickly, you can try jogging, if health and time allow. You can also practice on the treadmill.


Ballet Body is another excellent way how to lose weight in the legs. Who among us has not dreamed of having a figure like a ballerina? That’s who you need to be! Ballet Body is a kind of aerobics with classical music. Ballet Body teaches only those movements that can be safely and efficiently performed by a person who has never engaged in dancing and sports, that is, in a lightweight version. At the same time, you will be trained plastic, choreography. And positive emotions during and after the dance are provided! With all this, the muscles in your legs will not grow, but the fat will be burned unnoticed and will soon leave you.


And finally, about nutrition. Nutrition is followed by ballet dancers and athletes who are experiencing great physical exertion. If you need to lose weight, try to spend a few fasting days on vegetable salad and lean meat, bread can be used instead of bread, but in small quantities. And no sugar and flour products! Otherwise, how to lose weight in the legs diet does not help. After all, the flour and sweet lead to the deposition of fat.

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