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How to lose weight at home

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 How to lose weight at home

With the approach of the beach season and lock of the time, we all have one question how to lose weight at home. The issue of dumping excess kilograms collected over the winter is becoming more acute and urgent for many girls, women and even men. We admit that the fight against excess weight is difficult, and you will have to work hard to overcome yourself. Nevertheless, it is very realistic to lose weight on your own and quickly, the most important thing is to be a focused person and believe that this will necessarily happen if you try.


One of the most effective and in practice working methods how to lose weight at home is to reduce the amount of food consumed.

It’s simple: as soon as the amount of food eaten is reduced by two or three times – you will lose your excess weight, which means that you will start losing weight!


And this method is quite simple in contrast to many diets that require a specific regime of the day, nutrition, and exercise. Although at first, it will seem that the task is impossible (you will always think about food), but after a week or two you will get used to the empty state, and in a month such a diet will become the norm. As a rule, most of us just eat more than usual, so they gain weight.


It should be understood that for weight loss it is essential to reduce the amount of food eaten, but the number of meals should be at least three times (ideally 5-6 times) per day. With this diet, your body will be able to process the amount of food consumed, and as a result, your gastrointestinal tract will not suffer from such diseases as gastritis or ulcers.

Every one or two weeks try to reduce your daily diet.

How to lose weight at home


Find the motivation for losing weight.
Motivation is simply a trouble-free way in any business, even in losing weight. Of course, it is not so easy to find motivation, but if the motivation for action (in our case to lose weight) is found, then believe me – you will be able to turn mountains in order to achieve the goal.


You can think of motivations dozens, which will work in your case, it is difficult to say. Here are a few of our options:


Conclude a dispute.
Contend with a friend/friend that you will be able to lose 10 kilograms of weight in 1 month (for example). The dispute should have a time frame, as well as significant risks in case of loss (public ridicule, money, etc.). In other words, it should be beneficial for you to lose weight in quick terms, not because of the desire to look beautiful and slender, but because you can lose something significant to you.


Buy a tour of the sea.
Rest on the sea beach involves taking off almost all the basic clothing, which can hide the shortcomings of your figure. If you seriously worry about the excess centimeters in the waist or hips, then the knowledge of that will force you to act.


Buy a chic dress of a smaller size.
This method (or motivation) is quite effective for women and girls. For him to act as quickly and correctly as possible, you need to choose the most beautiful dress that would look perfect on you, whether you are a little thinner. Such a severe injustice and a barrier, in a few centimeters of your body, will force a true woman to do anything to get into an expensive and beautiful dress.
Wedding, as a motivation for losing weight.
For some young people and girls, a wedding can be an incentive to lose weight. Just think about it, hundreds of people will look at you and, also, photos taken for memory will be viewed by thousands of more people, among whom will be people close to you.


Find like-minded people who also want to lose weight at home. The next advice for losing weight is the search for like-minded people. Lose weight alone is always difficult, regardless of the chosen method. Nobody can provide the same support and understand the complexity of the situation, like the same “friend in misfortune.” It’s easier to keep in the company, because you will agree that if you are among those people who continuously eat (especially such goodies as hot dogs, pizza, shish kebabs, salads with mayonnaise), then it will be much more difficult to resist temptation.

how to lose weight at home
Like-minded people will be able to share their old ways of losing weight at home, and you, respectively, their own. It is not difficult to find such people, you can search among your friends, on Internet forums, and simply stir friends to engage in a healthy lifestyle, eating properly and observing medical starvation.


Make up the mode of the day. Now let’s pass on immediate practical advice. The main task will be to develop a normal regime of the day. To do this, you need to go to bed no later than 23.00; sleep should have a duration of at least 7-8 hours. For the body, one hour of sleep (until 00.00) goes for two, also, at this time your brain produces a hormone that is responsible for the joy, as a result of which you wake up in a good mood.


During the whole day, you should eat at least three times (about this we wrote earlier) and relax. Excessive overstrain in work will cause stress and hunger, try to avoid it. Define the time for sleep, work, rest and dinner deviations from the schedule are allowed, but not more than half an hour. If possible, spend more time outdoors, so that the body is enriched with oxygen. Such a regime of the day will ensure the correct metabolism, and will not put off harmful substances in the body. At a minimum, this is a daily charge for 20 minutes in the morning and in the evening.


Think out the menu for every day. This point is one of the most controversial. The list of products for weight loss – each has its own, even nutritionists cannot find a common opinion: what is useful and what is not; that helps to lose weight and what does not. Our surveys of experts confirmed the opinion that you can eat everything but within reasonable limits. For each, the limit should be the same, because one is enough to throw 3 kg, and another – 30 kg, respectively, and the food should be completely different.


Making up a menu for losing weight, try to eat at least a minimum of fried and fatty foods, naturally avoid all kinds of fast food, convenience foods, and fast food. More “lean” on fruits, vegetables, and cereals. Do not forget about the kilocalories that are present in the products. For weight loss per day, you need to consume no more than 1000-1500 kilocalories. This is quite enough for a normal and healthy life of a person.


Store menu in a diary or an electronic form. Prepare menu in advance so that you in a hurry did not calculate on the calculator what you can eat today and how much. Making a menu is boring and monotonous, so some will cause difficulty, but for weight loss, it’s the best option.

Buy a treadmill and teach yourself to practice it. Going to the gym does not always have the time, energy and desire. Sometimes the problem is not so much to idle on the simulator, how many to get to the gym back and forth. Solve this problem very simply – the purchase of a personal trainer or several. Nowadays there are many kinds of simulators, and the prices for them are quite acceptable. The main task should be to develop the muscles of the abdomen, legs and lower back. You can also buy an exercise bike or a treadmill, and they are great for fat burning. With the help of such an assistant, you will easily lose weight without even leaving the house.

When practicing on the treadmill, we recommend listening to rhythmic music or watching the news or other programs that will help to distract but will not affect your pace, as movies, especially melodramas, can do.

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