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How to lose weight after 40

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How to lose weight after 40To lose weight after 40 is a challenge for all women and men. From the age of 40 comes “maturity”: the metabolism and pace of life slow down, changes in the body begin. For example, in women, this period is called pre-climax. This is the borderline age. On the one hand, the climacteric is still ahead, on the other – the body is already beginning to prepare for it.


During this period, “thanks to” bad habits and untreated ailments, lack of physical activity and malnutrition, the beautiful time for “forty” can be overshadowed by a thousand small and large problems, the most annoying of which is excess weight.


Since 40 years, the body is more natural to store fat, because energy needs are declining. Nevertheless, fats are brought to the fore in the diet. But not pork chops and butter, but beneficial polyunsaturated fats Omega-3 and Omega-6, which are found in fatty fish and vegetable oils.


How to lose weight after 40.

They improve the protection of blood vessels, activate memory, maintain mental capacity. The need for calcium also increases. To prevent osteoporosis, you should avoid fatty foods, reduce the intake of proteins and increase the consumption of dairy products.



At the age of 40, you need to think about the vessels. Hence the need for fish, fruits, and vegetables. Polyphenols of vegetables protect the arteries from atherosclerosis, and polystyrenes in their composition regulate the production of hormones, compensating for a decrease in ovarian activity.


In general, you need to eat as much fiber as possible: this is the “key” to maintaining the desired body weight, and also, it is a good prevention of bowel cancer. Preference should be given to cruciferous – broccoli, white-bellied, colored and Brussels sprouts.


Important and the amount in the diet of iron. If the iron is not enough, it will not be possible to effectively lose weight, since it stimulates the production of an enzyme responsible for the rate of burning of fatty acids.


How to lose weight after 40

How to lose weight after 40 and meals for men.
In men at this age, there is a series of changes in the body. Beginning at the age of 30, the physiological loss of muscle mass is gradually taking place, and by the age of 40, the whole metabolism is noticeably decreasing.


By this time, as a rule, the lifestyle of most men also changes financial prosperity, stability, a change in mentality, habits. And the result is overweight and the first manifestations of health problems associated with it.


The first thing that men need to start with is water because a sufficient intake of clean drinking water must become the rule of man’s life. Let on a desktop, in the car, a sports bag always there will be a small bottle with potable water.


However, you need to drink ordinary water, because most of the “office” drinks (tea, coffee, cola), due to its chemical composition, has a diuretic effect and only strengthens the deficiency that is formed – contribute to the withdrawal of water in more quantities than was used with these same drinks . Just to treat the water, you need without fanaticism and increase the drinking water gradually, within a week bringing to the required 20 milliliters per pound of weight.



How to lose weight after 40.

One of the main meals should be breakfast. Researches of scientists have shown that for those who have breakfast, metabolism occurs 3-4% more intensively than the average. And those who systematically skip breakfast – 4-5% slower. Even it is estimated that for the year those who do not have breakfast can easily add 7-10 pounds of weight.


How to lose weight after 40You can try to start the day with an omelet or scrambled eggs with vegetables or porridge with a salad you can even have a fruit salad. Not harmful will be the “right” sandwich of whole wheat bread with boiled or baked meat and vegetables. In the office, with coffee, it is better not to have biscuits, but an apple with yogurt or a handful of nuts, to make 20-30 minutes for a full-fledged hot dinner.


Then by the evening, there will be enough strength and patience to have dinner with feeling, plainly, arrangement, enjoying every bit and every sip, without trying to calm the flock of hungry wolves in the stomach.


Couple tips on how to lose weight after 40 and stay healthy.

Drink water
There is an approximate amount of water – 20 milliliters per 1 pound of weight, recommended by doctors to everyone. It is not essential to be guided by thirst, this feeling can be blunted, and many in general confuse it with a sense of hunger.

Water – the oldest, most affordable and cheapest doctor. Water is needed for every living cell and virtually all biochemical processes that occur every second in our organisms. The brain consists of a large amount of water, so it needs replenishment in order to maintain its efficiency. Without water, we can lose the ability to concentrate, and also feel a headache and fatigue.


Eating the Right Food
Vegetables and fruits are sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. They will also help fight stress and overcome a bad mood, strengthen immunity and purify the body of holiday excesses. So, sources of potassium and copper are zucchini, pumpkin, strengthening of immunity is promoted by vitamins of group C – they are abundantly contained in Bulgarian pepper and white cabbage.


In a day, enough to eat about 200 grams of these vegetables. And the immune system needs vitamin B6 – almost its main defender. It can be found in carrots, potatoes, cabbage, peas, and beans.


It is better to forget about smartphones and tablets before bed. Modern gadgets are accused of an “epidemic” of insomnia all over the world. The TV is a similar helper of insomnia.


Resist stress
A couple of weeks of vacation in winter relaxes very well. But the return to work days can plunge into apathy or depression, so do not rush head first into the work. Psychologists are strongly advised to start small in the first days after the holidays, allocate a little more time to oneself even for the usual business, and postpone essential meetings and documents for a couple of days to gather strength.


In winter, motor activity is noticeably reduced. It is clear that not all people like to walk in cold weather. But still, you need to try not to ignore the walk. You can just part of your way to work and go home at a fast pace, giving up public or private transportation. Such a load will promote an increase in endorphins, which are called hormones of joy. And the best way to get yourself in shape is by playing sports, and not just seasonal ones: skis, skates, gyms, fitness.

How to lose weight after 40
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