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How to eat before and after a workout

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How to eat before and after a workout. Many people dream of losing weight or tightening their shape by the summer, but they are not helped by training. The question is why? Maybe their classes are built incorrectly, or they have poor heredity? The main problem is not in the intensity of training and not in the addition of the body, but food.



One day a wise man said: “We are what we eat.” If you want a slim body and good health, then know that only 30% of success lies in training, but the main 70% key is stored in the diet. Do not worry, we will help you balance the diet so that your bones and your mind are in complete health and bliss. (1, 2, 3)


How to eat before and after a workout – Psychology dreamers lose weight

All modern systems of healthy nutrition are imbued with the idea of ​​”losing weight,” but few people think that weight is only a small mechanism in a stack of human hay.


Girls, after reading magazines, are taken to lose weight, but what is the result? Anorexia and nervous tension from emergency, irregular weight loss! And what to do – you ask? To study undercover conditions, to strengthen not only your body but also your psyche, which, with improper weight loss, begins to falter.


Psychologists say that the main mistake in losing weight is the goal – depressed patients believe that if they lose weight, they will immediately fall in love with the desired man or their career will go uphill. Well, you will lose weight, and a person will like your slim body, but he will not start to love you but will begin to find other flaws, for example, to say what an ugly nose you have – and what’s next, will you correct your nose? In this lies the mistake of those who like to lose weight – they are taken to lose weight because of their low self-esteem, to satisfy other people’s requests.



First of all, decide why you need to lose weight? If the answer lies in the fact that you want to make yourself better, then start with a basic one – with what everyone knows. Start looking after yourself! This concerns not only the right food and regular training but also all other spheres of human life. (1, 2, 3)


Each person forms certain habits in the course of life, and the longer a person lives with these habits, the more difficult it is to re-educate him, and he does not want to change. It is for this reason that it is essential to get better as early as possible. Otherwise, the situation over the years will aggravate and break the circle of bad habits will either be too difficult or even impossible.


The most important thing for an individual is not to give up what started; otherwise, everything will return to normal. So, let’s start losing weight and find out all the secrets that fitness trainers use and sports people to keep their body shell in excellent condition.



How to eat before and after a workout – Diet matters!

Do you think you need to go to a nutritionist or eat expensive food to lose weight? No, this is a myth! To remove pounds – you need to normalize your diet, namely, to stop eating all the harmful things that you used to collect from store shelves. The body is a complicated thing, and after training, it wants to return the calories expended. (1, 2, 3)


A person suddenly begins to empty the refrigerator after exercise, and want to gain evaporated weight. What do you want to say? Be patient! Perebaryvayte yourself, but sometimes, deliberately, let yourself slack. Otherwise, there will be a nervous breakdown or something worse.


Remember the main rule of weight loss – the number of calories expended should be much more than consumed. It is also necessary to pay attention to the number of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats that are contained in various foods. Only a balanced diet will save you from the next pound.


What to eat before training?
Eat light food for half an hour before exertion, green tea, real coffee, banana, and bread are suitable. Some nutritionists advise to eat complex carbohydrates before exercise, these carbohydrates can be found in nuts, oatmeal, rice, potatoes. And nutritionists advise to eat less fat before exercise, and also not to lean on protein foods, because it can cause a feeling of drowsiness and fatigue.


What to eat after workouts?
Tough question and there is no clear answer to it. Some believe that you need to eat a lot after power loads, while others are confident that you should not eat anything for two hours after physical activity. We will take the middle, and tell you – “Trust your feelings.” (1, 2, 3)



Food after sports loads. The first option.
We recommend that you do not eat anything after a workout, wait 30 minutes and only then begin to eat. Food should contain a lot of carbohydrates and proteins – lovers of light sports should do priority on carbs, and security forces – on proteins.


Power after exercise. The second option.
Fat is burned continuously in active people – it is proved that it is burned even in the case when a person is just lying on the sofa. Especially good fat is burned after jogging, cycling and intense walking – at this time athletes are recommended to absorb only ordinary water and nothing more.

How to eat before and after a workout – What precisely to use after training to achieve the best results?
Liquid foods are well absorbed; for example, some athletes drink protein shakes after exercise. If you are not a fan of such a menu, then choose something from simple dishes.


An acceptable option would be:
hard cheese;
a fish;
chicken and other lean boiled meat;
steamed patties;
omelet without yolks;
cottage cheese with a minimum amount of fat.
Powerful food, such as meat, scrambled eggs or fish is better to use with a vegetable salad.


Is there bad food for athletes? Of course! It is better to refrain from sweets for a while, and the most crucial enemy is caffeine, it negatively affects the recovery of the body. Caffeine is present in beverages – in coffee, tea, energy. (1, 2, 3)



How to eat before and after a workout – Why is it important to trust feelings?
The body accumulates and spends fat throughout your entire life. The body is already accustomed to your diet, which means that it takes time to get used to the new menu.


Many people try to start living from scratch. Of course, over time, they give up “a bad idea,” because it is impossible, it is impossible to move on to a new diet sharply. It is necessary to accustom the body gradually, and not to forbid yourself to eat sweets drastically. Try every day to consume less and less harmful, the very thing that does not allow you to lose weight – and then you will see the result. Otherwise, you will lose your temper. (1, 2, 3)


The main dogma of eating before, after and during training.

Do not refuse to eat – if you want to eat, then eat, even if a few minutes have passed after a workout. Use as much drinking water as possible. Not only fresh water is good, but also natural juices, green teas and other drinks for weight loss and body stabilization.


Eat every four hours. Replace sandwiches with fruits, salads and yogurts and other tasty and healthy products. Do not believe in any secret methods for losing weight. There are no magic pills; all you can do is eat right and exercise.


Various diets tied to specific products, ruining your health. It is much more useful to eat differently so that the body receives all the necessary components. Even a seemingly harmful product like sugar is necessary for the normal functioning of the brain.


After six you can not eat – this is the most critical myth! It is necessary to have supper, but it is advisable to eat light food before bedtime, it will not load the stomach and will not give extra pounds. Training of the same type will not be enough for weight loss. Dilute your physical activity, for example, on Monday – bike ride, on Tuesday – swimming, on Wednesday – fitness, on Thursday – tennis, etc. (1, 2, 3)


Include fruits with a minimum amount of sugar. However, learn to identify natural fruits from counterfeit ones, because even in fruits that look good there may be an excessive amount of starch and sugar. At first, it will be hard for you to stick to our advice, but after a few months you will get used to it and see the result – your body will become much slimmer, and you will be transformed yourself: your mood will improve, life will improve, and you will feel well-toned.

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