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How is losing weight too fast dangerous

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How is losing weight too fast dangerousThe problem of overweight and obesity today worries many, that is why long lines are formed for nutritionists but how is losing weight too fast dangerous. Sometimes the weight must be reduced for medical reasons, and sometimes just for the sake of fashion.


Obese people often complain about the problems with the selection of clothes, shortness of breath, rapid fatigue, high stress on the heart. And at one fine moment, almost everyone comes and says to himself: “That’s enough, I am on a diet!” But this is where the problems begin, the desire to lose weight in absolutely every sense is fraught with grave danger: after all, an inexorable urge to throw off everything that has accumulated over the years in just a couple of weeks too often leads to the opposite results …



And so we made a decision, and the real marathon begins. At the same time, there is tight control over everything that is put into the mouth, every morsel, every calorie. So with a sharp restriction of the diet, the body begins to experience a substantial lack of nutrients to maintain all internal processes in working condition, all this slows down the metabolism.

How is losing weight too fast dangerous?

The car works in the same way, which includes an economical mode of fuel consumption at the expense of power. But know that when you restore your habitual “harmful” diet a few days later, the body is already aware that it has “hungry” difficult times – and as a result, it starts putting aside more fat in reserve.


That is why after a hard diet weight almost always returns to the original, or becomes even more. But in the first few days of fasting, there is a feeling of lightness and euphoria, which many confuse with the effect of recovery – but this is a huge mistake.


In fact, the feeling of euphoria is due only to the impact of ketone bodies on the human brain. Ketone bodies are formed in the liver during incomplete oxidation of fatty acids and signal a metabolic disorder.


How is losing weight too fast dangerousHow is losing weight too fast dangerous?

With a lack of caloric intake, the body uses not only fat stores. Fat is a complex substance for processing into energy, and with prolonged fasting, the body begins to process muscle tissue, which leads to physical exhaustion. But in our body, there is not a single organ that could live without nutrients, vitamins, and microelements.


First of all, hormonal disorders, up to infertility in women. In addition, the balance of leptin and ghrelin is disturbed – hormones that tell a person that he has gorged himself. And, as a result, there may be bulimia, that is, a feeling of hunger that is not leaving, even when a person is already full. There is a vicious circle when the restriction in food leads to greed in a painful form.


Moreover, a sharp weight loss can inflict just a killer blow on the entire nervous system of a starving person. This is because our nerve cells are more than half of the fatty tissue. Also speaking about the nervous system, you need to say about the brain. After all, a rigid diet that excludes carbohydrates causes irreparable damage to the brain.



Due to the lack of carbohydrate nutrition, proteins and fats will be subject to splitting mainly. And the ketone substances released by this will affect the nervous system: inhibited state, fatigue, delayed reaction – all these are the results of glucose starvation. Under the same conditions, hypoglycemia may begin.


How is losing weight too fast dangerous?

The danger of ketones is also in the fact that it increases the level of uric acid in the body. The kidneys are subjected to double load, trying to remove these unexpectedly formed reserves. If they do not cope with the excretion of uric acid, its accumulation in the bones will lead to gout.


An additional nuisance to the kidneys can be the formation of stones. The lack of adequate nutrition creates problems for the mucous membrane, and this allows gastritis and ulcers to replenish the list of human diseases on a rigid diet.


How is losing weight too fast dangerousOn the part of the cardiovascular system, rapid weight loss can cause heart attack, stroke, the formation of blood clots, and this allows gastritis and ulcers to replenish the list of human diseases on a rigid diet. Our heart also reacts painfully to a poor diet, especially in the absence of potassium and other minerals in the body.


If we talk about the appearance, then from the aesthetic problems of express weight loss can be noted sagging skin. And the more weight a person is going to lose, the more grievously he needs to take this issue: the adipose tissue leaves the body, but the skin does not have time to shrink to the desired size.


In the end, you can say only one thing – you should not chase fast results. “Choosing the path of a sharp weight loss, it is worth remembering: the result, which as a result will turn out, may be far from what was initially thought. In addition to problems with the skin and mood, after some time, the body can suddenly be shaken by diseases caused when weight loss.

How is losing weight too fast dangerous
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