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Green tea for weight loss

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Green tea for weight lossNumerous scientific studies show that people who constantly drink green tea for weight loss more actively than those who do not drink it. Does this mean that it’s time to hide the bag with clothes for the gym and start drinking green tea for weight loss in the hope of a quick result? I suggest once and for all to deal with this issue.


To date, the stores sell just a huge selection of different types of tea, but not all teas are the same in their useful properties, and not all varieties contribute to weight loss. Today we will talk about the properties of different types of tea, and find out how they help lose weight.


Green tea for weight loss drank even during the reign of the first Chinese emperors. Of course, we are not talking about the use of a tea drink alone (as many believe) with total refusal of food – such a mono diet will not help to lose weight, but to get to a hospital bed.
It’s about replacing all other drinks you used to eat with green leaf tea without sugar. This is the way to achieve weight loss: an average of about 7 lbs in 4-6 weeks. Perhaps not as much as you would like, but notice – your diet does not change at all!


Green tea and its “slimming” properties

Green tea improves metabolism and speeds up all metabolic processes in the body. And this is the main fat-burning property of green tea, for which everyone who is losing weight loves it.


Because of good metabolism, the whole body works like a clock: digestion processes are normalized, which leads to the timely splitting of fat and the correct regulation of carbohydrate-lipid metabolism, and there is a continuous withdrawal of toxins and harmful decomposition products that are formed during the life of the organism.


Green tea promotes normalization of water-salt metabolism in the body, relieving it of excess fluid and edema, as well as salt deposits in the joints and vessels. Green tea has the property of a natural filter that helps the kidneys and the liver to function normally and perform their functions. According to the research of the Swiss Institute of Physiology, some components of green tea (catechins and caffeine) increase thermogenesis by 84%. Thermogenesis is the process of heat generation, which starts as a result of absorption and processing of food products.




Green tea also increases the level of norepinephrine, which prepares the body for burning fat. Green tea helps to suppress appetite, which naturally affects weight loss. And another nice bonus is a healthy nervous system. With regular use of green tea, you will become much calmer and more restrained, and it is doubly necessary for those engaged and losing weight, as often strict restrictions in the diet provoke nervous breakdowns and depressions.


Many people know already from their own experience that green tea for weight loss – perfectly satisfy not only an intense thirst, but it will also be ideal for such tea and with hunger. This drink is quite nutritious and even hearty since it contains a relatively large amount of protein. In fact, this quality of green tea can to some extent be compared with green beans or lentils.


As a consequence, in addition to the fact that such a drink can satiate us, green tea will noticeably reduce your excessive appetite. Modern scientists argue that those people who in their daily diet have green tea, consume 60% less food than people who choose other drinks.


At the same time, we note that it is permissible to lose weight with the use of green tea actively, even in cases when you are not ready to adhere to specific strict diets or dietary rules. Because green tea itself can actively burn fat.

Also, the main advantages of such a tasty drink are deservedly attributed to its ability to maintain and maintain the skin and complexion in excellent condition. After all, with the use of green tea intended for weight loss, the formation of collagen, which prevents our skin from wrinkles and stretch marks, improves. The same collagen is responsible for the absence or presence of obesity of the skin with rapid weight loss from diets. Undoubtedly, the use of quality green tea will help smooth the patterned cellulite layer.


Also, this drink is quite capable of being responsible for regulating the level of sugar in the blood. And everything, because entering into the composition of green tea for weight loss polyphenol Cathechin significantly inhibits the conversion of glucose into unpleasant fats.


Note that scientists have proved that literally one cup of high-quality green tea can burn up to 80 calories of food. So, if you drink well every day on at least one cup – it’s practically minus 2 pounds per year! Agree very well, right? And now imagine, if you decide to increase the dose and go to add some practical ways to lose weight (physical activity, say) – you can achieve brilliant results!


It should be said, among other things, that green tea for weight loss is capable of toning up the body just as good as strong coffee, but regarding its low calorie, it significantly outperforms coffee! Although due to the caffeine content, pregnant women, as well as women who are breastfeeding, should indeed be cautious with such a drink.Green tea for weight loss


To all the rest, doctors recommend drinking at least two or even four cups of green tea a day. However, if you want to lose weight, sugar, as in other herbal teas, it is not worth using.


It is important to say that the most preferred sort of green tea for weight loss is Oolong tea. It is these leaves that contain the most significant amount of polyphenol, which contributes to the active cleavage of fats. And if you drink at least two cups of high-quality Oolong tea in one day, then literally in a month you can become lighter at least a couple of pounds.


Benefits from the use of green tea for weight loss

It should be noted that green tea for weight loss is famous not only for its dietary qualities. The benefits of using green tea to lose weight in its homeland in China was proven and known for a long time, one can say even under the rule of their first emperors.


So, green tea is an unusually useful drink not only to lose weight but rather as a whole for our state of health. This drink is recognized as a very good immunostimulant; such tea can positively influence the state of our nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Extremely rich in green tea antioxidants, which will benefit the whole body. Components of green tea can improve the condition of the skin, its color to rejuvenate it. The same ingredients improve our digestion. Antioxidants, of course, rejuvenate our skin, significantly reduce the total number of wrinkles on the face.

Green tea for weight loss improves all metabolic processes in the body, accelerates most of the metabolic processes of the human body. Such tea actively removes toxins and various slags from the body. As a consequence, the weight quickly decreases, and the most that neither is a natural way and most importantly without the slightest harm to your health, more likely even with great benefit.


How to lose weight faster with green tea?

As we have said to achieve significant weight loss, green tea should be drunk at least three times a day and not more than eight times. It is important to remember that for losing weight green tea should be drunk without sugar, and even without any substitutes.


It is also essential to adhere to several straightforward rules. Namely:


Although slightly reduce the intake of fatty fried food
Of course, do not eat at night, meaning 2 hours before bedtime.
It is desirable to engage in at least a minimum of physical exercises.
Drinking green tea is preferably chilled because, to heat this drink for digestion, our body will spend a lot of extra calories.
Well, the last thing I want to say is that with the help of green tea, it is entirely permissible to arrange for yourself unloading days. Let’s say one day a week it is altogether possible to organize a fully unloading day when all meals are replaced with green tea.


During such a fasting day at lunchtime, it is possible to add several rye breadcrumbs to the diet. This unloading will not only help you lose weight but also significantly improve your well-being, as well as well affect the state of the intestines.Green tea for weight loss


Here are a few options for unloading days using green tea

Option one: Take four teaspoons of quality green tea. The tea leaves are poured with 1.5 liters of not too hot boiled milk. The resulting milk tea is allowed to infuse for at least 15 minutes, or even 20 minutes. The whole recipe is ready. Further, such a tea drink is drunk, distributing evenly throughout the day.


If this drink is not enough, it is important to remember that adding more green tea is not recommended. It will be better to use ordinary purified water.

Option two: one liter of boiled milk is added as one liter of pre-brewed, not too strong, green tea. Also, this drink should be distributed evenly for use throughout the day.


At the same time, milk must necessarily only be fat-free. And the tea itself should be drunk in a cooled form. Although if during the day you, say, want to drink hot tea, then it is also allowed.

Well, the most important rule – before deciding to arrange for yourself a full unloading day, it is advisable to consult with your doctor in advance, especially if you know about having some systemic or chronic diseases.

Such consultation is incredibly important because with some severe diseases, say with some forms of gastritis, such unloading days may well be dangerous and harm the entire body.

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