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Green Coffee Bean Extract – Review

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Green Coffee Bean Extract - ReviewsGreen Coffee Bean Extract. Many like to wake up in the morning under the smell of fragrant coffee. But few people know that coffee not only energizes and adds vivacity but also speeds up metabolism. But this does not apply to brown coffee. This applies only to green coffee, that is, not roasted coffee beans.


Some may ask, what is the matter with these green beans? If the coffee beans are thermally processed at 475 degrees, then all the useful substances are lost, especially a critical component such as chlorogenic acid, which is responsible for the metabolism.


Coffee beans in the ground form often add a diet as an assistant in diets, because it is the ideal supplement for those who want to lose weight.


Most obesity problems depend on what we eat. If you continuously monitor foods that you eat, you can avoid extra pounds. If we talk about chlorogenic acid, it is an uncomplicated chemical element that is produced in the laboratory. Chlorogenic acid is a polyphenol, which is usually found in berries, fruits, and nuts. These foods are powerful antioxidants.



Green Coffee Bean Extract – Reviews.

Chlorogenic acid helps to slow the release of glucose in the blood, which prevents the formation of new fat cells. As a result, fat reserves are burned for energy. Chlorogenic acid is very sensitive to high temperatures, so it is only present in grains fried at low temperatures or in raw grains. In brown roasted coffee beans, there is practically no chlorogenic acid.


“Pioneer” of the unusual qualities of green coffee was the hyper-popular American TV broadcaster Mehmet Oz, the author of the diet for fast weight loss and tireless trendsetter on the theme of harmony. He was interested in a joint study of American and Indian scientists, conducted on a blind method under the control of a placebo.

The laboratory studied the effect of the green coffee bean extract on 16 “experimental” for 12 weeks, obese. Patients received specific doses of green coffee bean extract for weight loss without making a change to their healthy diet, and the results of the experiment inspired scientists: the average weight loss in the group was at the end of the study period minus 15 lbs.

With the assistance of professional experts, Dr. Carolina Arovyan and nutritionist Kristin Kirkpatrick, the project “Green Coffee for Weight Loss” has become a major part of the “Doctor Oz Show.” His heroines were 100 women aged 35 to 49 years (during selection, it was taken into account that volunteers should not be pregnant or lactating, and also suffer from diabetes or cardiovascular diseases).

Green Coffee Bean Extract – Reviews.


Green Coffee Bean Extract - ReviewsAs a result, for two weeks of taking capsules with extract, the project participants lost an average 2 pounds of excess weight, while continuing to eat the way they are used to. Mehmet Oz found this a remarkable confirmation of the efficacy of the remedy and favorably responds to green coffee bean extract for weight loss. Converting, however, the public’s attention to the massive amount of counterfeit products posing as green coffee bean extract and its extract, as well as the fact that capsules containing more than 45% chlorogenic acid did not undergo practical testing confirming their safety for health and benefit as a means for weight reduction.


Many can decide that the primary substance that affects weight loss is caffeine. But caffeine is not with it, in green coffee, it is 4-5 times less than in the usual – black. The main active ingredient is chlorogenic acid, which breaks down when roasting grains. This acid is such a powerful antioxidant that affects the metabolic processes, speeding up them, and thereby causing weight loss to normal values at the appropriate physical loads.


Also, a chlorogenic acid that found in green coffee bean extract has the property of expanding the vessels, thereby contributing to a slight decrease in blood pressure. Chlorogenic acid reduces the production of insulin, which can be useful for people with diabetes. In the intestine, it slows the absorption of glucose and fats, so after a long drink from green grains or preparations containing their extract, the weight of a person is significantly reduced even without adjusting the diet and with minimal physical exertion.


Green coffee not only burns fat but also prevents its further accumulation. Unlike the use of other dietary substances, the use of green coffee bean extract triggers the process of losing weight naturally. The product itself is natural, and its use does not cause any side effects.

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