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Exercises burning fat

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Exercises burning fat


Exercises burning fat is the safest and healthiest way to stay fit. Excess weight is becoming an increasing issue for individuals of all classifications. The way of life, which is led by a contemporary male, usually contributes to the build-up of excess fats in the body. As well as the requirements of modern elegance call for ladies to be excellent in every little thing, beginning with the number. But being obese is a hazard not only to our appeal. Frequently too many kilograms cause significant mental disorders and illness.


Myths about burning fat.

Myth 1.

Harmful to eat at night. Indeed, eating in the evening leads to the accumulation of excess weight. This is due to biorhythms of the body. Food, consumed in the dark, is not practically digested and stored in the form of unnecessary fat and toxins. But a few proteins a few hours before bedtime will increase the production of growth hormone, and hence the consumption of subcutaneous fat. It can be a glass of warm milk or another protein dish, but not carbohydrates!


Myth 2.

Exclusion of fatty foods from the diet. Many diets advise for weight loss entirely to exclude from the menu fats. This will lead to a complete violation of fat metabolism, and soon the weight will cease to decrease. Therefore, the diet must necessarily include unsaturated unrefined fats in small amounts. Such fats contain vegetable oils, all kinds of nuts and seeds.

Myth 3.

Fruit Diet. Fruit diet is more useful than buns and chocolate bars. But it can not be called full and sufficient. Fruits do not contain proteins so that the body will burn not only subcutaneous fat but also muscles. But there are a lot of carbohydrates in fruits. Simple sugars, such as fructose, will add to your extra pounds.Exercises burning fat

Myth 4.

Weight loss with diet. No matter how seductively the “Minus 30 kg for ten days” diet did not look, it should be remembered that nothing happens without effort. Sharp restriction of calorie intake can lead to serious health problems. And to save the result of losing weight will be difficult if you count only on a diet. To effectively reduce weight, it is necessary to stimulate the synthesis of growth hormone. To do this, a diet with a high content of protein should be combined with the best workouts for fat burning.

Myth 5.

Aerobics is the fastest way to drive fat. In fact, the most efficient way to burn fat is strength training. It is they that enhance metabolism and allow you to effectively lose weight without losing muscle mass and improving the appearance of your figure. Strength exercises stimulate fat burning after training.

Myth 6.

The ideal figure is the result of losing weight. To think that weight loss will remove the defects of the figure is simply naive. Folds on the abdomen, flabby buttocks, and thighs, ugly hands – all this will not go anywhere. The only way to become not only slim but also smart do exercises burning fat.


Nutrition for burning fat

To burn fat did not lead to loss of muscle mass, always follow the following dietary rules:

Do not go on a hunger strike! Adequate training for burning fat with aerobic exercise requires not less food, but more. If you need to efficiently burn fat and at the same time achieve good results from training, you should consume on the day 29-32 calories per kilogram of weight. This will ensure the sufficient body food and at the same time will accelerate the metabolism to the desired level.


Pay special attention to the choice of dietary fats in your diet. Use olive oil, a variety of nuts and seeds, fruits of avocado. These products contain monounsaturated fatty acids, which allow you to burn fat and not lose muscle mass. So your weight will stay longer.

Choose the right carbohydrates. Forget about sweets, donuts and ice cream. Minimize the use of refined sugar. If it’s difficult to do without a sweet, let yourself eat black chocolate sometimes without additives.


Observe the correct ratio of proteins of fats and carbohydrates. Intensive training for burning fat requires a constant supply of muscle protein. The diet should not be very poor on carbohydrates. Optimum to eat up 30% protein and fat and 40% carbohydrates per day.
Do not neglect breakfast. This way of reducing fat can lead to the opposite result – you will grow fat! If you do not have time to fully enjoy breakfast, use ready-made breakfast cereals with high fiber, whole grains and a small amount of sugar.


Exercises for burning fat

Exercises burning fat

Exercises burning fat will help turn excess inches and folds into ideal tight contours of the body. There is nothing else that can give the same effect. Neither miraculous creams nor magic diets alone cannot cope with excess weight and cellulite. Both experienced athletes and beginners in sports can train. You can do exercises burning fat in your room or a specially equipped gym.


If you decide to go in for weight loss sports, it is worthwhile seriously approaching the choice of the program and the type of training. It’s not enough just to come to the gym or take dumbbells at home and do all the exercises that you remember from school physical education lessons. It is because of this presumption that it is often difficult to lose weight even with regular training.

Choosing the type of exercises burning fat you need to determine the purpose of their studies. If you do not strive to seriously reduce weight, but want to support the body in a tone and not improve, aerobic cardio workouts are best. If you need to lose weight significantly, effective fat burning will provide a program of strength exercises. Although most professional trainers recommend combining strength fitness and aerobic workouts, such as running, swimming or aerobics.


Training for fat burning, what to prefer: a home or a gym?

Exercise burning fat in the gym provides you with the availability of professional equipment: simulators, sports equipment, a hall specially equipped for sports. In the gym, under the supervision of an experienced instructor, you are insured against improper exercise. This will allow not only to achieve the most significant effect from training but also to avoid injuries. An experienced coach can pick up a suitable sports program and diet.


The atmosphere of the gym, where many people pursue similar goals, will encourage you to take classes. Beautiful bodies will inspire you to your deeds, and at home, laziness can defeat the desire to lose weight.


Exercise for burning fat at home allows you not to be shy about your figure before the visitors of the sports center and choose the most suitable time for classes. You do not have to pay for attending the gym and adjust to its working hours. But to burn fat at home brought the coveted fruits, you need to collect all your will into a fist and train conscientiously and regularly.


The difference between female and male exercises burning fat

Exercises burning fat for men and women differ in intensity, a weight of sports equipment and the number of repetitions, but in general, one cannot divide exercises into “purely feminine” or “purely masculine.” The female body tends to accumulate subcutaneous fat due to the presence of specific hormones. Women are very hardy, but not as strong as men. Therefore, they can do more repetitions, but with less weight. Although the muscular structure of a man and a woman is the same, the goals of sports are different for people of different sexes. Aesthetics of the female figure requires more care for the lower part of the trunk: thighs, buttocks, abdomen. In this case, a rare woman dreams of protruding muscles from under the clothes. Hence the differences in the training program for fat burning.


Strength training for fat burning

Strength exercises burning fat do not make women masculine. Training for fat burning can give the female body a moderate relief of muscles, to make it tight and elastic, to remove fat folds and excess weight. You are not threatened to become similar to women bodybuilders by lifting once again dumbbells because for this you need to take male hormones, which by nature a woman has very little.

Exercises for burning fat

Although weight training for burning fat increases muscle mass, and therefore weight, they burn fatty tissue, making the body look beautiful, slim and fit. The purpose of women’s strength training is figure correction, rapid fat burning in problem areas. And they give the desired result for a woman, which is difficult to achieve with the help of aerobics or diet.


With the correct performance of strength exercises burning fat, the bone apparatus is strengthened, the joints acquire endurance and stability. Smooth muscles, supporting the internal organs of a person, are trained, skeletal muscles and heart strength.


Before embarking on weight training to burn fat, you should consult a doctor. Some diseases will require limiting the load on the spine, reducing the mass of sports equipment. During pregnancy, menstrual cycle and heart disease, strength training are unacceptable.


Time of weight training for burning fat

Give your training 2-3 days a week for 40-45 minutes. Between training should be 1-2 days of rest. The best time for training is between 3 and 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

If you strictly follow the training schedule, after 7-8 weeks, the results will be visible. Breaks in training will lead to loss of athletic form. If you miss 1-2 weeks of classes, you will have to get used to the loads and gain results.

Power for weight training for fat burning

It is strictly forbidden to combine diets with power training for burning fat. Poor nutrition will lead to exhaustion of muscles, and adipose tissue will remain untouched. Avoid harmful fats and carbohydrates from the diet. Before a workout, eat a small amount of high-calorie food. It can be oat flakes with dried fruits. After training it is useful to drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice or eat unsweetened fruit.

Aerobic workouts for burning fat

In aerobic or cardio training for fat burning, muscle contraction occurs through the use of a significant amount of oxygen. Aerobic exercises are running, dancing, walking, swimming, cycling and the like. Aerobic training requires the athlete to have a high degree of endurance because the muscles can be in tension for several minutes, while the exercise lasts, up to several hours.

Choose for yourself your favorite aerobic exercise, for example, morning jogging. Carrying out cardio regularly, you will increase your immunity, strengthen the vessels and heart muscle, develop breathing and increase resistance to stress.

Features of cardio workouts for fat burning

During cardio workouts, you need to monitor your pulse. To burn excess fat, it is necessary to maintain a pulse at a level not lower than 120 beats per minute. Beginners need to start with minimal loads and gradually increase them. The optimal load each chooses, depending on their state and sensations during the training. It is recommended to refrain from eating 2 hours before and after exercise. With diseases of the cardiovascular or respiratory system, a doctor’s consultation is necessary.

Methods of training for fat burning

Separate method.
The separate method of training is the most famous and suitable for beginners. You do with respites all the approaches of the first exercise, then go on to the next and so on according to the training plan.

The method of supersets.
This method is very useful in losing weight. One approach of the first exercise is performed, then without rest one approach to the next exercise and so on.

Method of circular training.
This method refers to power aerobics. All exercises performed in a circle in one approach without rest.

Combined training method.
During combined exercises, aerobic and strength exercises alternate.

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