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Easy way to lose weight

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Easy way to lose weight

It is difficult to find an easy way to lose weight but to lose weight so that to keep healthy, is even more difficult. If you do not have a strict deadline for weight loss, you can gradually develop useful habits and lose weight without losing health. Here is the easy way how to lose weight, from which you can choose the best ones and build your plan for losing weight.


Even though the effectiveness of many methods is scientifically proven, they are not suitable for everyone. Try the most interesting and decide what is right for you.



Advice on nutrition: Easy way to lose weight

In one study, it turned out that the number of foods eaten affects, first of all, our consciousness, and not the feeling of hunger. In the experiment, two groups of students participated. They got the task to put as many chicken wings as you want to eat, and then go back for the additive.


After the first portion, the waiters took plates with bones from half the tables, left everything as they were on the other tables. After that, the students were offered to take an additive. Participants who saw the number of bones from eaten wings, put themselves to eat less food than those sitting next to empty plates.



This proves that our consciousness affects the size of the portion in the first place. Some students saw that they had already eaten enough, and their consciousness signaled that it was time to finish the meal, in contrast to others, which was sitting at empty plates, which means they had not yet eaten.


An easy way to lose weight: Use blue objects

Blue crockery suppresses appetite because blue color is the least compatible with the color of most products. A study shows that the more beautiful and harmonious your food looks on the plate, the more you eat. A small and easy way to lose weight trick.

Eat more often
If you miss snacks during the day, this does not necessarily lead to weight loss, since a slow metabolism can do its job. There are fewer than three times a day; it can be useful for those who are obese, but skipping meals during the day can result in gluttony at night.


Easy way to lose weightAlso, uneven food intake is fraught with leaps in insulin levels, which increases the risk of “earning” diabetes. So it is better to eat three times a day and have a snack between meals to maintain a stable level of insulin.


Fill the refrigerator

On your the day off, go to the store and fill your fridge with useful products. Let the fresh fruits and vegetables always be at hand, and in the freezer lie frozen berries and vegetarian mixes. Surely after work, you will not go for the next harmful goodness, but use what is in your fridge. As a result, you will eat fewer calories, get more vitamins and for sure an easy way to lose weight.


Eat in the morning
Missing breakfast to keep the appetite for dinner is not the right strategy. However, you need to think through your menu. One study showed that the amount of calories that you consume in the morning has a significant effect on the size of your lunch and dinner. So you can calculate how many calories you would like to receive from lunch and dinner and make up your breakfast according to it.


Distribute stocks in your pantry
Put closer useful products: beans, nuts, whole grains. Every time you open a pantry, you will first see valuable products and use them in your diet. At the same time, you will not feel that you are limiting yourself in some way, which means that there will be no disruption to unhealthy snacks.



Eat away from pots and pans
If you eat next to a salad bowl, a frying pan, and a baking tray, from which you can always take more, you can not resist. Therefore, put yourself a serving that suits you, and remove the remaining food from the reach zone – at least from the table.


After you have finished one serving, wait for some time, 10-15 minutes, and after that decide if you want more. Saturation comes a little later than you finish eating, so by that time you will feel satiated and will not overeat.Easy way to lose weight


An easy way to lose weight: Use small plates.

This is another psychological feature. If you have large plates, a normal serving will not look convincing on it, so you will always put more food on yourself. Try to take a small plate: two times smaller than usual, the portion will appear in it as a real feast, so that your consciousness will note that this is enough.


Chew slowly.
The slower you chew, the healthier the food becomes. Well chewed food is better digested, and you help your stomach absorb all the useful substances. Also, the more slowly you chew, the less you eat. While you chew food, will come full, and you do not need an additive.


Take food out of sight
Do so that the remnants of your lunch, which “did not fit,” stay until the next snack in the refrigerator, and not on the table. Otherwise, you will finish them in half an hour-hour, and not from a feeling of hunger, but rather from a feeling of incompleteness.

Take a walk.
After dinner, it is better not to stay in the kitchen, or even better – go for a walk. The body needs about 20 minutes to understand that you are full. During this time, glucose penetrates into the blood and the feeling that you need an additive passes.


An easy way to lose weight: Have a snack before dinner.
If you eat a little before dinner, for example, have some yogurt or some fruit, the feeling of hunger will decrease slightly, and you will not throw yourself on food.Easy way to lose weight


Again, your mind has great significance. Feeling a strong hunger, you most likely will eat more than you need to satisfy it, and only then, get up from the table, and you will understand that they are full. When you start eating without much hunger, you will eat just as much as you need for satiety.


No Information.
If you eat in front of a TV or a book, you have every chance of gluttony. When you receive information, you do not notice when you are full, do not feel the taste and smell of food. Also, it becomes a habit, and you will continuously chew something for watching movies or reading.


An easy way to lose weight: Only the fruit on the table.
Remove all sweets from your table and office desk. Hide cookies far away, for example, into the bottom drawer of the desk. At home on the table leave only useful products, for example, fresh fruit. So you can have a snack when you want, and at the same time do not gain extra calories.

A lot of protein.
The protein helps to gain healthy weight (muscle mass), so there are many protein diets. Vegetarians can get protein from lentils and soy.


Fats are also needed.
Vegetable or butter is a lot of calories, but other foods are high in fat. For example, avocados, bananas, apple purees. Even in the diet, fats must be present, because they are necessary for us to process and assimilate vitamins such as A, D, E and K. Also, they help us to feel full. So include in your diet avocados, fish, nuts and seeds. Of course, in moderation.


Easy way to lose weightStay away from simple carbohydrates.
The feeling of hunger depends on the level of sugar in the blood, and simple carbohydrates, which are contained in sweets, baked goods, and white bread, quickly remove the feeling of hunger but contribute to the accumulation of fat. Instead, try to eat more whole-grain foods, including pasta, rye bread, various cereals.


Complex carbohydrates break down for a long time, do not contribute to the accumulation of fat and provide a stable level of sugar in the blood, which means a feeling of satiety.


An easy way to lose weight: Add vegetables to different dishes.
To reduce the number of calories, you can replace half of your plate with vegetables. For example, instead of cheese, add vegetables to pasta, add them to omelets, casseroles, and porridges. Vegetables contain a significant amount of fiber, due to which you feel longer satiety. In addition, you will eat the same amount of food, and you will get fewer calories.


Replace high-calorie foods.
If you can not give up your favorite dishes, you can at least reduce their calorie content. For example, instead of fatty mayonnaise and sour cream, add lightly dressings to the salad or make a light mayonnaise of your own making.



Spicy sauces.
Cayenne pepper and red spice sauce can not only accelerate metabolism but also protect against the desire to eat something fried, sweet or salty. Some studies even suggest that spicy dishes help to absorb fats better and use them as fuel for the body.


Chewing gum.
If during the cooking you will chew gum without sugar, every third piece of what you cooking will not go into your mouth. Studies show that chewing gum can reduce cravings for sweet and salty foods and reduce appetite between meals.

An easy way to lose weight: Less juice, more fruit.
In modern juices, it seems, more sugar than natural juice, and 100-percent juices are expensive. In any case, it is better to eat a real fruit, in which there is no artificial sugar, but a lot of fiber.


Do not forbid, get distracted.
The craving for food is normal, so do not strictly forbid yourself to eat and scold for every breakdown. It only makes you worse: you feel guilty and seize a sense of guilt.
Instead, admit that this is normal, and during craving for food, try to distract yourself with something, for example, a favorite activity. Be engaged in creativity, go to the gym, walk with friends or alone – there are a lot of ways to forget about food.


Easy way to lose weightHalf a serving.
Try this trick: put your usual portion, and then divide it in half and remove half. Slowly eat, concentrating on food, not on a TV or book. There is another plus for this technique – you will have to cook half as often because the remains of your portion can always be eaten next time.


Green tea.
Green tea promotes the breakdown of fats and speeds up the metabolism, helping to lose weight.


More water.
Water reduces hunger and accelerates weight loss. With enough water in the body, calories are burned faster, and salt and toxins are washed out of the body.


An easy way to lose weight: Drink before eating.
Before you eat, drink a glass of water. Your stomach will turn on and be ready for quick digestion. Also, it will help you to get fuller quickly.


Avoid the combinations of food.
Milk and biscuits, orange juice and French toast, wine, and cheese – some products require a liquid partner. However, it is necessary to avoid such drinks, especially if they contain sugar, which, like any fast carbohydrates, increases the level of fat in the body.

Dilute with water.
If you can not imagine your morning without a glass of juice, try diluting it with water. So you get the right amount of liquid and reduce the calorie content in a sweet drink.


Tall and narrow glasses.
It is proved that people consume less liquid from tall and narrow glasses than from wide and low glasses. So pour your sweet drinks into high and narrow dishes. The same applies to alcohol.


Easy way to lose weightLess alcohol.
In alcoholic beverages, enough calories, in addition, it reduces your self-control. Under the influence of alcohol, you are more likely to eat pizza, chips and other bad snacks late at night, entirely not caring about the figure. And later, because of unimportant well-being, you’ll miss an exercise in the gym.


Make a list of music
Studies show that a faster rhythm of music helps to accelerate during training and do more. In addition, the optimistic music that you like distracts from exhausting tension and helps to keep a supply of vivacity and positive.


It is possible at home.
To train, it is not necessary to buy a treadmill. You can make a great gym at home and use your body weight for training.


Training with dumbbells.
Lifting weights accelerate metabolism, helps build muscle mass, provides excellent mood and self-confidence.


Interval training.
It is proven that interval training with high intensity of exercise is best used to burn fat. They accelerate metabolism, and at the expense of intervals, the duration of training increases significantly so that the period of accelerated metabolism and fat burning grows.


That’s all easy ways to lose weight and an effective program for weight loss, and most importantly – do not cause damages to your health. If you have your own unique methods of losing weight, share them in the comments.

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